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  1. Restart Mall in Christchurch, New Zealand RE:START CASHEL MALL   After the big earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand people had to do something to try and re-establish some quick & easy structures to house small businesses so some semblance of normality could be established. Well, guess who came to the rescue? You're right. Shipping containers set-up to house many different organizations and businesses were just the key to getting things going again. Take a look at this website which has a lot of pictures of the completed project.

    ►Re:START is a shopping experience like no other, providing Christchurch a range of quality retailers located in a cool funky city environment. Anchored by Ballantynes department store, Re:START house many businesses previously located in the central city including Johnson's Grocery Store, Scorpio Bookstore, Cosmic, Hunters & Collectors and many others. Re:START has great cafes, a range of specialty gifts stores and a selection of fashion boutiques not found elsewhere. Seek out the latest technology at the Apple store YooBee or the dedicated Samsung brand store or maybe relax and surf the net on our free WiFi Service. We also have a great food offering with a dedicated food court area. A really great place to bring the family. For an experience like no other - Re:START your shopping destination.◄
  2. 22 MOST BEAUTIFUL SHIPPING CONTAINER HOUSES   This is a nice page i have linked to here. Some of the items may be duplicated in other places on my website. But, there is some unique stuff for you to see. Nice big pictures.
    Patagonia Clothing & Stuff . . . Click Here!
    ►Living in these days can mean a lot more that just having shelter, food, & clothing. People have evolved a lot in the last 50 years and the trend is of an exponential growth. The differences between generations will be more significant than there are now. As a proof that people have already started to change their minds and philosophy are the random bursts of nonconformism, meaning that some people no longer feel represented by the masses, and their image can't be associated with an institution of a large group of people. Part of the nonconformism I am talking about is the residential component. People live in more and more diverse houses that suit best their needs. Some people buy large houses as concrete structures or steel & glass to reinforce their social position and other people choose something different but always a place that suits their needs. A crazy idea is to live in a cargo container. Yes, you heard me, those cargo containers represent now for some people a part of their home, or even the entire home. Don't rush to conclusions yet, let's take a look at some wonderful structures and then let's draw conclusions together. is a website that offers you the latest and greatest news/articles/features in architecture, interior design and furniture. Since we launched we collected more than 10,000 unique articles with more than 60,000 pictures & ideas . . . Homedit is not a retail shop, nor do we sell anything from this website. We try to direct you to a website with every post, so that you can inquire directly . . . Read more. We are interested in interior design, architecture, furniture and lighting, but it can be anything, as long as it's about home. Email to: stefan.lucian{at} with the following info: A brief description 200 words or more. A link to a website is always good. Email as many large photos as you have.◄
  3. Containers Stacked CONTAINERS 2 CLINICS   This organization is currently in Haiti i believe. They specialize in converting used shipping containers into medical clinics for underdeveloped countries. In my opinion it would be great and very beneficial if they would include birth control services to the people they serve.

    ►Containers to Clinics (C2C) is a non-profit, charitable initiative that seeks to improve the health of women and children by providing access to primary health care through networks of converted shipping container clinics. Clinics are staffed by local health professionals in-country. C2C's approach to rural medical care is designed to strengthen the entire health care system of a country from the bottom up by building capacity to treat illness locally. C2C clinics focus on improving the lives of women and children through vaccinations, safe pregnancy and delivery, and health education. C2C's model allows for standard design and operations and for replication across regions. I founded Containers to Clinics after practicing emergency medicine as a Physician’s Assistant in US emergency rooms, training paramedics in the minefields of Cambodia, and teaching triage to nurses working in the overcrowded emergency rooms of Mozambique. Through these experiences, I developed a deep appreciation for access to health care as a universal human right. I witnessed how lack of access to primary health care not only drives mortality rates, but also how this unfulfilled human need fractures families and communities. Without access to trained medical personnel, operational health facilities and simple medicines, health in the developing world is constantly challenged; without these elements, staying healthy in resource poor settings is nearly impossible. In the fall of 2008, I assembled a team of international health and development experts and formed a highly charged and knowledgeable board of directors and advisory committees. Together, we designed a sustainable model for health care delivery that can meet the health needs of poor women and children and their communities. C2C’s model is to supply ready-to-open primary health care clinics to under served areas, where local medical personnel can diagnose and treat primary health care illnesses and supply the necessary medicines. The first phase of this journey and the tremendous response to our efforts have reinforced our commitment to these guiding principles and our understanding of their universal appeal. C2C’s foundation is solid and our successes, to date, have been extraordinary. And so, it is with tremendous gratitude that I recognize those people who believe in C2C’s guiding principles and our simple model and who have contributed countless hours to constantly support our efforts. From all of your efforts, we’re extremely well positioned to improve the access and quality of women and children’s health worldwide. Sincerely, Elizabeth Sheehan • Founder and Executive Director.◄
  4. Conex Home GEORGIA CUSTOM CONTAINERS   Check out this full service shipping container sales & modification business located in the state of Georgia, USA. They seem to mostly do industrial or commercial modifications but they say they also do housing. Pretty good website with lots of good pictures.

