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  1. tffnguy's rented shipping container being hauled away TFFN GUY   This is a little puff piece about the Terlingua area of West Texas where you will find very beautiful national park type scenery plus very low cost land for sale, and a number of people escaping trailer park living to live on their own little piece of heaven. People there live in all kinds of structures from buses to domes and in the picture at the right is a probably 20ft rented shipping container being removed from tffnguy's land where he used this $85 a month unit as a temporary home until his real home arrived:
    A fifth wheel trailer, much more comfortable according to him. But, because his shipping container was a rented unit, he could not make any alterations to the structure in order to make it more comfortable. For example, he could not cut out any holes for window placement. He had to present the container to the owner in it's original condition upon termination of his rental agreement. As far as i can tell he used 2X4 lumber and drywall to create walls and a standard entry way door for convenience. But all this material was removed before returning the container to the people who owned the container rental business. According to tffnguy, the inside of the container would get quite hot during warm days and quite cold during cool days, sort of like living on the moon, i guess. When visiting TFFN Guy's Blog, go to MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011 - Sump'ins Miss'in to view the part about removal of his rented container. There are some other pictures of his container living quarters in previous blog posts.

    ►Terlingua or Bust! My attempt to make it to my 10 acres in Terlingua Ranch and make a go of living on it. From the start it hasn't gone good at all, but I'm hopeful things will turn around!◄
  2. Tan Display Shipping Container HAULAWAY STORAGE CONTAINERS   This business based in California has multiple locations or depots in 7 western states. They will deliver your container if so desired. They offer 10ft, 20ft, 21ft, 26ft, & 40ft containers. Nice website with pictures.

    ►Need portable storage at your home, business, or construction site? Haulaway Storage Containers is the answer. Why rent a self storage unit when you can have a portable storage container delivered to your home or business for much less. We back all of our storage containers with top notch delivery and service. In many cases, we can deliver your portable storage container the following business day, so there are no hassles and no waiting. Your storage containers arrive clean and ready for immediate use. With our wide assortment of storage containers and vast array of sizes, you're assured to get just the type of storage space you need. Haulaway Storage Containers rents high security containers made of 14 gauge steel. All of our steel storage containers are secure, wind and water-tight, rodent-free and fire-proof, with hard wood & steel floors. We provide many different size storage containers to suit your storage needs. We offer 10ft 20ft 21ft 26ft & 40ft foot size storage containers. We are very proud to announce our 20ft and 40ft foot storage containers now come equipped with our patented "Rhino Lock System" which provides the highest security in the industry. Our custom built 21ft and 26ft foot storage containers not only offer a high security locking system but they also have doors on both ends making it easier to access your belongings. Having doors on both ends also allows air to circulate through the container while working in them, this feature is great in the summer. The possibilities are endless, our storage container rentals are perfect for on-site construction storage, retail storage, residential storage, office storage and portable tool sheds, just to name a few. Haulaway Storage Containers has service centers throughout the western United States, serving Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Utah.◄
  3. CrossBox CGARCHITECTES   This project is known as the "CrossBox". You can see by the picture why this ISO container home is named that way. This business is located in France. The website is entirely a "flash" site and most of the text is in French. Some great pictures plus some showing the assembly of this home. It is kind of difficult to find this project on their website, but go the 'Projects link (category), then go to the 'date' link, then click on 2009, then click on the '2009 CrossBox' link.

    ►Cgarchitects is a contemporary and radical architecture studio. Architects and designers have all a strong personality. Since 2001, under Clement Gillets leading, the office is answering all proposed urban and architectural subjects with a large enthusiasm. In its methods and organization, CG Architects is a unique place to share competence and knowledge.◄
  4. Snoozebox Hotel SNOOZEBOX (15 May 17) This is a interesting concept. But not really a concept but something in use right now. They set up hotels very quickly using shipping containers (can set up in 48 hours).

