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  1. Orange Iso Container ASSOCIATED CONTAINER SALES AND FABRICATION   This company offers full service ISO Container Re-conditioning, Custom Container Modification, Welding, Fabrication, Painting (zinc, enamel), Grit Blast (steel shot). "Our expert modification team can build custom containers for the space you need. If you can imagine it, we can customize it. We can build anything out of steel from your design. Our state of the art paint and grit blast facility enables us to recondition containers and other metal work to ►like new◄ condition and provide protective coatings for longevity."

    ►Associated Container Sales has been serving customers worldwide for over 16 years. ACS has grown to encompass clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to average people seeking more storage space. Owner Bruce Cohen has aided in the growth of our current stock of over 1000 units including standard ISO containers, chassis, and custom fabricated units. We are an independently owned and operated business. Our team prides itself with the ability to work with customers to deliver the highest quality storage systems. Along with offering sales of stock ISO containers, our expert modification team can build custom containers to suit your needs as well as repair and customize any containers you may already own. We also have chassis in stock and ready for use, and offer transportation and shipping of containers worldwide for your convenience. It is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality storage systems and fully serve their storage needs through sales, leasing, repair, and customization. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company. Associated Container Sales & Fabrication has been serving customers locally here in South Carolina , and the world via the world wide web for over 16 years. ACS & F has a client list ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individuals and small businesses seeking more storage space. Our pride and ingenuity has built our business to what it is today. Our Commitment is to provide personal attention and a product of quality and value in order to earn and keep your business. If you are not one of our valued customers, please give us the opportunity to show you how ACS & F can customize your storage needs.◄
  2. Habitable Container ALLIED CONTAINER SYSTEMS   This is a big deal. They are one of the largest vendors to the US government for containerized structures, plus they do housing and have a very nice website. They appear to be a "full service" container company.

    ►The Vision: To be the only live training and custom mobile structures and standard containers company our customers will ever want. The Mission: To provide the infrastructure that enables our customers to realize their vision. The People: With expertise spanning the entire spectrum of design, build, site work, installation & project management, ACS brings personal integrity and commitment to a global marketplace. We are committed to delivering the highest level of quality products & services on time and on budget. The Process: ACS Design Engineers help you to bring your vision to life. ACS has an in-house design and engineering team that can help to expedite the process of getting your design finalized and installed in an efficient manner. We are customer service driven and excel at collaborating with customers and other contractors/vendors on the project. ACS has multiple manufacturing facilities to fabricate near the delivery location, and features a "Quick Start" team that goes on location to each project to make sure everything runs smoothly. ACS has a track record of creating new and innovative designs and is proud to have one of the largest MOUT design libraries in the world. One of ACS' greatest strengths is our ACS interactive (ACSi) "real time" design tool. Click here for more info on ACSi.◄
  3. APL Egypt Cargo Ship OCEAN SHIPS   If you are interested in viewing many of the worlds container ships - this is the site for you. Very interesting pictures and lots of them.

    ►Welcome to my ocean ships page. On this page I would like to show some of my ship pictures as well as special reports of special events like maiden voyages or other events. Most of my pictures were taken in German ports, at the river Elbe at the river Scheldt and in the port of Rotterdam. It is possible to get some of my pictures as paper prints as well as digital photos in a higher resolution. On this page most of the pictures have a size of 800 pixel width for a faster navigation. Enjoy viewing my pictures! Best regards, Christian Costa, webmaster of◄
  4. A wall made from stacking a line of Shipping Containers TWOTIMESTWENTYFEET   This is a German based Shipping Container design business and their website consists mostly of pictures of their projects completed and projects on the board. So it seems to offer some fresh material, at least in the form of pictures anyway. I like the "Booking Office" link the best which shows some completed projects. Because these people are still working on this website (it's a work in progress), one big problem is the mixture of their boat making business with their shipping container projects and it is hard to locate and separate out the relevant material - at least it is for me. You will have to visit their "Bootsmanufaktur" page to view other very nice pictures of some completed projects. Look for the word "Container" or "Containerarchitekur" for more pictures.