    ►We Design, Modify and Customize ISO Shipping Containers. We also sell new & used containers. We supply containers to the US Government, construction companies, schools, churches, car lots & private individuals. We can build to your specs or design it for you. We offer a wide range of options such as roll doors, bomb shelters, housing, laboratories, workshops, restrooms, bath houses, double wide, central HVAC and multiple flooring systems. Custom / Specialty containers are available, built to any design including but not limited to work shops, offices, hunting camps, mini storage facility, housing & double wide models. We also offer container repair services at our location in Stockbridge Georgia. We accept orders of all sizes. We also offer sand blasting, painting, vinyl signs, lettering, numbering and/or logos. Our mission is to provide quality new, used & custom storage containers at competitive prices. This is accomplished by: Selling quality equipment and service that conform to customers' and clients needs on time and at competitive prices: And provide a positive working environment, team encouragement and incentives, and by continuously improving services and marketing efficiency. Call us Today and see how we can help you.◄
  5. John Deere Container GLOBAL STORAGE SYSTEMS   They serve North America in various major cities. They offer 20', 40' and 45' units throughout the US. Click on the front of the shipping container doors to enter into the very good website.

    Welcome to Global Storage Systems, LLC for the sale and rental of shipping containers. Below is a brief summary of our business. Please click on an area of interest above for further details. Global Storage Systems, LLC was established as a company whose #1 goal was to assist individuals and companies with a storage solution to fit their needs at a very affordable price. The shipping container is impossible to beat as a storage solution. We saw a need and strive to fill it. We are family-owned and have been in the equipment business for 20 years. We added shipping containers to our extensive line of equipment approximately 10 years ago. Our years of experience in business and our mindset of treating others as we would like to be treated has driven our success. Doing business with honesty and integrity has set our standard. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
  6. BILL GLENNON   Here in Part 1 the owner of this project gives an introduction into the start of this fairly large shipping container home project using containers as a basis for construction of a large dwelling which includes a food storage system. Containers are bolted and welded in places to attach together as a group. When complete there will 31 containers joined together with some wood on the outside and a stucco finish. There will be a flat roof with a windmill. There are four stories including a basement. The home will powered by 100% solar. Their goal is to heat the house for less than $1000.00 a year.
  7. BILL GLENNON   Here in Part 2 the owner of this project is showing viewers the progress made so far on the development of this shipping container living system. They have completed some backfill of dirt added some insulation.

    ►The sea container chateau atop a hill by Gull Lake remains relatively untouched since last year — at least on the outside. While snow piled up and mud bogged down, the Glennon family have been working like ants inside the metallic labyrinth, slowly shaping the layout of their future home.►

    Note from webmaster: I have not been able to find a part 3 in this series. My impression is that they have kind of stalled out some on building or completing the project.
  8. Wilmington CA Container for sale OLX   I think this online classified site is located in Argentina but they have US ads for shipping containers. Picture on the right is from one of their listings located in Wilmington, California.

    ►OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds. OLX provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside.
    On OLX you can:

    • Easily design rich colorful ads with pictures and videos.
    Control your selling, buying, and community activity in My OLX.
    • Display your ads on your social networking profile.
    • Access the site from your mobile phone.
    • View OLX in your local language.

    OLX is used in over 91 countries in 39 languages. The company was founded in March 2006 and is privately held.◄
  9. Bob Vila Logo CONVERTING STEEL SHIPPING CONTAINERS TO HOUSING   This is a very good documentary on the shipping container situation in the USA. Well done by Bob Vila and a good starting point before visiting any other sites on this webpage.

