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  1. Grey Fox Container Ship RICHARD PHOTOGRAPHY   To tell you the truth there is not an over abundance of sites featuring container ships on the internet, but i like to include most of what is available for reference purposes. Picture on the right is of the "Grey Fox" container ship. The website linked here is in the "Dutch" language. You can download "Google Translate" to go from dutch to english if you wish.

    ►Born and raised in the Scheldt City Terneuzen, Richard has shipping in his blood. In his home with a scanner he would monitor passing ships. When an interesting ship arrived,
    Richard left his father to the seawall. When older, he just pulled out and was just as it could be found in the tug of Union. There she learned "that man is always around the scaffolding was to be found" quickly know and took him to hike. So in Richard the love of sailing arose. At 16 he decided - to the displeasure of his parents: "First make sure you learn a trade!" - To sail. He started as a seaman on the coastal and lived there over the years visiting countries like England, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. He filled scrapbooks with stories abound. Richard with the Fighter in the background with her last sleep: the hull of the Island Valliant. A little older now and married he decided to stay ashore for his wife and children. One box has it - to the great relief of his parents... still taught and Richard now leads the life of a true landlubber. But the shipping interest did not let go, and every weekend and every spare hour he goes out to get "nice shots" of passing ships. The interest in global shipping is very big and so Richard decided to set up a website for his huge database of photos to share with you. All photos, unless otherwise indicated, are taken by himself. Enjoy.◄
  2. Bed by Night Container Units BED BY NIGHT   This is a German project in Germany using shipping containers for temporary homeless kid housing.

    Honda Genuine Parts
    ►On 1 August 2002 in Hanover, the project was "bed by night" - a container facility for homeless young people officially opened - Hanoverian architect and professor at the University of Hannover, Han Slawik, had as part of a student design contest at the university plans to redevelop and extension of an existing container facility developed. The renovation was long overdue, since the old container had become the basis of age of repair and too narrow. After completing the six-month construction phase, the body can absorb the supply of street children now to operate on the Welfenplatz again. Since the temporary structure is intended to illustrate the transitory nature of "bed by night", have the planners and the city, the project deliberately turn for container decided. New - aside from the color - is that the extension allows the previously-story facility on two floors, now a division of sleep and daily containers venue. Has since 1996 "bed by night" for homeless children and young people sleeping in a living container on. Visitors have the opportunity to eat a shower, and wash their clothes. Construction costs for the plant amounted to some 300,000 euros, which were funded from donations.◄
  3. BILL GLENNON   Here in Part 1 the owner of this project gives an introduction into the start of this fairly large shipping container home project using containers as a basis for construction of a large
    dwelling which includes a food storage system. Containers are bolted and welded in places to attach together as a group. When complete there will 31 containers joined together with some wood on the outside and a stucco finish. There will be a flat roof with a windmill. There are four stories including a basement. The home will powered by 100% solar. Their goal is to heat the house for less than $1000.00 a year.
  4. BILL GLENNON   Here in Part 2 the owner of this project is showing viewers the progress made so far on the development of this shipping container living system. They have completed some backfill of dirt added some insulation.

    ►The sea container château atop a hill by Gull Lake remains relatively untouched since last year — at least on the outside. While snow piled up and mud bogged down, the Glennon family have been working like ants inside the metallic labyrinth, slowly shaping the layout of their future home.►

    Note from webmaster: I have not been able to find a part 3 in this series. My impression is that they have kind of stalled out some on building or completing the project.
  5. SurfShackSURFSHACK   Very nice small personal living quarters using a 20ft conex box plus an inside remodel job. Hopefully the owner will put up more pictures and general info about the home. Also, need to mention that this man will make one of these units for you using his or your own design ideas.

