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  1. 20ft Clinic In A Can CLINIC IN A CAN   I think this is a fantastic use of used or new shipping containers. Here is another example of the creative use of the Blessed Cargo Container. Clinic In A Can partners with other organizations to send their converted shipping container clinics all over the world. These clinics have been able to bring medical treatment to even the most remote parts of the world. In 2010, two of the Clinics In A Can sent to Haiti treated nearly 5,000 patients in their first five months of operation and in one week alone saw over 1,300 patients. Picture on the right is of their 20ft Clinic In A Can Exterior.

    ►Clinic In A Can is part of Hospitals of Hope, a 501(c)(3) medical missions organization. We aim to improve the health care of the under-served, both locally and internationally. We specialize in making innovative, self-contained medical clinics and hospitals called "Clinic In A Can" which are built in shipping containers. These container clinics are converted in the US and deployed, ready to use, anywhere in the world, providing an important resource for medical disaster relief or in areas with poor infrastructure. We already have sent these portable clinics to Haiti and Southern Sudan to provide international medical relief. Clinic In A Can is an innovative approach to improving health care in under served areas. By building and customizing these container clinics, we seek to enable organizations to provide sustainable medical services in underdeveloped regions and disaster areas and bring hope to those who need it the most. Several years ago, a Kenyan man told us the story of his sister, who had come home to have her first baby, as is customary in Kenya. While home, she began running a fever, and the family decided to take her to the nearest hospital – 10 miles away. Taking their only method of transportation, the family took turns pushing and pulling their ailing relative in a wheelbarrow. Somewhere between their village and the hospital, she died. Over the years, we have heard many such stories and witnessed them first-hand. Too many times, people suffer and die needlessly without receiving medical treatment. Many people and organizations have asked for assistance to build a hospital for their community in developing countries. While we would like to help everyone, we simply cannot reproduce ourselves on that level. The cost, time, and government limitations make it impractical and unobtainable. However, we recognize that medical needs exist and something must be done to bring hope to the communities with no health facilities for hours or even days away. As a result, in 2002, Clinic In A Can was conceived as an innovative division of Hospitals of Hope. We send entire equipped clinics through our Clinic In A Can program in which we retrofit 40-foot shipping containers into fully functioning health clinics. We have found converting containers to clinics to be an effective and efficient way to bring health care to remote communities.◄
  2. FirmitasFIRMITAS  Another good page for ideas on what can be done with shipping containers. Pictured on the right is one example of many on this website. This picture is old and happens to be a prototype model of a container home which was listed for sale on eBay.

    ►This is a webpage devoted to listing as many examples of people using shipping containers as architectural elements as I can find, in an effort to embolden people to use containers in building projects, when and where doing so is feasible and appropriate. Be aware that containers are not a perfect building material, since they tend to corrode, but they have been used effectively in some cases, especially in areas near saltwater. This is mainly a links page, and I cannot guarantee anything at all about the sites that I am offering links to, but I try to periodically search for and add links that are fresh and offer something useful and interesting, and I remove bad links and projects where information is incomplete. If you have a site worth adding, or experiences to relate in using containers for building, please contact me.◄
  3. Enviromodular-SheltersENVIROMODULAR-SHELTERS  This is a very interesting website that specializes in using shipping containers to develop cheap affordable spacious housing (modular shelters) for from displaced people to commercial or industrial uses. These people are located in British Columbia, Canada. Design concepts include cabins for families, nested apartment complex, industrial office and housing, vacation homes. Many examples of their designs shown here. Picture on the right is one of their bigger concepts. They also have much smaller family friendly or individual (one person) unit designs.

    ►While there are hundreds of designers and manufacturers of modular homes, they are hard to be nested for expansion for family or community living. With only a little modification (we call it "cutting the corners") to shipping containers, unlimited nesting options can be achieved and the affordability can be brought to everyone who wants to have their own shelter, called home. This new concept will offer spacious livable rooms instead of pigeonholes like that of the existing 8ft wide container cabins. Even when standard containers are connected to form bigger boxes without modifying the boundary of it, the shape of it still looks ugly and nesting is virtually next to impossible.◄
  4. Custom Built Container Tower CHARLESTON MARINE CONTAINERS INC   Lots of big things happening here. This company does it all by the looks of their website. They do engineering and manufacturing. Lots of container modifications and painting, the whole ball of wax. They are located in North Charleston, South Carolina.
    Picture on the right is of one of their "Custom Container Jobs", pretty cool huh?