    ►If you've ever visited a major port like Charleston, Miami, New York or New Jersey you know that shipping containers are the standard method of moving goods around the world. Because the US is no longer a manufacturing nation, we don't have many goods to export. But we're real good at buying foreign goods; so we end up with a lot of empty containers and it doesn't make economic sense to ship them back empty. Here at Tampa Armature Works a team of engineers and shipping experts have been converting what are basically really sturdy steel boxes into what they call intermodal steel building units or ISBUs to be used for military contracts and used in operations around the world. Given the urgent need for affordable and storm resistant housing that can be built in a hurry in places hard hit by hurricanes and earthquakes it makes a lot of sense to find a way to adapt ISBUs be used for residential use.◄
  10. Egyptian Container Vessel CONTAINER-IT   This company is kinda famous. Their containers were even used by the ancient egyptians in the building of the pyramids. Check out the picture on the right for proof.

    ►Welcome to CONTAINER-IT™. We are one of the Top 5 suppliers of containers in North America and we represent all of Maersk's Container Sale equipment. We have two offices one located in Roswell, Georgia and the other Located in Portland, Oregon. If you are in need of New Units, Cargo Worthy Units, Used Units, or Storage Units you have come to the right place. Throughout history finding the right secured storage system has been a challenge. Let us help you with any of your secured storage needs. CONTAINER-IT™ is an independently owned company and can provide customers with a wide range of supplier's products.◄
  11. Containers for sale MOVEABLE CUBICLE   This company offers both rentals and sales of containers.

    Moveable Cubicle was founded in 2000 to provide high quality portable storage at the lowest rate in the industry, on-site and on-time. In 2002, new management took control of the company, establishing and focusing on four essential components of the business in order to become the leader in the domestic container industry: The creation of a flexible and adaptable business model, which integrates the wholesale and retail rental of cargo containers, while offering all customers the lowest rental prices in the industry, guaranteed. The establishment of a quality, nationwide wholesale/retail sales program that creates a win-win situation for both the suppliers in the worldwide container industry and consumers in the general public. To expand the company's business footprint in the eastern US across the entire continental United States. The development of unprecedented IT and accounting systems to manage the thousands of ISO containers coming into the US. Moveable Cubicle, America's Leader in Portable Storage, is the storage container price leader in 20 foot & 40 foot ground level portable storage containers. M3 has more than 55 locations and is growing, M3 commits itself to valuing their partners and customers. MoveableCubicle believes strongly in stimulating our economy and giving back by having the lowest prices in metal portable storage containers. We would like to thank our customers and together we can make a difference.
  12. eBay shipping containers EBAY CARGO CONTAINERS   Did you know that you can buy your Cargo/Shipping/Storage Container(s) on eBay? Well you can. Just click on the link to visit the location on eBay. Many used shipping containers need to be sandblasted and painted to make them look better. I do not know if one could ever make them look great because after all they are not really made for personal use but for long voyages on the open ocean.
  13. Container Conversion S. JONES CONTAINER SERVICES   This seems to be a full service container conversion company located in the UK. Picture on the right is a sample of their work.

    ►Welcome to S. Jones Containers for the Sale, Hire and Conversion of 20ft and 40ft Shipping Containers. We are a family business, originally formed in 1914, see Brief History of S Jones and have been part of the shipping containers business since it started in the UK over 35 years ago. Our extensive experience allows us to provide you with expert advice and a service that will meet your requirements, whilst our continued development ensures that we stay at the cutting edge of the latest developments and technologies in the industry. We will endeavour to be your best supplier of storage and storage containers for sale and hire with the best quality Conversion Services.◄
  14. 2 Story Container House MEGE SHELTERS   I like this arrangement a lot. It consists of two 40ft long containers stacked with added stair case. It looks like it would make a very low cost fast to assemble home.

    ►Mege shelters inc is a manufacturer making composite sandwich panels, containers, shelters, truck bodies and prefab houses. The mission of mege is to make comfortable field houses. Mege is located in guangzhou city, guangdong province, china, which is 1 hour from hongkong, and hosts the famous canton fair every year. Mege owns advanced composite material technolgy, and employs good designers, also we are iso certified with a strong quality control system. Mege has 2 factories of 20000 m2, with grp sheet fabrication line and vacuum bonding beds size 12m*3m, and polyurethane injection line to make structural insulated panels. In mege, we believe in a honest, professional, polite and creative atmosphere as the most important. We are making products based on good design, good quality and reasonable price. With years of successful experience, mege is now un certificated supplier, china navy certificated supplier, china weather bureau certificated supplier (we make air monitoring shelters all around china). And we also export to Australia, US, Canada, and mideast. To customer, mege want a double win result. We are doing our best to give a good service before and after sales, to final users, contractors, traders and agents. To staff, mege also want to make a double win result, thinking from staffs side and providing a learning environment, mege feels a strong responsibility to help the staff have a happy life in mege, and have a brilliant future. Please don't hesitate to contact with us if anything we can help you, you are welcome to visit mege to make friends together!◄
  15. Container Ship SHIPPING CONTAINER HOMES   Like many websites and blogs on the internet they get a good start by the owners and then because of the time consuming nature of maintaining sites the owners many times get tired of it and slow down or stop updating their site. This site here appears to be one of those which has not been updated for awhile but still contains a lot of good information. That's why i include it here.