    ►The SurfShack is a 8 x 20 foot double-ended shipping container currently located on the Washington coast. The exterior shell has no modifications and retains it's original weather-proofing; the box is tamper and vandal-resistant. The inside, however, is filled with all the functions one would need of a refined shelter while still echoing the simple form of the box. Natural light from the large glass doors and windows illuminates the space throughout the day, and glass doors on both ends swing open, extending the interior space onto the 150 square foot deck. Inside, moving panels fold into the walls to make for an extremely adaptable space. When fully open the SurfShack accommodates a full-sized bed, couch, table and bench set and multiple storage shelves. When fully closed the space maintains it's pure cubic volume. An efficient galley kitchen and water closet with shower bring a complete domestic experience to the shack. The digital wall clock reminds the occupant that the future is in the past. The shack strives to accommodate as many re-used materials as possible; to that end the container itself was purchased used. The doors and windows are re-purposed after a full life in a shopping mall, and the wood for the decking was rescued from a trash pile. The SurfShack is an original. The design follows the functions and follies of it's unique owner. If surfboard storage in a sci-fi setting is not for you, Kable Design can work with you to meet your specific design needs. Hartman Kable is a designer and general contractor based in Seattle, WA. Ten plus years in the business have lead to projects across the country from Vermont to Washington State.◄
  6. Stacked Job BoxesCCS+R   This business is located near the heart of a major container port. They do container modifications, design consultation, they rent or lease or sell containers. Look at the picture on the right for a good example of making a very fast two story cabin using 2-20 foot conex boxes stacked on top of each other. The arrangement needs a staircase to access the top unit.

    ►Our residential storage containers can quickly be rented, leased, purchased and delivered. These units offer high security and ease-of-accessibility with our custom door options. We also provide interior additions such as shelving, desks, and packaging material to make moving and/or storing easier with temperature control and shelving.◄
  7. Portable HousingAFFORDABLE PORTABLE HOUSING HAWAII   There are not a lot of pictures posted on this site - but there is a lot of interesting information. They provide direct sales to all Hawaiian islands and the Pacific Rim.

    ►Aloha! At Affordable Portable Housing Hawaii, we are working in three major areas:
    1- Designing and building portable and permanently situated legal, affordable shipping container based housing, and also pre-cut steel kit homes, specifically designed to be outfitted with alternative power & other systems.
    2- Shipping container sales and outfitting containers for offices, classrooms, and other structures on every island.
    3- Proposing legislation that will make zoning exceptions for affordable housing projects that serve the homeless and those in severe need of affordable housing in areas that are currently lacking infrastructure.◄
  8. DwellBoxDWELLBOX   These guys are really into it. Among beautiful housing projects they also can provide Unmodified Containers for Sale or Rent, Custom-Designed Sheds, Storage Units, Shops, Barns, Greenhouses, Garages, Studios & Room Additions.

    High Country Green Boxes, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, has come about as a result of a collective vision developed by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a strong value system rooted in progressive, innovative and sustainable business practices. Coming together with an impressive resume of experiences and achievements ranging from corporate work in the semiconductor industry, non-profit leadership and management, small business ownership, construction, green design and development, land conservation and real estate finance, this team now intends to bring to life an affordable building concept that addresses a very important challenge not only for the local community, but a global population as well.

    ►We are glad you have found your way here and welcome you to take some time, explore this site, and learn a bit about what we do. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about ISBU's, and what we might be able to provide for you. We are confident that after learning about us you will make your next move to DwellBox! Visit the DwellBlog to see the project in progress. If your interest has peaked, and you're ready to proceed with a project of your own, please visit our questionnaire where you can provide specific information to us about your particular interest and project. ISBU are found in every port town or city around the globe. ISBU's are the standard for all international sea shipping since 1953. All imports and exports are shipped around the world using ISBU's. At any given time there can be between 250,000 and 700,000 empty and ready for use in and around our nations ports and shipping depots. ISBU prices can vary quite a bit. Once a container is put into use by the shipping industry, it will be graded almost continuously as various loads are transported, and the container is reloaded. Once a container is no longer cargo worthy it is cycled out of the “fleet” and essentially recycled. Until that point a container's cost is relative to its grade. The cost of the container can range from approximately $1000 for a well used unit to upwards of $7000.00 for a new container. Again, this all depends upon the age, quality and structural integrity of the ISBU. The minimum grade used by DwellBox for construction is WWT or, “Wind and Watertight”. ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units) structures are the most environmentally sound forms of construction on the market. ISBUs are constructed of heavy gauge steel framing. The corner posts are designed for a 150,000 lbs. vertical load. The steel walls of the containers are continuously welded 14-gauge Corten steel and can withstand over 2,000 lbs. of transverse load and 1,000 lbs. of a longitudinal load. ISBUs are designed to be ship-worthy, withstanding the rough pounding of ocean travel. They are designed to be stacked as high as 9 containers high, fully loaded with cargo.◄
  9. SHIPPING CONTAINER HOMES   Nice looking small conex box units made for you in Costa Rica. Also, check out his blog for even more information.