    ►Welcome to Charleston Marine Containers Inc., America's leading manufacturer of intermodal, modular intermodal, and specialty container systems. Founded in 1996, Charleston Marine Containers, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gichner Systems Group, Inc. At our South Carolina facility, we design and produce tough, flexible logistics solutions for the US Military and commercial customers nationwide. Only the most durable container designs make it through our rigorous testing and certification programs. Our military products, in use world wide, are combat proven for durability in tough conditions, and provide modular and versatile logistics solutions needed by our customers in the field. All our products are quality guaranteed and backed by outstanding customer and engineering support. CMCI Mission is to set industry standards in design, development and delivery of mobile storage distribution solutions for government, military and commercial customers. CMCI containers are used in programs across all four US Military branches, active, reserve, and guard units. Some programs supported by CMCI are the US Army Force Provider program, the USAF BEAR program, the US Army TACOM Lightweight Water Purification program, and the Assault Hose program. CMCI sells directly to all Government Agencies via our GSA Schedule. Special projects for our Commercial Customers include our standard containers and specialty products such as platforms, flat racks, and modified Bicons. Based on the historic Charleston Naval Shipyard, we have more than 250,000 SF of manufacturing space and are ideally located only two miles from one of the East Coast's largest container ports and a prime military sealift port. CMCI is located less than 10 miles from Charleston Air Force Base and can serve your logistics needs by land, sea or air. We provide the right solutions for our customers. Our design and engineering teams work with our customers to create a product that meets their needs. What is Intermodal? A cargo container or system designed to move equipment, dry or liquid cargo though a transportation system to include rail, sea, air, and surface systems, seamlessly, without need for repackaging or special handling. Highlights: ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Delivered over 65,000 containers to the US Armed Forces. 98% On time delivery – "low risk" contractor status by DCMA.◄
  5. port-a-bachPORT-A-BACH   This is an ingenious design using a shipping container for a shell of a home.This very portable small living quarters is based in New Zealand. Very nicely done.

    "PORTABLE: Secure, high-level finish, designed to be environmentally clean, comparatively inexpensive, comfortably sleeps two adults and two children.
    THAT ALLOWS: Transportation, immediate, flexible and long-term solution that enables you to use your land without investing in a permanent property commitment, for future development, ideal for leased land situations. To be power, water and sewer independent, it is well suited to remote or non-service supplied land. Also be connected to available services. Quick and easy transportation (via truck or helicopter) and installation to any orientation with minimal impact on site. Unfolding to create a living space and refolding to create a secure unit for in site storage or relocation.

    FEATURES: Fully enclosed exterior steel shell (when folded up). Appointed with large internal storage cupboards and shelves / stainless steel kitchen and fittings / bathroom with open shower, sink, composting toilet. Interior fabric screen system gives the versatility of creating rooms within the large open living space: Includes bunk beds, double bed room, dressing room, kitchen and bathroom exterior canvas screen system allows to shelter the deck area for comfortable indoor/outdoor flow and living. 6 concrete footings form a stable, non-invasive "foundation", allowing you to situate the unit on a wide range of ground conditions."
  6. World Shipping.Org TOP 50 WORLD CONTAINER PORTS   This website i have linked to here has an entire container ship load of information. And guess what - all 50 ports each have their own website. Lots of good pictures and a world view of just how large this shipping industry really is. The picture on the right is from the Port of Rotterdam.

    ►Container shipping is different from conventional shipping because it uses "containers" of various standard sizes - 20 foot (6.09 m), 40 foot (12.18 m) , 45 foot (13.7 m), 48 foot (14.6 m), and 53 foot (16.15 m) - to load, transport, and unload goods. As a result, containers can be moved seamlessly between ships, trucks and trains. The two most important, and most commonly used sizes today, are the 20-foot and 40-foot lengths The 20-foot container, referred to as a Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) became the industry standard reference so now cargo volume and vessel capacity are commonly measured in TEU. The 40-foot length container - literally 2 TEU - became known as the Forty-foot Equivalent Unit (FEU) and is the most frequently used container today. The container sizes need to be standardized so that the containers can be most efficiently stacked - literally, one on top of the other - and so that ships, trains, trucks and cranes at the ports can be specially fitted or built to a single size specification. This standardization now applies across the global industry, thanks to the work of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that in 1961, set standard sizes for all containers. Proper loading or "stuffing" of containers is very important to the safety and stability of the containers and the ships, trucks and trains that transport the containers. In 2008, the World Shipping Council (WSC), together with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), published Transport of Containers by Sea - Industry Guidance for Shippers and Container Stuffers to aid those loading containers. In 2010, WSC and ICS issued a joint statement calling on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to establish an international legal requirement that all loaded containers be weighed at the marine port facility before they are stowed aboard a vessel for export. Containers are generally constructed of aluminum or steel with each container size and type built according to the same ISO specifications, regardless of where the container is manufactured. Shipping containers are available in a variety of types in addition to the standard dry cargo container often referred to as "Special" equipment. These special containers include: Open end, open side, open top, half-height, flat rack, refrigerated (known as "reefer"), liquid bulk (tank), and modular all built to same exterior lengths and widths as the standard dry cargo containers. There are more than 17 million container units equating to more than 27 million TEU in the global container fleet. Open tops are used for easy loading of cargo such as logs, machinery and odd sized goods. Flat racks can be used for boats, vehicles, machinery or industrial equipment. Open sides may be used for vegetables such as onions and potatoes. Tank containers transport many types of liquids such as chemicals, wine and vegetable oil. Every container has its own unique unit number, often called a box number that can be used by ship captains, crews, coastguards, dock supervisors, customs officers and warehouse managers to identify who owns the container, who is using the container to ship goods and even track the container's whereabouts anywhere in the world.◄
  7. Redondo Beach HouseDE MARIA DESIGN   Very talented people or person. From main page click on "projects" link. Go to lower-right section entitled "Cargo Container Based Projects". Then click on "Redondo Beach House" for a good sample of the type of container home they can design for you.