    ►Like most other people, we've been inspired by the news reports. It's actually been a combination of things because the Shipping Container Home evolution is connected to many other important technologies. So besides the fact the Shipping Container is the most perfect "Building Module", it also brings with it the solid foundation for many other Green technologies. I am a college graduate with my degree in marketing and for the past 10 years i've been a marketing executive for a solar energy company in California. My husband is a building contractor here in California with some projects in Las Vegas over the past year. We understand building, energy, and the importance of strength, simplicity, and sustainability in home and office construction. Actually, we are not so interested in saving the US or the planet by promoting the use of Shipping Container ISBU's. We think the stores of Shipping Containers will eventually correct themselves and there are far more important things on this planet to be concerned about. We are more concerned and interested in the extreme safety of ISBU modules and the simplicity of using them in most any construction project. To use them in California, the US, and the rest of the world seems to be the most logical trend against earthquake damage, tornados, hurricanes and the loss of life.◄
  16. Open Container MOBILE MINI   This is a larger outfit based in the state of Arizona.

    ►Founded in 1983, Mobile Mini, Inc. is the world's leading provider of portable storage solutions through its total lease fleet of approximately 260,000 portable storage and office units with 91 branches in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada and The Netherlands. We went public in 1994 and now trade on NASDAQ under the symbol MINI. We are part of the Russell 2000® and 3000® Indexes and the S&P Small Cap Index. We offer our customers a wide range of portable storage and office products in varying lengths and widths with an assortment of differentiated features such as our proprietary security systems, multiple door options and 100 different configuration options. Our customers can either rent or buy our products but most prefer to rent due to the short term nature of their needs. Our customers use our products for many temporary storage and office applications including excess inventory storage, seasonal merchandise, record storage, remodeling and construction, warehouse and office expansion, sports and recreational equipment, sales offices, in-plant offices, security guards, sporting events, and much more. Our customers make their rental buying decisions based on convenience (delivered to their site, access contents anytime, etc.), security of unit, size of unit, door configurations, price, ease of access, delivery availability, customer service, condition of fleet and reputation. We believe we have the most secure, best maintained and largest selection of storage units in our industry.◄
  17. Butterfly House INTERMOD   I don't know if this project is still on the burner or not. Looks kind of out of date. But contains lots of pictures of work being done on container shells. Drawing on the right is of one of their projects called "Butterfly House".

    ►Intermod LLC is a like minded group of private investors who are exploring the innovative construction of affordable eco-friendly housing. By reutilizing shipping containers and developing responsible processes, Intermod LLC has become part of a greater eco-conscious movement.◄
  18. Container Stack CONTAINER SOLUTIONS   They specialize in the sale and rental of containers from the California Bay Area. Interesting business philosophy: "We offer new, used, and refurbished containers depending on your needs. Container Solutions focuses on small quantities vs stockpiling large lots of containers. Focusing on smaller batches of equipment allows us to effectively manage the quality of our containers."

    ►Container Solutions was founded in February of 1999, by Phil Herndon,who has been selling shipping and storage containers for more than 12 years. Prior to founding Container Solutions, Phil worked for American President Lines in a variety of sales and operations positions on the west coast and Guam. Recently Steve Herndon has joined his brother Phil to make Container Solutions a family owned and operated company. Container Solutions is focused on meeting customer needs and providing the best service in the container industry. We do not inventory large quantities of containers. Instead we seek to provide what our customers are looking for. We have focused our dry and refrigerated rental fleet on the East San Francisco Bay area. Our focus on a manageable area makes it possible for us to service our rental fleet faster then other container companies. We can normally provide next-day and sometimes same-day deliveries, pickups and relocates. If you would like to take a look at our rental or sale containers please visit our office and fabrication facility located in Concord, CA. You can visit us in person at Monday thru friday from 9AM to 3PM.◄
  19. 20 foot Container MOBILE MODULAR PORTABLE STORAGE   This company has at least 4 locations around the US: Florida, Northern & Southern California, and Texas. They have available general-purpose containers with ground level entry and easy access for all your storage needs for rent, lease or purchase.