    ►Tired of tents? Is having a quality hotel room miles from the event a hassle? Snoozebox is the answer! Snoozebox is a unique and innovative portable hotel providing premium "on-site" accommodation at major events and festivals across the UK and Europe. Offering flexible configurations and room availability, Snoozebox can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within days of arriving at almost any event or location around the world. Each Snoozebox room has an en-suite wet room with shower, basin and toilet, serviced daily with quality towels and toiletries. Comfortable beds, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, free WiFi and a personal safe guarantees guests a relaxed and enjoyable stay, whatever the weather! And, Snoozebox is truly adaptable, being totally self-contained and can be operated independent of mains services. Units can be adapted or specially designed for large volume, bespoke contracts covering a wide variety of uses. The rugged fit-out, combined with a comprehensive and regular maintenance programme, ensures peace of mind and trouble-free operation once Snoozebox is sited. In the unlikely event of any problems, a member of our on-site team can deal with it quickly and efficiently. david-coulthard: A "turnkey" hotel, delivered to an event and fully operational in 48 hours clicked with me immediately. For spectators, staff and teams it works on every level at any event".◄
  5. Containerhouse CONTAINERHOUSE   This company based in Texas likes to make container conversions. They would probably make you a little cabin from a shipping container if you asked them. They seem to be oriented mostly to the commercial and govermental type organizations.

    ►Containerhouse International specializes in the design and manufacture of portable steel container buildings. At Containerhouse, we realize the importance of offering the customer high quality products that fit each company's specific requirements. All work is performed in-house, including fabrication, blasting painting, electrical, and finishing. Over 30 years of great service. Containerhouse International has complete fabrication facilities for both steel and aluminum structures. We build complete buildings and equipment skids. We also fabricate steel cabinets, industrial shelving, equipment racks, stairways and landings, rig boxes and any other welded assemblies. Mount and install customer-supplied equipment. Complete manufacturing facility. Skilled steel and aluminum fabricators. Total design and engineering services available◄
  6. Small Greentainer GREENTAINER   A very good use of glass in building this model home (pardon me, not really a home) from a 40ft long shipping container. These design folks are based in Italy at present, but have worked in many other parts of the world.

    "Today there is much talk about the need to use available resources in the most efficient way, to design eco-sustainable buildings and to reduce CO2 emissions through intelligent heating/cooling systems. Greentainer is a project that fully addresses these issues. The starting point was a standard 40-foot (12-metre) container, a HighCube (interior height of 2.7 metres), with a useful life of 5 years before being scrapped. Thus Greentainer is a vessel—a container in the real sense of the word—suitable for multiple uses and destinations, from a small company canteen to a trade show lounge bar, an exhibition room for travelling exhibits and a meeting room; it can be positioned in a park or a courtyard, in an open space or closed area. Greentainer can be easily transported by a container hauler, and there is no need for a construction license. In line with environmental sustainability, the container has been equipped with a photovoltaic system that supplies all the energy necessary to run the heating-cooling system, the lights and other devices. Greentainer is a completely glassed-in structure, open to and integrated with its setting. It gives whoever enters it the sensation of still being outside, in complete symbiosis with the surrounding environment. The synthetic grass floor evokes greenmeadows, while themicaceous colour of the framework makes it almost invisible. Therefore, since its environmental impact is extremely low, Greentainer can be installed at sites with stringent architectonic constraints."
  7. China Prefab House BEIJING CHENGDONG PREFABRICATED HOUSE   This company based in China builds some very nice simple units. In my opinion this is the type of production facility that should be embraced by the government & people of the philippines. With natural resources low and a lack of traditional building material like lumber and plywood - converting shipping containers into housing would be a positive help to Philippino society.

    ►Beijing Chengdong Prefabricated house Co., Ltd is a professional supplier in the manufacturer of prefabricated building. Established in 1998, due to the management group is made of the experts and business professionals of the industry, the young company has expanded into research manufacturing and property management. Up to now, Chengdong has completed hundreds of projects in 41 countries around the world. Chengdong sell and lease all types of prefabricated buildings. We have developed various types of building specification to suit individual housing requirement. Our various types of building are 9910-A series, 9910-B series, foldable house, Rixin series 2-storey and 3-storey houses, custom-made series. With the modern facility located in Beijing plant, Chengdong has the capability to manufacture 6, 000 m2 a day of quality housing which is equivalent to an annual production capacity of 2, 000, 000 m2. At present, Chengdong has more than 80 qualified and skilled personnel worked on various field installation projects and company. We have earned the confidence of our clients who are concentrated in the Road & Bridge, railway, construction and hydraulic industries. We have helped them with their short and long term housing and accommodation needs and they keep on coming back to avail of products and services. We know the condition you will encounter and your building will designed accordingly. We can provide professional service from design and final products to installation.◄
  8. KTainer KTAINER   Webpage is gone. I will leave link up for awhile as a place holder - maybe sometime soon owner will replace website. This project appears to me to have lots of potential. It does not look to me that the site or information has been updated recently. It looks incomplete but still presents some good information.