    ►The traditional design, permit and construction process, compounded by skyrocketing construction costs, has necessitated a re-birth of the design/build approach to creating Architecture. Like the work produced by the Master Builders of centuries past, this project is a direct result of the Architect's re-insertion into the building design process and the method by which the project is constructed. A by-product of the Architect's total immersion into alternative construction methodologies is the employment of reinterpreted building components. This project is a Recycled Steel Shipping Container based building that also employs a combination of conventional stick frame construction and prefabricated assemblies. These materials result in an end product that is affordable and nearly indestructable. The modified containers are mold proof, fire proof, termite proof, structurally superior to wood framing and along with various other “components” come together to create a system/kit of parts that is predicated on cost savings, construction time savings, and energy/environmentally conscious priorities. Seventy percent of the building is efficiently created/assembled in a controlled shop environment where quality construction and fabrication are the highest priority. This Redondo Beach House has been completed (see construction images) and it received the 2007 AIA Honor Award for Design Excellence/Special Innovation. This project has given birth to a new residential product line. It's what we call Packaged Architecture™. This line of homes will launch in 2008 through our affiliate Logical Homes◄
  8. 2009 A Plus 40ft High Cube Steel Storage ContainerEQUIPMENT TRADER   Do a search for "container" in the search field on their website to locate those for sale. Actually, i think this is a good method to use to locate shipping containers for sale close to the zip code where you live.

    ►At, you will find the widest selection of classified ads with 40921 pieces of equipment to choose from and more than 2561 dealership listings. is the leading online classified advertising service bringing equipment buyers and sellers together in one virtual marketplace. We reach over 1 million active equipment buyers a month through our website and magazine publications. We showcase a variety of earthmoving, agricultural, forestry, mining and industrial equipment, as well as trailers and salvage items. provides dealers and independent owners alike access to equipment buyers who are interested in researching and purchasing new and used equipment online. is part of's network of Web sites covering new and used vehicle categories such as boats, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and aircraft, as well as general merchandise. Our number one goal is to provide the best service possible for our users. As a division of Dominion Enterprises, boasts the very best in technical support, hardware and software to ensure that we are always ready when you need us. Also, we are always looking for ways to make our site better and encourage you to contact us with any suggestions.◄
  9. Klein PenthouseLOT-EK   Selling i guess shipping/storage/container home kits among other building systems. This is a great use for those ocean going shipping containers which are in great surplus i understand. This site is loaded with container modification and building ideas. Great pictures and lots of them. The picture on the right is of the "Klein Penthouse".

    Lot-Ek is Blurring the bounderies between art, architecture, entertainment & information.
    Lot-Ek is Making architecture with existing objects, systems & technologies to be used as raw materials.
    Lot-Ek is Displacing, transforming & manipulating existing objects to fulfill program needs.
    Lot-Ek is The dialogue between existing objects & program needs to generateunexpected volumes/spaces.
    Lot-Ek is Re-thinking the human body interaction with products of the industrial/technoloical.
    Lot-Ek is Re-inventing domestic/work/play spaces & functions and questioning conventional configurations.
    Lot-Ek is Investigating the artificial nature, as the unexplored, manmade elements of our built environment.
  10. ZenLoftZENLOFTS   This appears to be one of their many projects. I cannot find very much info on this item.

