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  1. AWOL Container Ship AWOL CONTAINERS   This company seems to be fairly large and has a big inventory of containers for sale. But, they are mostly located in the Midwest, Gulf & East Coast areas of the US. They can also deliver your container to your site. Also, they can do modifications to your container as per your needs.

    ►AWOL is your direct nationwide source for new and used intermodal shipping and cargo freight containers of all sizes. We also provide conex boxes, milvans, refrigerated or "reefer" containers and container chassis. Containers are a convenient, safe and more efficient on-site storage solution than trailers. Secure, ground level storage containers eliminate the need for steps when loading or unloading. As a result of the on-going trade imbalance of imports to exports, containers are in abundance in the USA and more are on their way! AWOL maintains inventories nationwide and can easily supply one container or 100 containers when and where you need them. Modifications such as roll-up doors, skylights, side-personnel doors are our specialty. Our in-house design/engineering team can transform your container into anything from a mobile field office, temporary housing pods or even a fully equipped safe-room. We handle all types of container transportation, whether a cross-country or overseas shipping requirement or a local container tilt-bed delivery, AWOL is your sole source for cost-effective, trouble-free intermodal movement.◄
  2. Slow Food Nation Container SLOW FOOD NATION   The picture on the right shows one good example of using a 40ft shipping container to promote your idea or product. Nice set-up. This link takes you to the "Slow Food Nation" website which does not contain any pictures of containers. Thanks and credit goes to Amanda Kovattana for use of the picture on the right.

    Slow Food Nation is a subsidiary non-profit of Slow Food USA and part of the international Slow Food movement. It was created to organize the first-ever American collaborative gathering to unite the growing sustainable food movement and introduce thousands of people to food that is good, clean and fair. The first Slow Food Nation event took place in San Francisco from August 29 to September 1, 2008. Over 85,000 people participated in a Victory Garden, a farmers' market, a food bazaar, tastings, workshops, lectures, film screenings and more. After the event, the consensus among contributors was that the next edition should take place in a location other than San Francisco and should reflect the nation's growing awareness of food culture and the implications of our food system. Details about the next edition will eventually be announced on and Slow Food Nation is dedicated to creating a framework for deeper environmental connection to our food and aims to inspire and empower Americans to build a food system that is sustainable, healthy and delicious.
  3. Green Container LONDON SHIPPING CONTAINERS   This is really a very nice website with lots of pictures of their product. They maintain a Blog. I think they do Container Conversions. If their website is any indication, they are a very professional organization.

    ►London Shipping Containers have several years of experience in shipping containers, and who have entered into this industry during these hard times. We offer a service that is Competitive on price but uncompromising in the service we provide. As a sustainable business we will meet your needs today and in the future. Our dedication to our customers in helping them to gain the maximum usage out of our containers is unparalleled. The vision for London Shipping Containers is to make sure the people of the UK have safe secure containers that are a perfect fit for all their needs. As a company we have looked at the environment around us and come to the conclusion that people are in need of the services we wish to provide. We are an innovative, very progressive company and if you try us we will surely exceed your expectations. In our time in the business - we have been creative, original, vibrant and uncompromising in our desire to meet our customers needs. We sincerely hope that you will call us, because our customers are always pleased with our competence as well as with our abilities.◄
  4. Aluminum ISO Container ALUM TEK   This company actually makes aluminum enclosures for generator type equipment to help in noise reduction. They are a source for aluminum ISO containers.

    ►Alum-Tek's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Aldergrove, British Columbia - just five minutes north of the U.S. border, close to US Interstate Highway 5 and only a one hour drive from the port of Vancouver via the Trans Canada Highway 1. Alum-Tek Industries Ltd., incorporates years of engineering knowledge and hands-on acoustics experience into the specialized manufacture of enclosures, containers and subbase fuel tanks for power generation. Alum-Tek works successfully with industry to make the world quieter. Quieter for a home-owner or office worker who may be located close to a diesel generator whose roar has been tamed by an Alum-Tek enclosure. From its core expertise as acoustical specialists, Alum-Tek has developed a full array of technical solutions for industrial clients. These range from simple generator set housings to sophisticated, custom-designed enclosures and cabs, engineered to withstand Arctic cold, desert heat and tropical rain. Depending on client specifications, features can include: specially treated acoustic walls, inlet/outlet silencers, air handling equipment, fire detection and suppression, special lighting, extensive exhaust silencing, subbase fuel tanks and special hardware. Alum-Tek also packages enclosures with subbase tanks using client supplied generator sets and switchgear. Alum-Tek can preform unity or 0.8 power factor full load tests along with acoustic tests to ensure that the completed package is engineered to client specifications. Finished packages are shipped direct to client's facility.◄
  5. Office Type of Container Conversion LOUISIANA CONTAINER SALES   Very nice website here with lots of pictures and container information. They do container customization.