    ►I am building a cottage out of shipping containers. This project is a tangible study in home technology and sustainable building methods and as such gives focus to my curiosity in these matters. It is my hope that we as a nation of individuals can autonomously create better personal spaces and habits that will stop the acceleration of climate change. I have been saying for more than four years now, "We can change our behavior voluntarily, or we can have it changed for us violently. I prefer the former." With partners, I own land in a remote part of California. It has wild beauty, and some need of environmental restoration. Our first years there were spent in basic infrastructure such as water and road. To be there on a more regular basis, though, we needed to not spend hours setting up and tearing down a tent each time we visited. My partners built a yurt. I am building a house framed by shipping containers.◄
  9. Utah Containers GROUP 41   Based in San Francisco, California. They know how to work with shipping containers, believe me. The picture on the right is of their Utah Containers project. To view more information click on their "shipping container" and "Utah Containers" links at the bottom row of the links list.

    "This proposal is a design for market-rate housing in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. Involving the use of nearly 1000 shipping containers to create up to 200 units of housing, and sitting on a concrete commercial "base" that also includes parking, this major development is slated for a Transit Oriented district near a commuter rail station. Currently, in the preliminary conceptual phase, Group 41 has created two different proposed schemes that take different approaches to the stacking and build-out of the containers. Preliminary local Planning approvals are expected by mid-2009."

    "This design solution for a highly sustainable housing solution involves one of Group 41's longtime passions: To design using upcycled Shipping Containers. The project was an International Competition award-winning entry for the "Lifecycle Building Challenge" sponsored by the EPA and Stop The re-use of old shipping containers is an extremely "Green" and environmentally responsible alternative to allowing them to rust in piles on vacant lots. Upcycling the otherwise abandoned resource provides abundant, cheap square footage for housing, at roughly $6 per square foot, delivered to a project site. The containers can be expressed in their raw industrial, more modern state, or "dressed up" in a variety of ways so as not even to look like their original form. In wide use throughout other parts of the world, the US trails virtually every other nation in their re-use."
  10. Robertson Cordell House ROBERTSON DESIGN   This man can design a nice looking container home for you.

    The president of the US has inspected this man's work and given his wholehearted approval. Mr. Robertson has designed at least one container home in Houston Texas. The home has been featured on Very nice outcome.
  11. TRS Container TRS CONTAINERS   Seems to be a large eastern seaboard states supplier of containers.

    ►Welcome to TRS Containers - your sole source for Intermodal ISO Shipping & Storage Containers, Chassis Trailers, Milvans and Domestic Transportable Container Structures. TRS Containers is the nation's largest retailer of new/used and refurbished ISO intermodal shipping/cargo containers, heavy-duty ground storage containers, chassis and fabricated container structures. TRS offers an extensive selection of containers for overseas export, domestic applications & customizing. Our fleet consists of all sizes, materials and types of transportation equipment, conex boxes and milvans. TRS supplies Military, Commercial and Residential accounts with new and used steel mobile watertight shelters. We can secure your cargo for overseas shipment or ground storage at your local facility. Enter our site to view what this full service container company has to offer.◄
  12. SG Blocks SG BLOCKS   These guy's build some beautiful stuff. Their projects have been featured on other websites like Inhabitat.

    "SG Blocks™ is the foremost and premier provider of code engineered cargo shipping containers specifically ValueCycled™ to meet the growing demand of Safe and Green Construction. SG Blocks™ capitalizes on the structural principles associated with the hostile dynamic life a shipping container is exposed to aboard ship and modifies them into significant building components that usually exceed building code requirements. Additionally, SG Blocks™ can provide fully completed Modularized SGBlocks™ that are ready for site erection which can save even more construction time and money. SG Blocks™ can serve the needs of the Multi-Family, Hospitality, commercial, and single family with it's nationwide network of facilities. SG Blocks'™ philosophy is dedicated to empowering Developers, Architects, Builders, and Home owners to achieve Greener Construction, Faster Execution, Stronger Buildings, and Higher Value by building shipping container houses and other buildings."
  13. A Textainer on rail TEXTAINER   I thought Textainer was a product of the great state of Texas, but it looks like they are everywhere but Texas. This is a big company, so watch out!