    ►Zenlofts's Photos - High Value Home prototype. A collaborative project between Arkedezin architects, Eco-Tech Construction & Zenlofts Hollistic Development Co. We are a full service design/build company and can assist you start to finish. We have 2 architects and 2 general contractors in our partnership. The containers will arrive at the site with all modular components inside. We have a great trackrecord of working with local authorities on alternative technologies. Bryan Roberts, project contractor, amended the FL state building code on the first earthship in the state & our Tampa Project 3.0 permit allows us to incorporate experimental technology in a 104 year old historic building.
  11. DropOffice DROPBOX INC   Specializing in customizing services for the shipping container buyer/end user. If their pictures tell the truth - they are a very skilled container modifying group of men. They appear to be capable of doing professional grade work for any institution like a big industry or government agency. They might do custom consumer modifications. Ask them. Picture on the right is of their "DropOffice". I especially like this particular category and design.

    ►DropBox Inc is a Custom modification specialist that can provide you with any container modifications that you desire. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to what we are capable of. We build a wide variety of current products which consist of Sanitation Stations (Commercial Quality Running Water Restrooms), shower trailers, DropOffice (mobile office), mobile tool cribs, storage containers, and welding stations to name a few. DropBox has a longstanding tradition of servicing the Commercial Industrial Market with products that meet the customers every need. DropBox has become the one stop shop for the consumer when it comes to furnishing their job site with the modifications to make the project go smooth. Our company has roots planted firmly throughout the industry and a listening ear to heartbeat of what is needed. Give us a try and I am sure that you will be surprised with the results.◄
  12. Big Boom DesignBIG BOOM BLOG   There is not a lot of material on this site, but i like this man's presentation of this model home so much that i want to include it here. It is to my mind very close to an ideal configuration of the living space in a 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

    ►This ISBU Home is built on a 20 foot long used shipping container frame. This particular rendition is modeled after a hunting cabin or a nice little getaway home in the woods. It features a spacious loft with pop-up skylight for star gazing and ventilation. Located below the bed is a workshop with a mini kitchenette and sink. In the center is a small living room with a pull out couch for guests. In front of the couch are a set of double doors cut in the side of the shipping container that open up to a small porch. At the front end of the container where the main bay doors are located you have a fold down office/computer station. When not in use the desktops fold up and out of the way. Lastly on this mobile ISBU box home we have a rooftop porch. With the containers solid steel frame, a second container can easily be stacked on top as well. The first picture is a screen shot from the 3D modeling program I use to design these container homes. The following three are renders with some simple textures applied. The last two have the front and back walls removed to show the detail and layout. If you're interested in obtaining custom shipping container home designs or if you have any other questions, drop me a line:◄
  13. Titan Container YardTITAN CONTAINERS   This is a very large outfit based in Europe. But, they might be able to help you if you live elsewhere, like the US, Canada, Australia or Asia. Give them a call now.

    ►TITAN can supply new and used containers where you need them and after more than 20 years we are confident that our many customers are satisfied with quality, service and our competitive prices. We treat all enquiries seriously, be it for 1 or 100 containers! Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Danmark with regional offices in the Benelux, Constanta and London. We have customer services offices in Aabenraa and Stockholm and the TITAN Service Center in Constanta where French & Spanish speaking staff is ready to serve these markets. For enquiries in a country showing to the left please enter our local site for more detailed information. TITAN operates a largescale 1-way leasing services that include: New containers from factories to our markets, inter-European 1-way, 1-way basis between many worldwide locations. In Europe we have a large domestic rental activity where containers can be either used for storage or transport purposes. There are many more details under the individual country sites on these activities.◄
  14. Off Loading ContainerGLOBAL PORTABLE BUILDINGS   Another large supplier of ready made housing located in California.

    ►Global Portable Buildings, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of new, multi-purpose portable buildings. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, and with three manufacturing plants in Asia, our company is able to deliver high-quality portable buildings at excellent prices to all destinations in the USA and worldwide. Our portable buildings are divided into two main categories: Portable Buildings for Dwelling: All portable buildings for dwelling/multi-purpose are manufactured from new, ISO standard steel containers, 8ftx 20ft and 8ft x 40ft in size, and carry a 10 year structural warranty. Converted by experienced cargo container manufacturers, our buildings can be transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, helicopters, trucks or rail. Shop Toyota Genuine Parts Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, our versatile buildings are ideal for shelters, temporary or permanent housing, portable offices/studios, mining camps, construction housing/field offices, worker housing, portable emergency clinics, storm shelters, military/police posts, forest/mountain cabins, etc. We even provide complete worker "man camps" (see list of common uses). Rugged and durable, our units are perfectly suited for disaster relief, emergency housing, and harsh conditions. They can withstand natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Without anchoring, our units can resist winds up to 100 mph; and with anchoring, they can resist winds up to 175 mph. There are a variety of models, options, and configurations available. These can range from basic models (with windows, entrance doors, AC 110v/220v electrical wiring, telephone connection, internet connection, two inches of rigid insulated finished walls/ceiling, vinyl floor covering and utility room) to those models with many amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom with shower, bedroom, solar-powered electricity, etc. We also offer shower only units (with 6 showers and 4 sinks); connecting units (great for dining rooms, clinics, classrooms, etc); and custom models. All models are available for immediate delivery to worldwide shipping ports from our three manufacturing plants in Asia. We also have all models in stock at our facility in Santa Rosa, California for US destinations.◄
  15. Container Office TowerWEBURBANIST   This site has a lot of pictures and commentary on various architectural building subjects. This particular link takes you to their container section at the starting point.