    ►The mission of Mobile Modular Portable Storage is to provide each customer with a portable space solution designed to meet their specific needs with a level of individual service that exceeds expectations. We pride ourselves on being innovators in both product design and in creating great customer experiences. Learn about the reasons why Mobile Modular Portable Storage is the best at what we do. Mobile Modular Management Corporation rents and sells modular relocatable buildings, portable storage containers and high security offices. Headquartered in Livermore, California, Mobile Modular is the largest supplier of modular buildings and classrooms for rent in California and southeastern Texas. Mobile Modular also serves the Florida market, and most recently has launched operations in North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia. Sales & Inventory Centers are located in Livermore, CA (San Francisco Bay Area), Mira Loma, CA (Los Angeles Area), Pasadena, TX (Houston Area) and Auburndale, FL (Orlando Area). Since 1979, Mobile Modular has been providing modular buildings to meet the space needs of major markets including education, child care, construction & development, petrochemical, industrial / manufacturing, health care, government, and commercial / retail. Modular buildings provide temporary and permanent space for a wide variety of uses including general office space, classrooms, libraries, field & sales offices, medical clinics, police & fire stations, laboratories and bank branches.◄
  20. 10 Foot Container MCKINNEY STORAGE CONTAINERS   I think this company serves the pacific northwest the most. But, note they serve all of the state of Washington and all of the state of Texas. That's quite a combination isn't it?

    ►Whether your need is for a 10' up to a 48' cargo container, Mckinney delivers. We also sell many customized cargo containers, for example, containers with heating or air conditioning systems or shipping containers that have been converted into construction walkways, as well as many other kinds of container modifications. Whatever your storage needs, Mckinney has the container for you.◄
  21. Garden Home SAKURA CONTAINER COMPANY   This Thailand based business is doing a lot of creative things with containers. Picture on the right is of their 3 container "Garden Home".

    "New dimension for office utilization, knock-down and mobility at ease. Folding facility after usage, re-building/attachment—overlap-enlargement according to the usage area demand. The structure and sidewall are galvanized steel, non-rusted and every part can be knocked down. The designed hot insulation of the sidewall and the roof-ceiling is the same type as the refrigerator's. The floor can support 300 kilograms weight per square meter."

    ►Sakura Container Co., Ltd. has been established in the year 2002 to support the economic development in an era of automobile industrial boom at time of various automotive groups have paraded for investment in Thailand. Due to Thai government's strategic promoting Thailand to be Detroit of Asia, Sakura Container Co., Ltd. has come to be part of this development that every automotive group has strongly demanded for temporary big & strong mobile office, fast assembly/installment with hundreds square meters usage area, and also being the professional in dealing with the international clients. Sakura Container Co., Ltd. has been acquiring the reliability from our clients up to present by utilizing modern technology in knock-down system in the mobile office assembly with strength, durability & fast service as the professional. This leads Sakura Container Co., Ltd. to the opportunity of being part of the great assembly plant and construction-site projects in Thailand.◄
  22. Stack O' Containers CONTAINER SALES   This seems to be a large company, according to their website they have locations all over the US, Asia and Europe. But, there is some good information here though. Check it out.

    ► is the online reseller for one of the world's largest container leasing companies. In addition, we are the authorized reseller for some of the world's largest shipping lines. This enables us to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality containers at the best prices to almost any location. The primary owners of shipping containers are shipping lines and container leasing companies. Most shipping lines and leasing companies dispose of their containers after 10 years of use. While these containers have diminishing viability for the rigors of maritime use, they still have many years of useful life in a storage or domestic application. This is the hidden opportunity! sells ONLY the highest quality used shipping containers. Our pricing is among the best in the industry. Our containers are made of rugged steel with hardwood floors. They are easily transportable and provide safe, dry, and secure storage. We offer a full line of dry containers, open top containers, flat racks, and even refrigerated containers. Based on availability, we also offer brand new 20-foot dry containers.◄
  23. 53' Steel Cargo Worthy Container CONTAINER ALLIANCE   I always thought that you had to use a large crane to move or stack shipping containers. But look at the picture on the right. That is a fork lift with a special lift attachment moving a very large 53' Steel Cargo Worthy Container. What does this mean? It means that for those of you who would like to build a two or three story home out of containers this might be a much lower cost way of getting those boxes stacked at your site rather than having to pay the high cost of a crane. It is easy for a truck to tow one of these fork lifts behind and then use the fork lift to unload and stack as per the container buyers direction. That would be a fast set-up. I bet it would work good. Incidentally, this website has some good information and pictures.