    ►Louisiana Container Sales, Inc. is the Gulf Coast's premier sales and service company offering new and used cargo containers, tank containers, and specialized equipment. We are stocked with a large inventory of cargo containers in every size, and our experienced repair and customization team can customize any container to suit any need. Do you need a portable office, living quarters, a hunting lodge, storage unit, or boat house? Don't worry! We have years of experience in developing custom solutions designed to your specifications. We believe that forming long term relationships and partnering with our customers is what sets us apart from other companies. We fully support you before, and long after the sale. We want to help solve your problems, whatever they may be. We will be there for you whenever you need us! You can count on it! We are marine cargo container experts and we provide the technical knowledge and assistance you need to solve your problems. Contact us today and let us show you what makes Louisiana Container Sales, Inc. the best in the industry! We provide the following services: New and Used Container Sales, Support After the Sale, Container Modifications and Customization, A Friendly and Experienced Staff, Application Consultation.◄
  6. Container Kit Home MAISON IDEKIT HOME   Using already used shipping containers as a starting point, this company by adding modern materials creates some very nice looking homes - but probably not very low cost comparatively speaking to some other forms of container home construction. This website is also in the French language (I think they are based in Montreal Canada). My link here goes to the English version.

    According to the construction plan, the containers are transformed at the factory, and, after, transported to the construction site. The main principle is to minimise cutting the trees by installing screwed in piles, "Sonotubes" or a bed plate. The containers can be used as foundation for the house when installed on a bed plate and buried; this technique permits concrete savings (money, time, energy), plus protects environment by keeping the trees close to the house. The erection can be done rapidly by putting the containers (which include the roof that was previously assembled) using a crane. All the house is now erected and closed, so that we can work inside immediately and comfortably. Ecological home mostly made from recycled steel structures (last trip maritime containers). They provide increased strength. They are a healthy and durable building / LEED certification available. Time saving: Can be erected within one week. Savings up to 50%. These structures permit a vegetal roof. These structures are available all over the world. There is no limit with architectural creativity.
  7. Container House M2ATK   Here's another great example of what can be put together with just three shipping containers. This is an actual project completed for a client of this firm. To view this section click on ARCHITECTURE then click on CONTAINER HOUSE.

    The container's spacious, open-window, light-filled interior design are both uplifting and inspirational for an ideal weekend house, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. For flexibility, internal layout was designed to meet the vocation home and cabin requirements. The container house is fully equipped including heating, bathroom, kitchen, climate control systems, high quality furniture and telephone/internet access systems for a quality living environment. The client is an artist, and he has another perception of a home. He asks the access floor for the "public space" living and kitchen. The first level: the bedroom, and in the second one level: one studio to paint, read, and think, "to let to fly the imagination". Easily installed, the container house also can easily be removed if the property is ever sold.
  8. ONE COOL HABITAT   Designed and sold from New Zealand, these very cool converted 20ft Shipping Containers are looking real good! Remember, if you like their style - they ship around the globe.

    Like everyone, there are times when we need our own space. As enthusiasts, we are continually innovating our prefabs so that you can enjoy this space how and where you want, and we hope our site inspires the creation of your own cool habitat. It's not difficult to think of a few ways that a spare room could come in handy, whether it's for a home office, studio or sleepout. And that's what we do. We build cool habitats that offer you that extra room to enjoy. We can even drop them in your front yard. Accommodating everyone's tastes and budget can be difficult, so we came up with a simple solution. We incorporate an open-plan interior within each habitat, because the best person to add the finishing 'cool' into their habitat is you. So whether you have a hankering for a gourmet kitchen or the simple comforts of a sofa and TV, the coolest of habitats is only a fit-out away - your way. We're located among the rolling pastures of New Zealand, and from down here we've learned how to ship worldwide! So no matter which corner of our global village you're in, we'll ensure the safe delivery of your habitat. How cool is that!
  9. Jeff's Planned Home ISBU DEPOT   Take a check at this website featuring this man's plans for his container home. Not a whole lot of information provided but enough for a start.