    ►Sensational, Educational, and Inspirational Art, Design, Photography & Visual Culture. City life is at the heart of global change - and visual culture is at the center of those centers, reflecting our collective zeitgeist. From urban design and subversive art to stunning architecture, our authors scour the net to find the most creative, innovative and engaging works of art and design in the world. Each article contains as many relevant images and links as possible, part of an attempt to be exhaustive, responsible and informative as possible within any given subject area.◄
  16. Stack of Containers STUDENT HOUSING   Isn't this a very good use of shipping containers? A temporary student housing project in the Netherlands.

    ►On the former NDSM-wharf, an industrial area, now transformed into a new-media park with upcoming events and creative companies, these 380 living-cabins have temporarily been placed for students. The containers will stay here (at least) until 2010. Each box has its own services like a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, tv-connection and internet, measuring 24 m2. One box costs about 350 euro to rent, all inclusive. The students have a larger communal space for parties, gatherings, or, just to get together. Another shared facility is the wash-space, to do the laundry, and a container for garbage. The ferry-boat takes the students to the Central Train station. According to the Duwo, "there really is no need to take the boat to the centre," the next-door IJ-halls offer several different activities, parties and large festivals. The former ship-yard hall has a large skate-ramp with bars, restaurants, and even MTV has found its new headquarters in one of the halls next door.◄
  17. Addis ContainerADDIS CONTAINERS   Based in New Zealand, i like their standards for home building. This looks good - skilled craftsman.

    ►New Zealand pioneers in shipping container house design and construction, Addis Containers offer architecturally designed contemporary houses to suit your site and lifestyle. One of the most exciting new trends in contemporary architectural design, Addis shipping containers offer numerous benefits over other construction techniques: Superior structural strength for low cost. Contemporary finishes and interiors. Modern clean lines. Selected steel shipping containers are the building blocks of container houses. Shipping containers are designed to be stacked, fully laden, up to 9 stories high, providing the structural strength that is the hallmark of the Addis container house construction method. The standard sizes used for as structural elements for building container homes are "20 foot" and "40 foot" containers. These containers are joined and stacked to form larger areas, and enclose spaces in a variety of designs. Only selected new or "Architectural Grade" refurbished shipping containers are recommended for construction purposes. Addis Containers also offer quality new, used and refurbished shipping containers for sale or hire in New Zealand.◄
  18. Evergreen ContainerAMERICAN STEEL CARGO CONTAINERS   Be sure to listen to the very beautiful music they play for you here. Very pleasant. Makes me want to buy a container even though i don't have a place to store one.

    Here they explain about Cor-Ten steel: ►In a nutshell, Cor-Ten is a combination of alloys that thru the chemical interaction of weather and steel, prevents rust from penetrating the container and creating rust holes. Cor-Ten was patented by United States Steel and is now used in any situation where rust needs to be prohibited, and the amount of time spent on painting steel structures kept to a minimum. This is why Cor-Ten is also called the 'weathering' steel. The steel actually forms a shield over the steel. Because of the distribution and concentration of the alloying combination in the steel, a prohibitive rusting effect is achieved. This shield regenerates continuously when exposed to atmospheric changes. Weathering steel is used in more things than just container manufacturing.
    Container Dimensions
    It's a primary addition to steel sculpture (favored by avant-guard European artists) for the effects it gives to the object. The patina is much sought after for the reddish, rust hue it imparts to the art. While some see it as rust and not pleasing at all, others see aesthetic value and won't purchase anything not made from Cor-Ten. As with all things seemingly perfect, Cor-Ten does have a few flaws. Cor-Ten in itself is not rustproof. If water is allowed to stand in pockets, it could lead to rusting. When a container is manufactured, great care is given to ensure for good drainage. Cor-Ten has also been known to discolor concrete pavement nearby from rain run-off. New formulations of Cor-Ten have vastly improved this problem. To ensure that weld points weather at the same rate, it is imperative that proper welding techniques are used to help this action along. But these minor flaws aside, a container manufactured out of Cor-Ten will give you years of service, and look healthy doing it. Your container can be painted if you decide you don't like it's looks, while still maintaining it's rustproof integrity. Don't be told the container you want is 'steel'. Make sure it's Cor-Ten steel. Don't just settle for whatever you can find. Settle for what you want. When you call us, you can be rst assured that the new, used, dry or refrigerated containers we sold you will bring you years of satisfaction. With the backing of our knowledgeable sales staff, all of your question will be answered and addressed. We will look at all reasonable offers and will go out of our way to meet or beat competitive prices. Wholesale prices offered on Cargo Containers/ Storage Containers in the Configurations. 20ft used, 20ft one tripper, 40ft std used, 40ft std one tripper, 40ft HC used.◄
  19. Container Studio AFH|USC CONTAINER STUDIO   This is one of the many projects listed on the "Open Architecture Network" site. Students are taught design skills. Lots of interesting creations here.