    ►TwoTimesTwentyFeet is a cooperation of the art department berlin gmbh & Bootsmanufaktur. We design and manufacture container buildings for temporary and permanent use. In cooperation with Berlin Art department the containers were removed in style and built in just three days at the fairgrounds on the disused airport Tempelhof. There were containers with 10 work stations and a large meeting room to the organizers as a booking office. After the show containers were brought to the RAW terrain in Friedrichshain and quickly turned into a night club. The photos show the gutting, the steel works, the construction, interior and exhibition design. But other applications in architecture, house or office building are possible. We can use 20-foot and 40-foot containers, used or new, according to customer requirements.◄
  5. Cuban Conex Container Produce Stand CONEX VEGETABLE STAND   I ran across this article about small locally grown produce in the country of Cuba while searching for something else and thought it would be a good addition to Conex Connection. This is a good example of how someone could use shipping containers for selling locally grown produce, something which in my opinion needs to be done a lot more in the US. Actually, some of you who are unemployed might consider small time farming or container farming and selling produce to make some extra cash, maybe at a local farmers market, and don't get any ideas about growing pot, i'm talking about potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, kale, lettuce, squash, onions, radish & broccoli.

    ►Posted April 2, 2003: There is much poverty in Cuba, for sure, but there are also signs of promise that kept my eyes glued to the oncoming landscape outside the bus. For amid the substantial ruins of a society that has faced tremendous adversity, there is agriculture—agriculture everywhere—agriculture that the high priests of corporate agribusiness have told us can never be possible in our own country . . . To put it bluntly, I think most if not all of us on the trip were stunned to find out how central the concept of sustainable agriculture has become in Cuban society, and likely were equally stunned afterward in returning to face the reality of our situation in this country (USA). It is worth noting, however, that not all of Cuba's success in this regard has been by design; historical consequence has played a significant role . . .◄
  6. SHIPPING CONTAINER AS AN UNDERGROUND SHELTER   I have a great interest in underground building or underground small rooms and this video at least gives you some idea of what is involved with using a shipping container as an underground room. My interest in underground building is not for nuclear bomb protection, but as a means to escape the high temperatures being experienced in many places on the earth, like even Texas . . . Especially West Texas. Underground living in these very hot areas is really the solution to low cost temperature control. It is my understanding that at depth's of only 6 to 10 feet underground, the earth's temperature stabilizes at around a comfortable 54° to a high of 74° (approximately) regardless of the top side surface temperature which would create ideal sleeping conditions or just a place to cool off without using air conditioning. But of course the safety factor is a big issue and one that must be resolved first. Some ground areas are safe to dig without using any support system, while others require some level of a support system.

    ►Final attempt to record building of an underground shelter using a 20ft. shipping container. For those wondering why I didn't simply pile dirt over it without pouring a concrete cap first . . . These containers are mostly sheet metal. Heavy duty as it is, the roof and sides will push inwards from the weight. Eventually the metal will rust through and you'll be buried alive. My way will insure it is still there a few hundred years from now. Problem is, you'd better keep an eye on your sump pump. If it goes bad or loses power, you'll go in one day and find it the whole thing flooded. A surface alarm letting you know the water level is above where it should be isn't a bad idea. Putting the sump pump on a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is also a good thing.◄
  7. Picture Of Small Containers HOUSTON CONTAINER CONNECTION   This business located in Houston, Texas has a very large inventory of many different sizes of shipping containers. They appear to be a full service facility with the ability to customize to your specifications.