    This website has two initial goals in mind: Displaying 3d Sketches built using the free tool called Sketchup from Google. These renderings are super easy to create and give the end user a quick view at some of the possibilities for different ISBU configurations. Old Factory Scented Candles Picture on the right is the home I want to build on a 3.4 acre property I own. As time goes on more subjects may be added. I have always been interested in cookie cutter designs. I live in Houston, TX and started getting interested in ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units) ever since I saw that this may be my ticket to building a property in a flood prone area without having to build on traditional wooden stilts. As you will see from most of the sketches I have made, they are all at least one story off of the ground. This would allow for a clearance of 8.5ft before any flood waters would enter the main living areas. I still have a lot to learn about the physical construction of these units that is why I am going to try and post as many pictures as possible that I can find of actual ISBUs being created and fabricated. I have called around several places here in Houston and the running average price of a 40ft Container is around $2300.00 plus a $200.00 delivery charge to the work site. At $2500 a piece I can quickly gauge how much the raw containers will cost for each one of the sketches I draw. I have now been exclusively looking to use only 53ft Jindo containers in my designs as the extra 13ft allows for a stronger overall structure and quite a bit of extra square footage for only a couple hundred dollars more per container. Please feel free to email me at with any feedback you may have. I may be open to posting user's sketches as well if they should want to try their hand at Google Sketchup with a design of their own they would like to share with others. Also, if you have some raw contruction pics you wouldn't mind sharing I would be more than happy to post them online so others can learn as I do about what it takes to build these ISBUs out to finished "live-in" ready condition.
  10. Stacked Conex Apartment Units INTEK MODULAR CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION   They seem to specialize in mostly commercial type structures using shipping containers as the basic building unit, but have now expanded into housing for the masses.

    Modular prefabricated Green building systems serving Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Since 2000 our management is experienced in industrial, pharmaceutical, and commercial construction projects, and have focused on general contracting and interiors since 2008. Our new priority is to focus on Green and Sustainable economic housing modules that can better benefit the general population and offer a better quality of life. The key to our new modular construction is with quality and flexible designs using strong ISBU shipping containers as the housing base. Our new structural concepts have exceptional potential for high quality standard housing and also flexible enough for quick build relief housing after disasters and better safety during the reconstruction process. Our new vision in construction methods will assist with the economy, in addition to saving the environment and energy. Intek Modular provides durable, economical and attractive modular designs for homes, business, and emergency housing solutions. We have skilled architects, engineers and provide experienced general contracting for various type projects. Our experienced staff is fluent in both English and Spanish languages for more efficient communication throughout our projects in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
  11. New Container Parts CONTAINER BROKERAGE COMPANY   This business i do not think maintains an inventory of shipping containers. They locate for you a container according to your specifications. They have offices in the United Kingdom and the US.

    ►We have assisted thousands of clients find and secure the right container at the best price for their needs. Often, the first time you see your container is when it arrives at your site, so it is important to work with a company that has your best interests at heart and won’t let you down. This is the place for your New & Used Shipping Containers. With a combined 40 years experience in the container industry, the CBC Group specializes in the aftermarket disposal of containers that have reached the end of their operating life in the marine industry. You will benefit from our considerable market knowledge and strong supplier relationships enabling you to avail of good quality low priced container stock for your individual or business needs. With CBC you are working with a company that builds new containers specifically with storage in mind, from end user friendly doors with waist high handles and lock boxes for security, extra vents to finished floors, we make our upgrades standard. Through our reliable industry relationships we can position containers into all port locations and most large inland cities worldwide. The CBC Group believes that buying a container fit for purpose should be straight forward. We can advise you on the type of container most suited to your needs and then guide you through the process of buying the container of your choice and arranging to have it delivered to your destination site.◄ We employ a simple three step process — Contact, Buy, Container:

    CONTACT: We discuss your needs so we can determine the best type of container for you, be it new or used, and either quote you over the phone or send you an email price quote.
    BUY: Upon confirmation, you will receive an invoice by email. Containers sell fast, especially used containers, so it's important to act quickly.
    CONTAINER: Upon receipt of the funds we will release the container to you or, if needed, in many cases we can arrange delivery to your site.
  12. Upland Container House UPLAND CONTAINER HOUSE   This is an older project. This is a Single Family Residence being built (Probably completed already!) in Upland, California out of used shipping containers. In this three part episode, framing is near completion and you can see the whole house come to life. Enjoy! For those of you interested in co-mingling standard stick framing techniques with shipping containers to build a home then this project is for you. Lots of YouTube type videos to view.

    ►Welcome to our blog. We are building an eco-friendly house out of used shipping containers in Upland, California. As we go through this exercise, we would like to share our experiences with all of you guys. This is our first time, and it has already been a big learning experience for us. There are lot of unknown and gotchas. In maintaining this blog we will also try to provide some guidance for first time builders interested in green and eco-friendly design. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts. Last year we bought an open lot in San Antonio Heights here in Upland, California (about 50 miles east of Los Angeles). Both me and my husband wanted to use environment-friendly construction, so we got the help of a local architecture firm that specializes in green design 'Claremont Environmental Design Group'. The result was a unique and challenging design utilizing intermodal shipping containers.◄
  13. SIMPLE CONTAINER   This is a video produced along with the music by "Donny Pike". Donny is himself a should-have-been famous music writer who produces very relaxing type music, something rarely found nowadays. Enjoy this video along with the music. Link at the start of this entry takes you to his website.

    "This is a simple home I built from a shipping container when I first arrived on Maui. The song is an award winning song called "Adventures" and I wrote it while I lived there in February of 2007. If you would like to use any of my compositions or would like me to create some custom music for any Web or commercial use. Or if you just want to comment on my work. Just click the address below to send me an Email or go back to my start page and sign my guest book. Donald R Pike | May 13, 2009 | Thank You for your visit :-)."
  14. Container Ranch House HEBO YAPI   I am including this website here because i think they have some very unique designs. The picture on the right is one of their creations. It is a group of several or more shipping containers configured in such a way as to look like a modern Ranch Style home. Never seen anything like this before, wished i had a better picture.

    ►We produce Modular system container, Mobile container, Loading container, Demountable container, Polyurethane container and for each of these types (if they are going to be used as dormitory) portable bunk Office container, WC container, Shower container, Dormitory container, Dining hall container, Loading container, Health container (infirmary container), Mobile container, Sales container, security container (guard container), camp container are general usage areas of containers.◄
  15. Tilt-Bed Truck AMERICAN PORTABLE STORAGE   This is a California company with multiple locations around the state. Keep in mind that they do container modifications also. Picture on the right is of a tilt-bed truck used to deliver (obviously) shipping containers.

    ►American Portable Storage is one of California's largest storage container suppliers and in order to offer our inventory to the general public we have large storage container depots in Northern and Southern California. Both of our locations offer the same services of rentals, sales, modification and transportation. So you're guaranteed to get the most Hardware Store reliable storage services as long as you're in California. Are you looking for a reliable storage company that will safely secure your most cherished possessions? American Portable Storage has been in business for more than 12 years by providing competitive prices and secure reliable portable storage containers, for dry and refrigerated goods for all of California. As one of the largest storage container suppliers in California, we pride ourselves on a reputation that precedes us as being a company that provides durable portable storage units with proper security and venting. Our storage containers come with rental and sales options for your convenience. We provide delivery with a special tilt bed trailer no matter what size you choose. American Portable Storage offers plenty of sizes depending on how much you have to store. Our corrugated steel containers are 8ft wide and 8ft-6in or 9ft-6in high and come in a variety of lengths from 10ft to 53ft long and make great modular homes. Generally, our rental fleet is made up of 10ft, 16ft, 20ft and 40ft long steel containers. Our managers and sales people have years of experience in providing the best possible solution for whatever storage needs you have. They can recommend the proper venting and other possible container modifications so that the storage container that you select solves your particular storage problem.◄
  16. Tan color Conex Box BOXT CONTAINERS   These people are in the business of portable storage containers. They have facilities all over the US. They are based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    ►Boxt Containers is a simple solution for all your storage related problems and brings you the best ground level portable storage container on-site and on-time. Boxt Containers brings to you the premium quality 20 foot and 40 foot portable containers for storing your things securely and effortlessly. We are a price leader in the market for 20 foot and 40 foot ISO containers, thereby ensuring to bring these portable containers to you at the most competitive price.◄
  17. Zun Delo CONHOUSE   This is a very creative group of people and display many options for building a very personal home based on the basic shipping container.