    ►The shipping container homes are the most environmentally sound form of home construction on the market. They use a fraction of the traditional timber steel and cement and cement found in conventional homes. The structural strength of the shipping container allows the builder to create multi-story dwellings, offering a larger living space without expanding its footprint. The heavy gauge steel framing allows the unit to withstand 65,000lbs of stacked weight. It has been estimated that 85% of the building materials used in each shipping container home have been recycled. Also, the foundation design is less expensive, uses much less material and is faster to install. The infrastructure for transport already exists, so the container homes can be easily moved by ship, truck or train. This component reduces the amount of transport time. Everything is delivered in one trip. You don't have to pay for multiple deliveries of separate construction materials. Jimmy worked as a Greenpeace team leader for six years in Washington, DC. He left Greenpeace to study Chiropractic in Georgia. Weeks after receiving his Doctorate he moved to Costa Rica. Established for ten years as a chiropractor in the town of San Ramon, Costa Rica, Jimmy is also a yoga instructor. Also a serious entrepreneur, Jimmy has found that green building and real estate are a perfect combination for his skills and background.◄
  10. Picture of Container Stack LENDON CONTAINERS LIMITED   This is a United Kingdom based business and they do a lot of different things including container modification.

    ►Lendon Containers is a UK company specializing in supplying new and used ISO marine shipping containers for sale, rental and conversion. If you want secure on-site storage, containers are ideal. We specialize in: "shippers own" ISO container sales to the freight forwarding industry, comprising of 20ft + 40ft ISO CSC plated marine shipping containers in small or large quantities for project cargo. View the specifications. Sale and rental of new and used steel shipping containers. Short term container rentals and long term container rental are available. Hire a steel shipping container for ideal static storage and secure on site storage. Both 40ft containers and 20ft marine storage containers are available. Conversion of shipping containers for specialized use such as office containers, workshops, secure stores, on site offices, laboratories, canteens, toilet and shower blocks. For further details see our Accommodation or Industrial Units pages or view our Gallery for further typical marine shipping container conversions. Sales of "Specials" - open tops, flat racks, tanks, reefers (temperature controlled container), half heights and other specialist storage containers. Sales of new and used 40 foot and 20 foot steel ISO shipping containers. All of our new and used shipping containers are wind and water tight.◄
  11. New 8' High Cube Container DOLPHIN CONTAINER   This business based in Hong Kong has a nice website written in the English language. Lots of good pictures of their products. Picture on the right is of their New 8ft High Cube Container. Also, take a look at their RAL Color Card.

    ►Based in Hong Kong, we have a number of centers with wide-ranging inventories across China. We can arrange to deliver your containers to major ports of the world safely and efficiently. Dolphin sells and leases containers in new and old conditions. Moreover, we also provide transportation or one way service from Chinese ports to major ports all over the world. Our helpful service includes providing customers and prospective customers with sound, solid advice about their container options. Let us help you decide what grade of container you need and whether it's best to rent or buy. Dolphin started out in Logistics/forwarding service in China since 2003, with the expanding demand for containers from our customers, we started the container business 4 years later. In 2007, we started to sell containers, and soon responded to increasing customer requests for rentals, and repairs. Today, everything we do is about supplying containers.◄
  12. Latest 21st Century Mobile Cabin TS CABIN & CONTAINER   Even though this website is based in Asia, there is a lot of english language used here to communicate their product information. Also, lots of pictures and really kind of an interesting site. They do some pretty radical modifications to the standard shipping container.