    ►Textainer has operated since 1979 and is the world's largest lessor of intermodal containers based on fleet size. We have a total of more than 1.5 million containers, representing over 2.3 million TEU units, in our owned and managed fleet. We lease containers to more than 400 shipping lines and other lessees. We principally lease dry freight containers, which are by far the most common of the three principal types of intermodal containers, although we also lease specialized and refrigerated containers. We have also been one of the largest purchasers of new containers among container lessors over the last 10 years. We believe we are also one of the largest sellers of used containers, having sold more than 170,000 containers during the last two years to more than 1,000 customers. We provide our services worldwide via a network of offices and depots. Our equipment resale division buys second hand containers across the globe and sells them in the world's major demand markets. We have the financial resources and trading expertise to quickly and efficiently complete the largest and most complex transactions. We are able to take immediate or deferred delivery of containers in multiple locations around the world. Our purchases range from 1 to 10,000 or more containers per transaction. We have successfully concluded significant transactions with leading shipping lines worldwide. As both a buyer and a seller, we have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service.◄
  14. Lamidesign Blog LAMIDESIGN MODERN HOUSE PLAN BLOG   This is a beautiful blog with many examples of design options using shipping containers as the base material.

    ►Chronicling the development of new modern house plan designs, prefab house products, and our resurgent modern movement. Yes, today is the day we launch the new portion of our site dedicated to showing our long promised system for building dwellings from shipping containers. Its been a long multi-year journey, much of it documented right here on the blog. Its worthwhile now going back and reviewing where this began. I think my path to this point is informative, and most importantly speaks to how carefully considered this system is. We invite you to click through to read the rest of the history of this journey.◄
  15. Matts-Place MATTS PLACE   Described as ►The Intermodal Container Website◄. This is ►merely a photo collection◄ maintained by Matt Hannes. Provided are possibly hundreds of shipping container pictures and related. It's a very good resource page and he updates it regularly.

    ►This page is designed specifically for intermodal transportation enthusiasts and modellers. This page contains photos of the common types of containers used in intermodal transport today. The purpose of this page is to familiarize viewers with the various types of containers currently in use. The first page (this one) contains photos of dry box containers and refrigerated containers. Click the following links to proceed to the image galleries in Part One: 20ft Dry Van Containers, 40ft Dry Van Containers (Standard Height), 40ft Dry Van Containers (High Cube), 45ft Dry Van Containers, Refrigerated Containers. Part Two is a page of other more uncommon types of sea containers like flatracks, tanks, open-tops, etc. Part Three deals with domestic containers. Part Four is dedicated to non-standard containers. Container links page. A Frequently Asked Questions page!◄
  16. Bob Vila SHIPPING CONTAINER CONVERSIONS FOR HOUSING-BUILDING SYSTEMS   Another article about using converting shipping containers for human habitation and commercial use. Brought to you by Bob Vila.

    "Inter-modal construction means applying many methods - often unconventional ones - for housing and commercial construction. It frequently implies recycling materials for reuse as building components. More than 50 years ago, the US converted steel shipping containers for use as portable command centers and medical facilities in Korea. Now, architects, designers, planners, and homeowners are finding renewed interest in these inter-modal steel building units (ISBUs) as they look for affordable, sustainable housing options for the 21st century."
  17. Infinisky Container Cabin INFINISKY   These guys produce a lot of cool funky artsy buildings.

    ►Infiniski uses RECYCLED and NON POLLUTING materials: Used shipping containers, train rails, pallets and bottles, recycled aluminum, iron and wood. Noble wood coming from sustainable forests, ecological painting, and thermal insulation made out of recycled cellulose, etc. All materials conform to European standards of quality. Infinisky can build in all climate zones and on all types of building plots. Infinisky will incorporate RENEWABLE and GREEN ENERGY depending on the needs of the client: Solar photovoltaic, geothermal and wind energy. With our partners James&Mau we can conceive any type of building: Houses, apartments, lodges, back-yard studios, offices, etc.◄
  18. Small Pix Cinco Camp CINCO CAMP   Another West Texas project involving remodeled used Shipping Containers. This link takes you to the New York Times article.