    ►This studio will deal primarily with container-related architecture and modification. The students will be addressing needs identified by Architecture for Humanity concerning the development of container-centric approaches to human shelter issues. This collaboration promises a meaningful and technically-challenging process. Working with the shipping container as salvage module and focusing upon real-world projects that Architecture for Humanity is currently initiating, this studio will provide a hands-on design/build experience with direct human applications. While the primary topic of the studio will be disaster response, the students will be looking beyond the initial relief action, directly addressing the question, “what happens after the media leaves the disaster zone?” After the design development and modeling phase of the studio, students will work directly with AfH staff and volunteers to produce prototype human architecture for actual deployment in areas of need.◄
  20. Energist Container Instant HomeENERGISTX   As far as i can tell these folks use two basic systems for creating their living spaces: 1. Fabric covered portable frame domes. 2. 8ft x 40ft shipping containers. They are quite creative in their product line. The picture on the right is an example of one of their completed interiors in a 8'x40' storage container.

    "Energistx offers extra durable portable buildings, homes and shelters for disaster relief and recovery, temporary community infrastructure, employee housing, military, mining and medical camps, construction crews and many commercial and industrial applications.
    We supply factory direct volume pricing on rapid deployment portable housing, offices, bunkhouses, worker accommodations, construction offices, plus kitchen and bathroom facilities. We sell 8x40ft Instant Home Mobile Residential Units, Call for Pricing: 866.733.8686. These are cozy, virtually indestructible self-contained portable homes crafted within solid steel 40 ft recycled ISO shipping containers. They are outfitted with windows, plumbing, electrical, comfort amenities and BEAUTIFUL interior finishing, bath and kitchen included. Ideal for immediate employee housing, storm shelters, mobile hunting cabins, remote locations, emergency and instant no-assembly disaster relief shelters."
  21. Nice Used 1994 Hyundai Container TRUCKER TO TRUCKER   Even though this is primarily a site for buying and selling big trucks, they do have a shipping container section. Go to Home > Trailers > Container.

    ► is an online superstore for new and used trucks, trailers, parts and equipment. With today's technology, Buying a Truck, Trailer, Parts and Equipment is possible totally over the internet. If you look at 20 digital photos and read a complete specification sheet, you will be quite confident of your purchase. We have established ourselves as a leading low cost "high return" sales tool for selling trucking equipment. We've made online equipment advertising simple and inexpensive! Truckers across the country are achieving higher returns marketing equipment through our network, using our powerful, simple to use website. Bottom line . . . Higher returns from your trucks, trailers, parts, and equipment. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our ads are both visually attractive and sales oriented. We offer multiple equipment photos with all listings at no extra charge. Detailed descriptions help buyers find exactly what they're searching for. That's why calls generated from convert into sales faster than all equivalent paper sources in the industry today. Listings created on are viewable immediately upon posting. It has become common to receive calls from customers before traditional ads are even published. Finally, comes with extra tools that make buying and selling equipment easier. We offer a Translation tool opening your equipment to the large multilingual market. You also have access to place "Want to Buy" notices for equipment not currently listed on Your ads are also listed on Google Base and Oodle at no extra charge. At TruckerToTrucker we think it's time "The Truckers" get a deal.◄
  22. Used Shipping Containers GLOBAL LOGISTICS GROUP   Featuring a possible source of shipping containers for your project. They have another website click here.