    ►Welcome to TS Cabin & Container, a manufacturer of Portable Cabin, Container, Steel Structures and Portable Guard Houses. Our company is located in Penang, Malaysia. There is no doubt that when people are looking for the best portable cabins (or portable containers), they would choose portable cabins from TS Cabin & Container. With 16 years of experience manufacturing and producing portable cabins and containers for a wide variety of purposes, we are one of the best in the portable cabin market. We have a wide variety of portable cabins to suit your every needs. Some of our high-quality portable cabin products are; 21st Brand-New Portable Cabin, Standard Portable Cabin, Store Used Cargo, Portable Office and Worker Cabin, Portable Guard Houses, Portable Toilet Cabin, Store Cabin Rentals and Specially Designed Portable Cabin. Portable Cabin & Container Rentals/Selling. We also manufacture portable cabin containers for government agencies and specialize in renting and selling all kinds of Cabin and Container products, including Office/Worker Cabin, Guard Houses, Steel construction and of course Portable Cabins. Our targeted market: Whole Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.◄
  13. KLC READY HOME   Please watch this short but very interesting video of the modification of a standard shipping container into a very nice looking livable home. This is a very well done professionally made video. I think this business is based in Jamaica.

    ►Kingston Logistics Center Limited offers container sales and modification, providing our customers with an alternative, affordable building solutions. Watch this video and discover the possibilities! Kingston Logistics Center, is part of ZIM's Port and Logistics (ZPL) Global Logistics Network, covering North America Europe and the Far East , strategically leveraging the existing expertise, reach and technology, of this vast network, making it work for you and your business. At KLC we offer a new generation of Logistics Solutions, taking care of all your Logistics needs at our convenient Free Zone & bonded Facility. We provide you with advanced monitoring/tracking technology, allowing real time visibility, and access to your cargo◄
  14. Zun Delo CONHOUSE   This is a very creative group of people and display many options for building a very personal home based on the basic shipping container.

    ►The CONHOUSE system allows you to develop your own personal style! The rationality of the system using small quadratures and mass production of CONHOUSE components result in a low end price. With CONHOUSE you pay less money for the same floor space or get more space for the same amount of money. Assembly takes one day. Units are easy to move and transport. Factory made CONHOUSE does not pollute the construction site with waste, throw-outs and noise. The living environment may increase or decrease according to actual needs. Modular compounding offers a wide variety of different, yet serial spatial solutions. Fire and earthquake safety guaranteed. These home are also highly recyclable and reusable. And more people can afford these homes.◄
  15. Long 40 or 53 foot Shipping Container SCOTT POD   I can't find a date on this website but it has some items that may be useful to some of you. First, check out his ISBU projects and then the "Teleporter" a browser based 3D viewer by Hypercosm. He's got a few neat items listed here but not a lot of stuff.