    ►The CONHOUSE system allows you to develop your own personal style! The rationality of the system using small quadratures and mass production of CONHOUSE components result in a low end price. With CONHOUSE you pay less money for the same floor space or get more space for the same amount of money. Assembly takes one day. Units are easy to move and transport. Factory made CONHOUSE does not pollute the construction site with waste, throw-outs and noise. The living environment may increase or decrease according to actual needs. Modular compounding offers a wide variety of different, yet serial spatial solutions. Fire and earthquake safety guaranteed. These home are also highly recyclable and reusable. And more people can afford these homes.◄
  18. Muvbox Cafe MUVBOX   Featured here is a very clever business idea using shipping containers as the basis for conversion into a portable restaurant. It is my understanding these units are for sale to anyone interested in a portable custom designed restaurant setup.

    ►Whether it is lobster in Montreal, cupcakes in London, pizza in Chicago, sushi in Tokyo, sausages in Geneva... the MUVBOX is only limited by the imagination. The business is positioned to sell self-contained restaurant units made to order for the prospective restaurateur/operator's gourmet menu offering. The "ready to ship" MUVBOXes are easily transportable by rail, road or sea. MUVBOX was designed to be environmentally-friendly. Recyclable and sustainable materials, solar power, local products and eco-friendly efficiencies, all coupled with a healthy culinary menu are key ingredients of the MUVBOX brand. The MUVBOX mission is to create a network of unique mobile restaurants based on the slickly designed recycled steel shipping containers. The proposition is straightforward: Keep it Simple, Delicious and Eco friendly. It is designed to create fun experiences worth sharing with others. The MUVBOX concept is based on offering fresh and reasonably priced local delicacies with an international audience in mind. The state-of-the-art kitchen is designed to produce simple culinary treats from fancy chips to pizzas to paninis to soups and beyond. At the present time, the MUVBOX is available for purchase by companies in the restaurant and catering sector. Each MUVBOX is custom tailored to the buyer's needs. The kitchen design and complete configuration including selection of appliances, heating ventilation, etc is based on the menu proposed. It will be made available for leasing in the future. Franchises are not available.◄
  19. CargoShell CARGOSHELL   This is something you want to watch - keep your eye on. If this concept flies it could mean big money for someone. Because this is a new type of shipping container which might have plenty of uses for holding most kinds of cargo. May not be good for heavy machinery, but good for most manufactured goods. Cargoshell is manufactured from composites and therefore much lighter than a steel container. Plus it folds down allowing the transportation of multiple units on a truck or rail car. The volume of a folded Cargoshell is ¼ of the original volume of the traditional steel container. Composite is a low maintenance material - It doesn't corrode and is easy to clean. The term "Composite" consists of material made from a fiber reinforced plastic.

    ►Cargoshell is a new concept for containers. It provides, maintaining the successful qualities of the current container, a number of crucial innovations. Of higher interest is the substantial CO2-reduction that can be achieved by replacing the current containers by Cargoshell worldwide. This reduction of CO2 does not lead to higher costs, on the contrary. Savings in weight and space reduce the operational costs, thus making the Cargoshell an attractive economic concept. By monitoring the cargo compartment during transport, better quality control of the cargo is guaranteed. And, last but not least, the introduction of Cargoshell on a wide scale will also improve the safety at sea because of the adequate track & tracing-system possibilities Cargoshell has to offer. All innovations are protected through international patents.◄
  20. 20ft Flag Painted Container AZ CONTAINERS   This business has two yard locations: One in Phoenix and one in Flagstaff, Arizona. They sell, they rent and do custom container modifications for you. Yes, the picture on the right is a 20ft shipping container painted with the US flag.