    ►Houston Container Connection is a family owned business, specializing in the sales of top quality new and used shipping and storage containers. We offer all types of shipping equipment, and can delivery to any location. offers the complete range of cargo and storage container types and sizes. We can provide you with the following storage container types and more: Dry vans, refrigerated, ISO, conex, insulated, intermodal, marine, cargo, storage, roadworthy, portable, hi-cube, over-sized, steel, aluminum, double doors, side doors, open tops, modified, and more. Primary container sizes are approximate dimensions, weights and capacities. NOTE: These figures are subject to slight variations. Contact us anytime to discuss your cargo and storage container needs.◄
  8. Container House CAMP CONTAINER   This Turkish company does both steel buildings and shipping container modifications. Pictures on their website tell the story best. I think they build 'Container Camps' for like industrial applications, such as mining, oil field, & construction camps . . .

    ►CAMPCONTAINER is specialized to supply different types of containers to their customers. CAMPCONTAINER has experience as a subcontractor to the big construction companies and we started to be the main contractor for the camp projects. CAMPCONTAINER is fast, flexible and innovative company. CAMPCONTAINER Inc. is an international logistics contractor specialized in serving military, humanitarian, government and commercial entities. CAMPCONTAINER arranges the design, supply, logistics consolidation / coordination, shipping and on-site installation / erection of all building and base camp products. CAMPCONTAINER's turnkey, customized base camp program combines these pre-engineered structures in a camp layout with all support equipment (genset, water / waste treatment utility connections, furniture / collateral equipment, perimeter fencings, etc) and site preparation / construction as required. CAMPCONTAINER will provide a package of equipment and services that will meet specific budget and deadline considerations.◄
  9. The Snoozebox Hotel SNOOZEBOX   Here linked is a great idea built on the low cost and portability of the shipping container. Billed as "The Portable Hotel", you will probably agree that these folks have done an outstanding job of putting this concept together. Picture on the right is of exterior room view single stack, but they also have units that are double stacked equipped with staircases.

    ►Tired of tents? Are hotels miles from an event a hassle? Can't stand queuing for communal toilets and showers? Snoozebox is the answer! Snoozebox is a unique and innovative portable hotel providing luxury "on-site" accommodation at major events and festivals across the UK and Europe. Open the door for the "wow" factor! Each Snoozebox room has an en-suite wet room with shower, basin and toilet, serviced daily with quality towels and toiletries. Comfortable beds, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, free WiFi and a personal safe guarantees you a relaxed and enjoyable stay whatever the weather!◄
  10. Used 8ft x 20ft Container IRON HORSE MOBILE STORAGE   Here is a nice little shipping container business located in the state of Texas. They have a small website, but it gets the job done: Some nice pictures of their containers and also pictures of some of their modifications on containers. Picture on the right is of one of their 20ft used containers for sale or rent.

    ►Why Pour a Slab? Why Settle for "Off Site" Storage? Why Use an Insecure Portable Building that can be Vandalized with a Tire Tool? Call us at: (512) 496-0122 for Instant - Weather Proof - Rodent Proof - Vandal Resistant Storage at your Location. Ideal for Business or Residential, Furniture, Excess Inventory, Farm and Ranch Storage, Documents, Tools or Equipment, Vehicle Garage, Temporary Housing, & Hunting Camps. Serving Central and South Texas. Weatherproof, Rodent Proof and Secure Ground Level Storage Containers for Sale. We are located near San Antonio, TX and serve all of central Texas including Austin.◄
  11. Their Slider Container UNITED CONTAINERS LLC   This is an Auckland, New Zealand based company and they sell: Shipping Containers, Storage Containers, Used Containers, Containers for Self Storage, Container Conversions/Modifications. This appears to be a full service container company. They also offer Depot Services, Icebox Refrigeration, & Portable Accomodation.