    ►I'm Austin and this is my portfolio site. It's purpose is to be a place to consolidate some of my work to share with folks. I hope you enjoy looking around. Initially, I'm going to keep this site limited to graphic related creations. At some time in the future I may start putting up scripts and programs I've written as well. I have a wide range of content. Projects include architectural drawings, furniture designs, and graphic art. Many projects are 3D models. Some are of complete structures, others are components for use in other models. You will also find a few of my ISBU, or shipping container, house models that I like playing with. Hardware Store This site is a "work in progress". I still have many projects I haven't posted yet. If you find it interesting, check back from time to time to see what's new. I use many file formats when working with graphics, however the images used on this site will be primarily PNG or JPEG for better browser compatibility. I won't be posting my original DWG files. I also use Adobe's PDF file format a lot to share plans. Most folks have Adobe reader, but if you don't you will need to get it to view those files. For displaying my 3D models, I'm using a browser based 3D model viewer called Teleporter by Hypercosm. It works great, however I want to note a couple of drawbacks (specific to the version I'm using): I can't use layers or sectional cuts in the browser displayed models. In other words I can't "open" a roof or hide parts of the model to focus on various aspects. My original models have these items, I'm just unable to share those features using this medium. As a work-around, you may see some interior walls at half height or something similar. I simply made them shorter to enhance viewing. I may also create separate models to achieve this, ie one model showing first floor, second model showing second floor. To view the 3D models, you will have to install a browser plug-in. That's not unexpected really, but just be aware that you may need to close/reopen your browser for it to install. Go to: Note: The last time I checked, it was still free and did not require any sign up. I optimize the models for better download speeds and frame rates so the models I'm posting on this site may have less textures or details than my original models. A fully rendered high quality model can be rather large and difficult to display on older computers. The basics for interacting with the 3D models are simple. Left click/hold to Orbit and right click/hold to Pan. Mouse wheel Zooms. More advanced options are available via the menu at the bottom of the 3D viewer. If you have trouble viewing a complicated model, try changing the rendering options (Menu: Graphics/Rendering/Monochrome). Some models have preset camera positions. Click the camera icon to access them.◄
  16. UK Conex BoxCS SHIPPING CONTAINERS   They sell new and used shipping containers in the United Kingdom plus do conversion work.

    ►Containers for Sale & Hire in the UK for Self Storage Containers, Export Shipping and Container Conversions. CS Shipping Containers provide new and used steel shipping containers and storage containers. We specialize in the sale and hire of Shipping Containers to individuals and companies in all parts of the UK. Our secure steel containers have a wide range of uses and are ideal for the storage of everything from industrial products to on-site sports equipment etc. We also are able to provide offices, refrigerated containers, chemical stores, site accommodation, clubhouses and canteens. All our units are easily transportable and come with a wind and watertight guarantee.◄
  17. 40 Foot Container up for Auction PROXIBID   They have shipping containers available or up for auction on this site. The picture on the right was lifted from their site as at least one example of what is available. In my own experience here using the simple search term "container" produced the most results. There is quite a few used containers up for auction.

    ►Welcome to proxibid™, the World's #1 provider of live webcast auctions. Proxibid provides real-time webcast and timed online auction bidding services to thousands of real brick and mortar auction companies. Never miss another auction! Create an Account now or review our Get Started pages to learn more. Live online bidding allows a consumer to attend an auction virtually, simply by using a computer with an Internet connection and Web browser. Bidders can now participate in any live auction with the same advantages they would have if they were sitting in the auction room. Live real-time bidding allows online bidders to send their bids to the auction floor via the Internet, as if the bidder were at the auction in person. An auctioneers' assistant is onsite to accept your bid and to relay your high bid amount to the auctioneer. A proxy bid is a sealed bid left with an auctioneer or third party indicating the maximum amount that you are willing to bid on a particular lot or item. The Proxibid™ system allows a user to place a "proxy bid" by entering the maximum amount they are willing to bid. The system bids on behalf of the bidder until they win the lot, or when the indicated maximum bid amount is reached. When using the auto-bidding feature, you may want to bid one increment higher to minimize the possibility of a tie bid. Proxibid's Dynamic Auction System allows interaction between the online bidders and the auction room floor during a live event. Proxibid™ customers can use their computers to participate in an auction from the comfort of their home or office. All bids are relayed in real-time over the Internet, allowing the users to bid with the same confidence as if they were attending the live auction.◄
  18. Green Container LONDON SHIPPING CONTAINERS   This is really a very nice website with lots of pictures of their product. They maintain a Blog. I think they do Container Conversions. If their website is any indication, they are a very professional organization.