    ►AZ Containers has been providing mobile storage to greater Phoenix and across Arizona since 2002. We have built our growing business on the merits of being highly receptive and appreciative to all of our customers, delivering one-on-one service and high-quality products, and being flexible to respond quickly and effectively to meet our customers' diverse array of needs. Founded by two business partners, our company is locally owned and operated. We are large enough to handle virtually any container need, yet provide the kind of personal attention customers have come to expect from much smaller organizations. Come to AZ Containers, and we'll get you precisely what you need. From the most basic steel box to a customized climate controlled storage or work space with windows, we'll have your solution on it's way to you fast.◄
  21. Container Art Studio MAZIAR BEHROOZ   This is an art studio made with two side-by-side steel shipping containers perched on top of a foundation wall with interior ceiling height of 18' in the studio proper. Recipient of 2009 AIA Peconic Design Award. Click on Work then click on Containers. This man has a lot of cool projects going. It's a "Working Website" where he stores his current material.

    The coming decade will no doubt require strategic changes in the way clients, architects and builders collaborate. Integration of consultants in the design process is now more important in the successful implementation of sustainable building strategies. Simplicity of concept and construction will, to a large extent, determine the choices that we make. We anticipate and are ready for such changes. Current project explore airplane hangar technology, pre-fabricated structural and insulated panels, planted roofs, organic screens, steel-frame construction, solar & geo-thermal power, high-thermal glass, polycarbonates and processed woods, amongst others. They display our active efforts in phasing out the use of conventional lumber in our projects and their replacement with non-VOC and mold-resistant products. As conventional building types, our projects include homes, clustered housing, spaces of worship, public buildings, commercial interiors & mobile relief shelters etc. Maziar Behrooz attended the Tulane School of Architecture, the Institute for Architecture & Urban Studies and the Cornell School of Architecture. He is the recipient of 3 AIA Peconic awards '09 & '07 and one US Green Building Council Award '08. In 2004, he was amongst four shortlisted competitors, out of 250 entries from 45 countires, for the design of a Baha'i temple in Chile and had a winning proposal for the design of a financial center in Beijing. Maziar Behrooz is a member of the AIA, USGBC and the Tulane Architecture advisory board. He travels often to New Orleans for food, architecture & music and welcomes ideas, comments and suggestions related to the re-building of NOLA.
  22. Double Attached Conex boxes CMOUTS   Gee, take a look at the products this business provides using conex boxes. CMOUTS sells new, used, and refurbished ISO shipping/cargo containers, modified containers and specialty Intermodal equipment. But, they also offer small scale villages built using conex boxes for military training. They have action pictures on the website displaying military usage. Whole training villages shipped worldwide. CMOUTS is an acronym for "Containerized Mobile Operational Urban Training Structures".

    CMOUTS is a female owned business founded in 2007 to provide a service oriented sales team in the intermodal industry. With 37 years of industry experience, CMOUTS management has the knowledge and the "know how" to meet our customers' expectations. Many container products may seem the same. What sets CMOUTS apart from the rest is that we deliver personal, professional service, and have the "know how" to find creative solutions for your Intermodal equipment challenges. Our goal is to insure that our customers have the facts, understand all the options available, and get the products they seek. We have a nationwide network of international container leasing companies and shipping lines to guarantee our ability to meet the equipment requirements of our customers.
  23. Open Door Conex AMERICAN CONEX   This appears to be a full service container business located in the Western US. They provide Rentals - Sales - Offsite Storage - Container Moves - Custom Containers.

    At American Conex we are providing affordable storage solutions for your residential and commercial needs. We have 15+ years experience modifying and delivering to California, Nevada, & Arizona customers. We customize any container to meet your needs. When it comes to storing items that mean the most to you think secure, affordable, and reliable, think American Conex. Products we sell: 10ft Standard/HC Storage Containers, 20ft Standard Storage Containers, 40ft Standard Storage Containers, 40ft HC Storage Containers, 45ft HC Storage Containers, 48ft Aluminum Containers. We do modifications: Prep & Prime, Prep/Prime & Paint, Security Lockbox, Turbine Fan, 12in x 12in Side Vent, 36in Steel Man Door, 6ft Roll Up Door, 3ft x 3ft Window, Shelving, Electrical Packages, Sky Lights. We have 20ft - 40ft Container Rentals: Month to month (6 to 12 Month Minimum). We do container moves: Charge by the hour. Rates vary according to the truck used.
  24. Shipping Container Supply AMERICAN STEEL CARGO CONTAINERS   This business has quite a few locations across the US from the West Coast to the East Coast. They are based in Portland, Oregon. With this listing i have included some delivery conditions information for your education. Some important details mentioned for those ordering delivery of their container:

    ►Upon customer request 20ft containers may be delivered on short bed trucks that do not require the maneuvering distances of longer trucks. Unless a short truck is requested in advance, containers are delivered on a full-sized truck/trailer. These vehicles are typically 65 to 75 feet in length and require the following: Flat, solid ground capable of supporting truck, trailer and container. (Rain soaked ground can make delivery impossible). 95 feet straight ahead to pull out from under a 20ft container (less on short truck). 120 feet straight ahead to pull out from under a 40ft or longer container. 15 feet minimum space width and clear height from ground to 16ft during offload procedure (Please call our dispatch office if height clearance is a concern). No 90° or horseshoe bends in road or driveway leading to drop location. Most trucks need about 40ft width available to navigate curves on roads or driveways lined with trees, fences or hillsides. No steep grades at drop off location. Roadway grades greater than 4% are considered steep. Customer accepts responsibility for the freight charges if the driver is unable to deliver the unit where expected (Freight drivers are the experts regarding delivery and as such make the final decision regarding placement of the container). Refusal of delivery at drop off for any reason results in freight charges being assessed. If the driver says he/she cannot place the unit at the customer’s desired location a secondary drop location must be made available or the customer is liable for freight to and from the delivery location. Standard offload time is 45 minutes. Added freight charges may be assessed for excess offload time or mileage outside the city limits of the city indicated by purchaser at the time order was placed. Customer terminated orders are assessed a $250 cancellation/restock fee. Customer refunds are processed within 10 business days of cancellation date. Thanks to the shipping industry, we are able to offer cargo/storage containers at a fraction of their original cost. The steel and aluminum construction make them virtually vandal proof. Being self contained there is little to no site preparation necessary. We're able to supply basic units or provide custom modifications to suit your needs in selection and service. Containers can be suited for temporary or permanent indoor and/or outdoor locations. Unit Modifications can range from custom doors, security features, windows and electrical components such as refrigeration. Sizes from 10 to 48 feet. All our locations throughout the United States can arrange a variety of delivery solutions or your container. Contact us and make arrangements for your cargo container pick-up or delivery. Call (503) 240-5310 or email at Prompt on site delivery. Financing available.◄
  25. Shipping Container Supply CARGOTOWN   This is kind of an interesting deal - this link will take you to their picture site which shows the steps they took to organize a sales lot for their inventory of cargo containers for rent and for sale.

    We sell cargo containers or rent them for storage in the West Bastrop County Texas area (near HWY 1209 and 21). We can deliver a cargo container to your home or business for $2,900. Specs: Cargo containers, sometimes called shipping containers, are 8ft wide x 45ft long x 9.5ft high. 360 square feet or 3,420 cubic feet. Solid steel locking doors. See pictures. You can rent a cargo container at our facility near Highways 21 and 1209 in West Bastrop County Texas (15 miles from Loop 130) for $150 per month.
  26. 20ft Flag Painted Container AZ CONTAINERS   This business has two yard locations: One in Phoenix and one in Flagstaff, Arizona. They sell, they rent and do custom container modifications for you. Yes, the picture on the right is a 20ft shipping container painted with the US flag.

    ►AZ Containers has been providing mobile storage to greater Phoenix and across Arizona since 2002. We have built our growing business on the merits of being highly receptive and appreciative to all of our customers, delivering one-on-one service and high-quality products, and being flexible to respond quickly and effectively to meet our customers' diverse array of needs. Founded by two business partners, our company is locally owned and operated. We are large enough to handle virtually any container need, yet provide the kind of personal attention customers have come to expect from much smaller organizations. Come to AZ Containers, and we'll get you precisely what you need. From the most basic steel box to a customized climate controlled storage or work space with windows, we'll have your solution on it's way to you fast.◄
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