    ►We supply a complete container sales or lease package for the smallest or largest of customers. Our business has continued to grow because new customers keep coming back!! We supply whatever you require, to wherever you require, and your container purchase or hire is backed up by full after-delivery support. Any size, type and quantity. We sell or lease "ready-to-go" new, used and converted steel containers, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, standard, insulated, refrigerated, for storage, shipping or conversion and constantly hold stocks of all standard sizes and types. This means we can supply nearly all customer requirements immediately, anywhere in New Zealand. We serve both the North Island and the South Island through our network of strategically located depots. Delivery to any accessible location, including off-loading: You may require immediate use of your container, as soon as it is delivered. We provide a complete transport and delivery service, including lifting-off and positioning the container just where you want it. We can provide a transferral service if you need to change the container's location, and we offer a hassle-free collection service when a leased/hired container is due to be returned. We use only experienced and proven transport services that are reliable and helpful at the most important point, ensuring that your container is positioned and placed as you wish. (If there are technical issues to be considered we can advise you.) Contact us for more information, or Freephone 0800 666 704.◄
  12. Port of Los Angeles PORT OF LOS ANGELES   I did not realize the Port of Los Angeles was the main US port of entry for products coming from overseas. If you would like to view some pictures of the port, click on the "NEWSROOM" tab then scroll down to Photo Gallery and click.

    ►Welcome to the Port of Los Angeles website, and thank you for your interest in "America's Port". This website is a great place to learn about our operations and get details about our wide array of projects and activities — from industry-leading environmental programs, to our exciting waterfront development programs, to the many events and recreational opportunities just waiting for you here at the Port of Los Angeles. As the nation's leading container port, we take customer service very seriously and are committed to helping our customers' business to thrive. Our Port is responsible for more than 900,000 jobs in California and nearly 3 million jobs across the country. Balancing our role as an economic driver for the region and country with our commitment to lessening the impacts of our operations on the environment set our path for the next decade: To Grow Green. If you're visiting us during an upcoming cruise vacation or visit to Los Angeles, we encourage you to spend an extra day exploring the Port and surrounding harbor district. We'll post the very latest news and information on this site, so visit us often and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. ~Geraldine Knatz, PhD • Executive Director◄
  13. Container House IC GREEN   This is a great addition to this website because these people have a wide spectrum of design. They specialize in affordable Backyard Studios, Residences and most any structure which can be built using Shipping Containers. Nice website - lots of pictures.

    ►IC Green is the next breakthrough in housing and sustainable green structures. Designed to be architecturally pleasing yet affordable, IC Green manufactures and pre-assembles a wide-range of structures from small backyard cabanas and office space to expansive residences.
    IC Green combines the skills and design excellence from our in-house architects and builders to deliver you a fully engineered, affordable and high-quality product that exceeds most finishes of many high-end custom homes. The Designs for our Container Houses follow the principles of modularity with a high degree of flexibility within the system. This means that any of our houses can be easily modified and even regrouped if so desired. Our homes are made from used shipping containers which are not only structurally strong, highly resistant and easy to transport, but which also have an inherent aesthetic quality once modified to function as modern dwellings. The structural rigidity in the metal frame and corrugation of the shipping container equal more than standard timber and steel construction. This factor leads to ease in stacking and joining in many possible configurations. The optimized frame construction allows for more square footage within the same footprint as a standard timber construction, making it particularly successful for any small and large scale housing project. Construction time from start to finish is significantly reduced through prefabrication of about 80% of the structure. Once a plan has been selected, our factory prepares the unit by cutting for windows, doors or removing sides. Windows, flooring, and other finish materials are applied easily through use of standard dimensions and pre-assembled framing.◄
  14. Muvbox Cafe MUVBOX   Featured here is a very clever business idea using shipping containers as the basis for conversion into a portable restaurant. It is my understanding these units are for sale to anyone interested in a portable custom designed restaurant setup.