    ►London Shipping Containers have several years of experience in shipping containers, and who have entered into this industry during these hard times. We offer a service that is Competitive on price but uncompromising in the service we provide. As a sustainable business we will meet your needs today and in the future. Our dedication to our customers in helping them to gain the maximum usage out of our containers is unparalleled. The vision for London Shipping Containers is to make sure the people of the UK have safe secure containers that are a perfect fit for all their needs. As a company we have looked at the environment around us and come to the conclusion that people are in need of the services we wish to provide. We are an innovative, very progressive company and if you try us we will surely exceed your expectations. In our time in the business - we have been creative, original, vibrant and uncompromising in our desire to meet our customers needs. We sincerely hope that you will call us, because our customers are always pleased with our competence as well as with our abilities.◄
  19. Coverage MapCONTAINER OUTLET   I hope that this company inventories all the shipping containers they sell. On the right is their coverage map.

    ►Container Outlet is committed to providing each of our customers the highest level of professional service, personalized attention and container quality. We can provide storage containers to any site throughout the USA with full door-to-door service. We offer the complete range of new and used cargo and storage container types and sizes, including: Dry vans; refrigerated; ISO; conex; insulated; intermodal; marine; cargo; storage; roadworthy; portable; hi-cube; oversized; steel; aluminum; double doors; side doors; open tops; modified; and more. Container Outlet will provide you the most cost-effective solution for your cargo and storage container requirements. We are specialists in providing our customers with top quality equipment at outlet pricing. We source and supply containers throughout the United States and our volume enables us to obtain the best quality of storage containers and sell them to you at outlet pricing. Customer is obligated to pay shipping charges (delivery and pickup) to and from original shipping location if customer cancels the order after delivery of a container that meets the condition agreed upon at the time the order is placed. Customer is obligated to pay delivery charges if they cancel the order after container(s) have been loaded onto the delivery truck. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality storage containers and professional service. Call us toll free anytime at (888) 777-8118 to discuss your cargo and storage container needs.◄
  20. Cosco ContainerBIG BLUE BOXES   This business located in Minnesota is a full service facility offering complete container services. Their sister site is: Midwest Storage Containers.

    ►Storage Containers & Cargo Containers for Sale or Rent -Home and Business. Are you looking for new or used cargo, storage, or shipping containers? Do you require high-quality containers? Is your need immediate? No matter whether your need is big or small, we offer great rates and fast service on our clean, dry, weatherproof and secure storage containers for temporary or long-term usage. Big Blues Boxes has what you need! High-quality, customizable new and used storage containers at Competitive pricing, Personalized, friendly service, Rapid response. Storage & Shipping Containers - New & Used - Delivered Serving Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and the entire United States. Containers come in a variety of standard sizes, and Big Blue Boxes provides the highest quality storage and shipping containers. We even offer customization of purchased storage containers to obtain non-standard sizes.◄
  21. Office ContainerK & K CONTAINER   They do modifications plus sell different size containers on the East (right) Coast.

    ►K & K Wholesale supplier new & used sea cargo containers.
    Sale & rental of new & used containers delivery:
    MD, VA, DC, DE, PA, WV.
    We stock shipping containers used storage containers and cargo containers, new and used ISO conex containers and reconditioned shipping containers; heavy-duty, ground-level storage containers, cargo containers, refrigerated containers; open-top containers; customized container storage; and container chassis. When you buy from K & K International, you buy from the best. We sell storage containers and shipping containers to the federal government, the US Military, local and state government, freight forwarders, large and small companies, and last but not least, individuals. K & K International has a 22,000 SF shop ready to modify your container. We specialize in office conversions, roll up doors, personal doors, and insulation. Our welders and mechanics can customize containers to meet any specifications or special needs you may have.◄
  22. Jails on DemandJAILS ON DEMAND   In the "what will they think of next" department - This! Touted as: "Fast Affordable Safe Solutions to Jail Overcrowding".