    "Cinco Camp, Roger Black's West Texas retreat, is made of five shipping containers on his 3,000-acre ranch. "I wanted something that blends into the landscape and could be installed and eventually removed with minimal disturbance to the environment," he said."

    "The exterior is all steel. The containers themselves are Cor-Ten, the rusting steel used in highway guard rails and Richard Serra sculptures, that never has to be painted. Out in the Big Bend it doesn't rain much, so untreated steel doesn't rust very fast and I figure I won't have to deal with any structural problems in my lifetime anyway."
  19. W&K Container W&K CONTAINER   They are a national dealer of new and used ISO shipping and storage containers. They sell new, reconditioned, & modified containers. You can call them Toll Free at (800) 223-8595.

    ►W&K Container purchases containers at competitive prices from manufactures in Asia, steamship lines and container leasing companies and is approved as an U.S. Government contractor. W&K is an established quality - certified company and is able to meet your unique container requirements.

    ISO 20ft and 40ft Containers Feature:
    Built to International Shipping Organization (ISO) standards. All Corton steel specification. Combination of steel and brass to withstand ocean conditions. 30-ton rated containers. Fully corrugated side panels are less prone to damage. Recessed front and rear sills reduce damage and require less maintenance. Modified floor design without exposed center rail for a full width floor. Standard 19-ply floor minimizes delaminating and adds strength. Sea door at one or both ends. 25 unit minimum for custom production runs. Lead time approximately 90 days or as available.◄
  20. Zerocabin ZEROCABIN   "Low impact cargo-tech housing." I think this is a design service offered by someone up in British Columbia Canada. Included on the front of the website is an 800 number. Some interesting and very beautiful concepts pictured on this site. Most information and photos related to using shipping containers as housing or for commercial use.

    ►Zerocabin supplies custom solutions. We contract both small & large projects. ZeroCabin is a company looking forward. The brain child of Keith Dewey of and Craig Arnatt of MagpieRadio Corp. ZeroCabin builds sustainable housing for a niche market; Rural property owners looking for a prefab custom built cabin using recycled shipping containers. The zero concept name comes from self-powering, off-grid capabilities which feature all the latest green tech solutions. Zerocabin is building eco homes using shipping containers as basic building blocks. We are reporting on the current status of ISO shipping containers or Intermodals used in housing and other structures.◄
  21. PFNC PFNC   This business converts containers into very nice little homes. We apologize that homes are currently not available in the United States.

    PFNC stands for "Por Fin Nuestra Casa". Translated in English this simply means: Finally, a home of our own. These words are the foundation of PFNC, whose goal is to provide housing to those who most desperately need it around the globe. PFNC utilizes surplus shipping containers resulting from the United States' consistent trade deficit. These containers serve as the building block of PFNC housing, but go through an extensive conversion process to make them a home. PFNC offers an affordable housing solution that is scalable and fully portable. Each PFNC unit includes 1st world amenities for a price of less than $15,000 (USD). PFNC is a for profit business dedicated to raising the standard of living for families who currently reside in dangerous or substandard conditions. The choice to be for profit was made early on, with the strong belief that it is the only sustainable model that can ensure the largest social impact.

    PFNC's corporate performance is measured by its generation of:
    1. Responsible Profits
    2. Social Impact
    3. Environmental Sustainability

    Muhammad Yunus the visionary founder of Grameen Bank has coined the title "Social Business Entrepreneur" to describe those social ventures that operate for profit. He states that the point of break-even, . . .is a moment worth celebrating. [the business] has overcome the gravitational force of financial dependence and now is ready for space flight!
  22. Family Residence HYBRID ARCHITECTURE   One of their specialties is designing and setting up useful container structures in the form of homes, offices, outdoor recreation cabins.