    ►Welcome to Container Alliance USA. Container Alliance is a group of small to midsized mobile storage companies; working together to co-utilize marketing and administrative benefits that are typically enjoyed by the business leaders in our industry. It is our goal as an alliance to insure that the partner representative is the best match for your container needs. Please use our areas selector for information and or receive a quote from the partner in your area. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. Please use the map below to find the representative in your area. We are focused on bringing you the best in quality, service and pricing for all of your container needs. Thank you for visiting Container Alliance.◄
  24. Shipping Container House NUMEN DEVELOPMENT   Picture on the right is a sample project Numen did in Brookesmith Houston Texas on 206 Cordel Street. This company specializes in container modifications suitable for human habitation. The following Numen Development, LLC modules will be available for purchase:

    • Cordell House Kitchen
    • Cordell House Master
    • Cordell House Office/Bed/Bath
    • Cordell House Guest Quarters
    • 360 Studio Gourmet (kitchen/entertainment focused design)
    • 360 Bachelor (living room focused design)
    • 360 Office

    For our most common component — the 40ft, high cube (9ft 6in tall) — "One-trippers" that have been used for import from Europe or Asia and are typically in pristine condition, range from $4000-$5000 depending upon availability. Containers that have actually been in rotation and are more used range from $1800-$2700 depending upon overall condition.

    ►Numen Development, LLC is a design and development firm focused on creating innovative spaces that are structurally, financially, and environmentally efficient. Our container-based designs enable versatile solutions for a variety of planning needs. Customers can purchase fabricated modules from our existing library or retain Numen Development to create new concepts for their unique environment. Construction consultation can also be arranged to facilitate your vision becoming reality. While we are passionate about contemporary design, we believe no edifice stands in isolation: it must belong to the surrounding architectural history and community context. To that end, we support the highest and best use of private land and public space through thoughtful development and the selection of appropriate materials. We strive to create homes and communities that reduce environmental impact while increasing beauty, wellness, and functionality.◄
  25. Container House VEGAYAPI   This business is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    ►VEGAYAPI is specialized to supply different types of containers to their customers. We produce the strongest living containers in the world. We are the first and only manufacturer that use 9 mm thickness steel profiles in the main framework and columns. VEGAYAPI has experiences as a subcontractor to the big construction companies and we started to be main contractor for the camp projects. VEGAYAPI is fast, flexible and innovative company. VEGAYAPI Inc. is an international logistics contractor specialized in serving military, humanitarian, government and commercial entities. VEGAYAPI arranges the design, supply, logistics consolidation / coordination, shipping and on-site installation / erection of all building and base camp products. VEGAYAPI's turnkey, customized base camp program combines these pre-engineered structures in a camp layout with all support equipment (genset, water / waste treatment utility connections, furniture / collateral equipment, perimeter fencings, etc) and site preparation / construction as required. VEGAYAPI will provide a package of equipment and services that will meet specific budget and deadline considerations. The total production capacity is 40 units/day. The production facilities have ISO certificates. The production facilities have a capability of producing custom-made containers.◄
  26. Man entering into open container NATIONAL PORTABLE STORAGE ASSOCIATION (NPSA)   There are a lot of container sales companies listed in their directory. This organization is a gathering point for many shipping container related businesses.

    ►The National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. NPSA members offer a wide variety of storage containers, shipping containers, cargo containers, storage units, storage trailers and much more for sale or rent. These containers, trailers, units are an excellent way to protect your property. The NPSA assists members with industry, regulatory and workforce issues; plus offers members networking, marketing and legislative support at national, state and local levels. NPSA was created by, and for, the portable storage industry. The NPSA can help you: Obtain new business, Customer referral program exclusively for members, Free Website to all members, Learn new ideas, Network with successful professionals around the country at conferences, tradeshows and social events, Meet new industry suppliers and vendors, Let our voice be heard, Local, state and federal legislative support, Discuss insurance solutions, Be informed about your industry, Receive industry news and information through newsletters and website, & Submit research questions.◄
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