    ►Welcome to Global Logistic Group . . . The place to find great value and quality used shipping containers. At Global Logistics Group our business . . . And only business . . . Is providing our clients with high quality used shipping containers (cargo containers) and providing quality shipping container modifications. At Global Logistics Group we are a business that has been selling cargo containers and doing cargo container modifications for many years. We are based out of the beautiful state of Oregon but we have cargo container establishments throughout the entire United States. Our one single goal is to find you the best cargo container for your needs at the best possible price. We have a very experienced customer service team that has provided thousands of clients the best service in the cargo container business. Let us show you what high quality cargo containers at wholesale prices is all about. We have locations throughout the United States to help us serve you better and to provide you with excellent client service that you will find is above and beyond the normal in our industry. Our terminals are strategically located from the East coast to the West coast and from the North to the South . . . Chances are we have a location near you, which makes it easier for us to get you your used shipping container in the fastest possible time. Our main used shipping container products are the 20 ft. shipping container, 40ft shipping container, 40 HC shipping container, and the 20 ONE Trip shipping container. We also offer high quality shipping container modifications. Used shipping containers have a variety of uses from hauling cargo, storage of a variety of items, to mobile office trailers . . . And countless other uses. At Global Logistics Group we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality used shipping containers in the industry, at prices that are very hard for our competitors to beat.◄
  23. Ecopod ECOPODS   Based in Canada this business is producing some beautiful nice little units.

    ►A standard 8ftx20ft steel shipping container creates the building platform, main shell and structure of the ecopod. Large quantities of sea containers are stock piled in many North American cities due to a trade imbalance between the east and west. In some cases these stock piles are stacked so high that they are blocking out the early afternoon sun next to residential neighbourhoods. The single ecopod as designed provides excellent short term accommodation that has great benefits for standalone use as a secure remote cabin, product showroom or as an accessory building in conjunction with existing buildings for use as an extra Bedroom or Bunkie, Garden suite, Home office, Day kitchen or just an extra room down by the lake. Operating with an 80 watt solar panel and minimal electrical needs there is no need to run power lines or trench power cables to the unit, it's ready to use minutes after setup. The secure nature of the ecopod when in the closed position provides protection against vandals and works excellent in areas where extreme weather conditions exist. The ecopods are quick to set up and easily transported with all unit modifications re-surveyed to international transportation standards.◄
  24. 40 foot ContainerDEJLIGHEDER   I think this is located in Denmark (on the north border of Germany) home of the Danish language. I tried to do a translation into English but it did not make any sense. Anyway, there are some nice pictures of this creation on the site. It seems to be a multi-room vacation cabin or something similar. Very nice though.

    ►It has become a tradition to Skanderborg Festival Club, the organization behind Denmark's Most Beautiful Festival, with yearly intervals presents new alternative types of accommodation to the comfort-conscious festival audience. In 2002 we presented Hotelt for the first time in Denmark, a Boform which subsequently spread to most festivals and other major events in Denmark. In 2005, amid great media attention, the 120 paragraphs. Can Sleep, oversized beer cans in two floors, with a wealth of new creative details, launched and sold in just 40 seconds. A success for the Festival Club, and certainly also for the project sponsor Royal Unibrew, which was priceless exposure. Later tiny outdoor huts (in cooperation with Danish Crown) and TentHouse (again in collaboration with Royal Unibrew) appeared. All types of accommodation has again in 2009 been subject to massive demand. 1575 Hotelte and 250-TENT Houses were rented within a few hours. For Pig Me and Can Sleep is passed in with postcard (estimated estimated at approx. 30,000. One Can Sleep at the festival office to be extracted to be allowed to pay for the few habitats that we have available of this kind. A shortcoming of all three mentioned types of accommodation are shower and toilet, and attempts are now remedied by the launch of the five shots on the trunk. For LOVELY HEATH: Hotel rooms in a 40F container. The requirements have been simple for each room: Accommodation for 2 per. in a double bed, private toilet and bath, insulated, creatively decorated and with surprising detail, quality and preferably sustainable. Held within the container international goals and logistics solutions provide the ease of transport solutions and quick assembly time. The product is built in a prototype version for testing on Fly FEST 2009 in Skanderborg 5-9/8. Here tested various solutions to design, material selection, sanitation, technical and practical solutions and details. The prototype and the project built in collaboration with Jyllands Posten, Scandic Hotels Ltd and Dutch Tempo Housing, in particular specializes in residential in containers. Tempo House are both behind a large student housing project in Amsterdam and various hotel projects around the world. However, it is the first time they have with the design of four rooms in a container.◄
  25. Container Apartment ComplexTEMPOHOUSING   This business located in the Netherlands does small projects (small cabins) and also very large projects - even in the US. The Netherlands is often called Holland.