    ►Sturdy steel modular structures customized for secure detention use in compliance with American Correctional Association (ACA) standards. The DRC Group brings decades of worldwide experience in disaster response management, emergency modular housing, life support camps and logistics to its mission to help law enforcement solve jail overcrowding through Jails On Demand. Adding to DRC's mastery of configuring modular structures post-crisis, the leaders of the Jails on Demand project possess law enforcement credentials that allow them to understand their clients' unique jail expansion needs. DRC Managing Director Robert Isakson has 14 years criminal justice experience. He was an FBI special agent and supervisor in New Orleans from 1972-1982, and prior to that served as a Beaumont, Texas Police officer for four years. DRC Logistics General Manager Charlie McNichol has 20 years law enforcement experience, with the Daphne, Alabama Police, ultimately achieving the rank of Captain and serving as assistant chief of police, and with the US Attorney's Office in Mobile. Mr. Isakson is a graduate of the FBI Academy and Mr. McNichol is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.◄
  23. Speedy HouseSPEEDY HOUSE   Another container customizer located in China.

    ►Shengxun Speedy House (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is an expert of container type speedy house. It has welding workshop, paint workshop, carpenter workshop, general assembly workshop and whole set of production line. Exporting to England, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Holland, Norway, Finland, Africa, Chile, Afghanistan, Canada and Australia, most of its products are sold to Europe and Middle East, and the rest are for domestic lease companies, construction companies and factories, etc. Our product can be transported 4-in-package, saving 3/4 of transportation expenses. With fast loading and unloading, independent usage, the product serves dorms, offices, public toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, dining halls, departments and exhibition halls, etc; and is able to assemble into building or residential area for military camps or other temporary work sites. Another great quality is that they can both be quickly built and taken down for reuse. The product can be either erected as a single unit or joined with other units, in order to create a bigger building; containers can be compounded in longitudinal and transverse direction (joining long sides or short sides) without limits, vertical stacking can be of 3 floors. We can supply indoor and outdoor stairs, over roofs, corridors, all decorative trims, gaskets and others spare parts.◄
  24. Runkle ConsultingRUNKLE CONSULTING   Here's a consulting business specializing in Shipping Containers. They have been in business for quite awhile plus they have some great pictures of previous projects on their website.

    ►Welcome to our website. Runkle Consulting, inc. is a small structural engineering firm that provides design services for construction of buildings made from ISO Shipping Containers. We also provide structural design services for residential projects and light commercial projects, and we provide foundation failure investigations. The firm was founded by Lt. Col. George W. Runkle USAFR (Ret.). Mr. Runkle has over 27 years experience in the US military and has served in many locations in the world, from Mc Guire AFB, NJ to LSA Anaconda in Iraq. He retired from the Air Force Reserves in 2005 after three separate tours to the Mideast after 9/11. He has extensive experience with facility design, structural repairs, and timber design. He first worked with buildings made from intermodal shipping containers in 2002 in Uzbekistan. We made an interesting discovery. Google Sketchup Pro is extremely good for designing shipping container buildings. We have spent thousands on AutoCAD for general use, thousands for Softplan, which we use for wood framing, and a $500 program beats both of them for shipping container buildings.◄
  25. New Conex BoxACCESS CONTAINER   Take a look at their 45ft container home shell. The cut outs are done for you.

    ►Access Container, Inc. is a container trading service company providing quality containers with competitive price, stable production/delivery schedule, & superior customer service. We deal directly with the industry leading manufacturers, and shipping lines through our network which takes care of the entire process for orders, production, and delivery. Having us as your business partner, you are backed up by a group of people with the right skills and experiences. All containers are manufactured of 100% sturdy corten steel, 30 ton tested and CLASS certified. We mainly supply ISO standard containers. Our standard containers include: 20ft gp - general purpose, 40ft gp - general purpose, 20ft hc - high cube, 40ft hc - high cube, 20ft dd - double door,40ft dd - double door.
    We also supply special containers. our special containers include: Six pack (6ft/8ft/10ft trio sets), Open-top container, Side open container, Multi-doors container, Dry Cargo Container, Bulk Container, Other Container, Mini Container, Steel Storage Vaultr (Mini Box), 20ft BITUTAINER, 40ft Moving Store Container, 20ft Generator Container, Van Container for Semi-Trailer,45ft Container Home, Container spare parts, frames. Check out our mobile office containers. It is widely used by construction companies, and used as outdoor work offices.◄
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