    ►Whether it is lobster in Montreal, cupcakes in London, pizza in Chicago, sushi in Tokyo, sausages in Geneva... the MUVBOX is only limited by the imagination. The business is positioned to sell self-contained restaurant units made to order for the prospective restaurateur/operator's gourmet menu offering. The "ready to ship" MUVBOXes are easily transportable by rail, road or sea. MUVBOX was designed to be environmentally-friendly. Recyclable and sustainable materials, solar power, local products and eco-friendly efficiencies, all coupled with a healthy culinary menu are key ingredients of the MUVBOX brand. The MUVBOX mission is to create a network of unique mobile restaurants based on the slickly designed recycled steel shipping containers. The proposition is straightforward: Keep it Simple, Delicious and Eco friendly. It is designed to create fun experiences worth sharing with others. The MUVBOX concept is based on offering fresh and reasonably priced local delicacies with an international audience in mind. The state-of-the-art kitchen is designed to produce simple culinary treats from fancy chips to pizzas to paninis to soups and beyond. At the present time, the MUVBOX is available for purchase by companies in the restaurant and catering sector. Each MUVBOX is custom tailored to the buyer's needs. The kitchen design and complete configuration including selection of appliances, heating ventilation, etc is based on the menu proposed. It will be made available for leasing in the future. Franchises are not available.◄
  15. CargoShell CARGOSHELL   This is something you want to watch - keep your eye on. If this concept flies it could mean big money for someone. Because this is a new type of shipping container which might have plenty of uses for holding most kinds of cargo. May not be good for heavy machinery, but good for most manufactured goods. Cargoshell is manufactured from composites and therefore much lighter than a steel container. Plus it folds down allowing the transportation of multiple units on a truck or rail car. The volume of a folded Cargoshell is ¼ of the original volume of the traditional steel container. Composite is a low maintenance material - It doesn't corrode and is easy to clean. The term "Composite" consists of material made from a fiber reinforced plastic.

    ►Cargoshell is a new concept for containers. It provides, maintaining the successful qualities of the current container, a number of crucial innovations. Of higher interest is the substantial CO2-reduction that can be achieved by replacing the current containers by Cargoshell worldwide. This reduction of CO2 does not lead to higher costs, on the contrary. Savings in weight and space reduce the operational costs, thus making the Cargoshell an attractive economic concept. By monitoring the cargo compartment during transport, better quality control of the cargo is guaranteed. And, last but not least, the introduction of Cargoshell on a wide scale will also improve the safety at sea because of the adequate track & tracing-system possibilities Cargoshell has to offer. All innovations are protected through international patents.◄
  16. AADBUILD   This high quality firm is based in Australia. By the looks on their website, they design and build a lot of very large and beautiful homes. But they also build these small shipping container cabins for those who like their design and quality. Interesting thing about their start into the container conversion business: "Shipping container transformation: We came across this idea inadvertently and the response has been outstanding! Almost 85% recycled, cheap to buy and cheap to run.

    ►We built this for our customers so they could stay on site while we build their homes. We now have more customers that just want the container . . . We used up to 85% recycled material, led light globes, a new air transfer system, low e glass, double insulation and more. Relax in your beautiful home and have it designed and built by the best in the business. Aadbuild can have your new home or extension/renovation drawn in 3D so you can walk through your house before you sign a building contract. Enjoy the luxury of having pre-scheduled projects in times that will amaze you. Relax and watch the professionals get the job done on time, on budget the first time. About the many Container Conversion Uses . . . granny flat, sewing room, teenage retreat, underground fire shelter, bar, kids room, home office, gym, storage room, laundry, cinema room, music room, cabana, fire shelter: We could have used these to save lives in the Victorian bush fires. The uses for our new container project is limitless. The advantage of the container is its strength. One container could hold over 200 tons stacked on top. Not that I recommend doing this to your granny flat, but it is possible. The new dwellings will retail for around $35k for each expandable module. The finishes and fit outs can be customized to suit you.◄
  17. Leeds Cabins LEED CABINS   This business has two locations: One on the East coast and one on the West Coast. They like to build small cabins using shipping containers. Take a look at these pictures of their alterations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Actually, not a lot of stuff on the website but enough to give you an idea of what they do. Picture on the right is of their current project (at this date) which includes the following: "A "Four Season" retreat with triple insulation, radiant floor heating, recycled glass mosaic tile, full-size bathroom and kitchen, double stainless sink, Brazilian hickory floor, 12V LED lighting and outlets, iPod and laptop docking, satellite dish, 12V compost toilet and gray water system."