    ►TEMPOHOUSING invents, designs and builds modular housing solutions world wide. We offer tailor-made solutions for your housing needs based on our own unique system. "Tempo" means speed and the housing solutions we offer can be used in many different sectors:   Student housing, city apartments, luxury hotels, basic staff accommodation or ski resort chalets, just to mention a few. A short construction time and a modular and flexible system are key advantages, as is the universal size of the units, which can be shipped as standard 40 foot containers all over the world as standard freight on any vessel, truck or train. TEMPOHOUSING designs and builds flexible housing, based on standard ISO shipping containers (40ft and 20ft). The units can be used in any situation that calls for temporary and fast solutions. Complete prefabrication reduces the site preparation. They can be dismantled, moved, stored and reused many times. TEMPOHOUSING is unique in the world with this building system. TEMPOHOUSING makes use of ISO shipping containers because of their many advantages, such as world wide availability and their applicability, easy to transport, affordability, strong steel structure, modular possibilities and high stacking capabilities.◄
  26. Container LogoCONEX CONTAINERS   They seem to have a lot of locations all over the US.

    ►Conex Containers provides customers a variety of sizes in lockable portable storage units for purchase or leasing. Conex Containers maintains a large inventory and our outlets are located nationwide. We provide delivery service in all locations with your container being delivered and set in place with tilt bed trailers designed to off-load at the desired location. 20 to 40 feet sizes. Prompt on site delivery. Temporary or permanent. Financing available. We sell storage containers all over North America and can supply you with the best equipment in your area. Call Now! New, Used, Dry or Refrigerated Equipment containers. We have the an excellent sales staff with expertise to ensure that you receive the container that serves your storage or transportation needs. We will meet or beat any comparable unit - No reasonable offer refused. We accept check by phone. We're able to offer cargo/storage containers at wholesale prices in the following categories: Container Sales, Container Rental, Customized Containers, Steel Containers, Portable Storage, Dry Vans, Open Top Containers, Insulated Containers, Cargo Containers, On-Site Storage, Cold Storage, ISO Containers, Six-in-One Containers, Intermodal Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Refurbished Containers, Seasonal Storage, Chemical Storage, Mobile Refrigeration, Marine Containers, Secure Storage, Freight Containers, Hi-Cube Containers, Flatrack Containers, Container Chassis, Industrial Containers & Chassis.◄
    You Deserve A Break . . . Click HERE!

  27. Bangkok CabinBANGKOK PREFAB   Here's a neat little item from TreeHugger. Someone has made a very nice little cabin using a couple of 20 foot shipping containers linked together and installing large glass windows and doors to provide an aerie feeling.

    ►Thai designer Chutayaves Sinthuphan of Site-Specific first made a splash in these pages with a demonstration project at a home show; now they show us a neat little one-bedroom house built from two 20 foot containers designed for hot, humid climates. According to Site-Specific's website: This small container home was built by our collaborator — BlueBrown recently. It is a small home with one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area for a young family in Thailand. It was designed using two twenty-foot containers and a prefabricated bathroom unit, as an exercise in the making of a good, affordable housing for Thais which our government cannot seem to manage. His home is on the outskirts of Bangkok where temperature is always high. The house is insulated with recycled insulation material with a layer of roof above the containers to prevent the heat transmission into habitable areas.◄
  28. Container SheetTRANSOCEAN EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT   Appears to be a fairly large company located in North Carolina.

    ►Transocean Equipment Management is a worldwide supplier in the sale, leasing, and customizing of new and used containers, conex boxes and milvans. Whether you are looking to ship cargo overseas or require a maximum-security warehouse type building, Transocean offers creative solutions. Both our new and used ocean and domestic cargo containers and shelters can be utilized for the site storage industry, construction industry, exporters, and freight forwarders. Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, the military, state and federal agencies. Units come in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 48ft, 53ft configurations. They can be used for storage or custom modifications can be performed for mobile field offices, storage and conference rooms. Amenities can be added to our custom modifications for the specific needs of our customers.◄
  29. Container StackCUBIC INSPIRATIONS   Last update i could find was October 28, 2009. This is a very incomplete website. But click around - lots of fresh material and ideas and pictures. They say: "We Do Not Accept Paid Advertising".

    ►The opportunities from ISBU related technologies are one of the fastest growing housing and building trends in many years. Combined with the insulative and energy related products, this is a combination of "Pure Golden" opportunities and most require very little investment capitol or technical education. Here is a Hot list our ISBA Members suggest for the biggest growth and most profitable for 2009 and beyond (Note: Actually, no list is up yet). In reading, remember ISBU is the proper name for Shipping Containers when used for building & construction.◄
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