    ►The term cargotecture was coined by HyBrid Architecture in 2003 to describe any building system built entirely or partially from ISO shipping containers. HyBrid honors cargotecture's ability to transcend values related to beauty and aesthetics and to affect people on a visceral and emotional level. In an effort to move the concept of cargotecture beyond renderings and drawings, HyBrid continues to work with individual clients to realize site - and program - specific visions of sustainability.◄

    ►HyBrid Architecture formed in 2003 as a multi-disciplinary team of creative thinkers in the fields of architecture, art, landscape architecture, history and urban ecology. The team's emphasis is on generating thought-provoking and ecologically sensitive solutions to our present and future urban cultural conditions. With a focus on ecological design, prefabrication and the dissemination of quantitative information, HyBrid seeks to use architecture and urban planning as a tool to contribute in a meaningful way to the rapidly expanding global dialogue. Subversion of ideas and expectations continues to play a vital role in the ever-evolving HyBrid Architecture philosophy.◄
  23. Upland Container House UPLAND CONTAINER HOUSE   This is an older project. This is a Single Family Residence being built (Probably completed already!) in Upland, California out of used shipping containers. In this three part episode, framing is near completion and you can see the whole house come to life. Enjoy! For those of you interested in co-mingling standard stick framing techniques with shipping containers to build a home then this project is for you. Lots of YouTube type videos to view.

    ►Welcome to our blog. We are building an eco-friendly house out of used shipping containers in Upland, California. As we go through this exercise, we would like to share our experiences with all of you guys. This is our first time, and it has already been a big learning experience for us. There are lot of unknown and gotchas. In maintaining this blog we will also try to provide some guidance for first time builders interested in green and eco-friendly design. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts. Last year we bought an open lot in San Antonio Heights here in Upland, California (about 50 miles east of Los Angeles). Both me and my husband wanted to use environment-friendly construction, so we got the help of a local architecture firm that specializes in green design 'Claremont Environmental Design Group'. The result was a unique and challenging design utilizing intermodal shipping containers.◄
  24. Storage containers used for firefighter training PAC-VAN INC   This company designs and builds many different structures using shipping containers as the base structure. Their website covers a wide range of subjects and has a good Frequently Asked Questions page. Picture on the right is of a facility made out of shipping containers used for firefighter training.

    ►Portable storage, modular buildings, mobile offices. Personalized neighborhood service—nationwide. Whatever your space or storage needs, we'll work hard to prove why Pac-Van should be your preferred provider. In 1993, in Indianapolis, Pac-Van Inc. set out to become the kind of company and supplier we’d want to do business with. Our founding goals were to supply excellent product, truly competitive value, and the highest possible levels of personalized, neighborhood service. Today, thousands of satisfied customers later, with 26 (and counting) branch locations throughout the United States, we're one of the largest national suppliers of innovative space and storage solutions. We're proud of our history—and proud that our commitment to serve you better remains unchanged.◄
  25. Camouflage Container SUPER CUBES   Nice website here with lots of good consumer information about containers. Be sure to visit their blog which compliments their website.

    ►The right container at a reasonable price with great service. Super Cubes is your container company for purchasing all sizes of containers. We offer a range of sizes and conditions to meet every need and budget. We can modify them to meet your specific needs, deliver them to your site and set your container right where you want it located. Super Cubes offers personalized customer service to make your container purchase a quick and easy process. We have the industry experience to help you find the right container at the right price. Super Cubes is located in Minneapolis, MN, but provides containers anywhere in the continental United States. We specialize in providing personalized customer service to individuals and businesses, whether you are looking for a container in your backyard or parking lot or you need one shipped across the globe. Our experience in the industry assures you will get the best quality container at the lowest price.◄
  26. Sea Box Box Office Unit SEA BOX   They sell ISO Shipping Containers. It looks like they also sell 20ft & 40ft completed units. Meaning they are ready-to-use portable offices. They look a lot more sturdy than those converted mobilehome offices you see everywhere.

    ►Need cargo, shipping, refrigerated containers or other portable storage units? Or maybe you're looking for refrigerated containers or ISO containers, well look no further. Sea Box has a wide variety of ISO shipping and standard shipping containers. We offer quadcons, bicons, tricons, milvans, conex boxes, and mobile storage units, just to name a few. Browse our website for our full line of portable storage containers and equipment that we offer. If you don't see the ISO container that suits your needs, we at Sea Box can customize a base unit to your specification. So feel free to contact us using our contact information on our contact page so that we can begin customizing a shipping container for you today!◄
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