    ►Solar or traditional powered LEED Cabins are custom built using a ISO shipping container as the primary construction unit. A perfect blend of design, technology and convenience for environmentally responsible living. From completely "off grid" self-contained living, a personal entertainment module, guest house or poolside cabana, LEED Cabins provide secure, well-designed, personal living solutions for a crowded world. 20ft containers starting from $15,000.◄
  18. Shipping Container Turn Stile MODULAR SECURITY SYSTEMS INC   This is a very professional looking company using ISO containers as the basis for some mighty fine products. Picture on the right is one of their creations, the "MAC 2" a portable turnstile great for use anywhere requiring regulation of foot traffic entry or exit out of any enclosed facility or grounds. Just another example of the many uses possible with these ISO Containers.

    ►MSSI Core Strengths: Identifying and integrating multiple technologies to develop turnkey high value products. Modular Security Systems Inc. MSSI is an Ohio based intellectual properties holding company with expertise in designing and manufacturing unique solutions to address ever-changing worldwide security issues. MSSI sales and core market segments include worldwide ports, worldwide refineries and petrochemical plants, military installations, global industrial contractors, mass transit and large public events.◄
  19. Haiti Container Warehouse PWOJE ESPWA SUD   These people like to use Shipping Containers in their work here in Les Cayes, Haiti.

    ►This is one way of keeping up with what's happening in southern Haiti. Please consider helping us in our work with haitian orphans and vulnerable children. Contributions can be sent to: Free The Kids 25422 Trabuco Road Suite 105-362 Lake Forest, CA 92630 or Free The Kids, 2303 W Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27403-1517 or you can make a secure donation with a credit card at our website Thank you for helping us fight poverty in haiti, one child at a time. Theo is a pen name for Father Marc Boisvert, the founder and director of Pwoje Espwa Sud in southern Haiti. In 1998 we rented a small house and filled it with street boys. Now we have 800 children living on a huge property outside the city of Les Cayes. There are six schools, a carpenters' workshop, an agricultural center, a small medical facility, an all-purpose space for chapel services, theater productions... In twelve years a miracle has been taking place in southern Haiti and you have helped make it happen! Spread the word so we can continue to save children's lives.◄
  20. Sample Conex Container RADIUS ARCHITECTS   This Architectural Firm Can & Will help you with your ►Container Home Building◄ project. They are based in Tucson, Arizona and are eagerly awaiting your employment.

    Radius Architects is an architecture firm based in Tucson, Arizona. We offer many services including:

    1. Architectural Design for Residential, Institutional and Commercial projects. We honor and strive to express your ideas.
    2. Project Supervision and Consulting, for example, for feasibility studies.
    3. Site Design based on the unique personality of your site.
    4. Integration of Alternative Materials, Energy and Water Systems.

    We can help you design and build with strawbale, ISBU (shipping) containers, adobe, rammed earth, rastra, bamboo and other unconventional materials. Why not integrate solar water heating, photovoltaic generation, passive solar design, rooftop water harvesting, greywater systems, composting toilets, wind generators and radiant heat?

    The Radius Architects Approach to Design:

    1. Digging the Dirt: Your site affects all senses by providing sights, sounds, smells, textures and temperatures. It is our focus to recognize and blend this unique combination of elements into your completed design.
    2. Deeply Considering People: We encourage detailed conversation about what you want and how you really live. When the project is done, our goal is to feel like we designed it together.
    3. Teamwork: In addition to establishing an excellent architect-client relationship, it is our job to coordinate as effectively as possible with all involved in the design process, such as neighbors, consultants, suppliers, craftspeople and government entities. We see every project as needing its' own team.
    4. Respecting Craft and Honoring the Artistry of the Past: At the same time, we recognize the realities of twenty-first century construction costs.
    5. Working Within Time Schedules and Budgets: We know we're always balancing between your dreams and practical limitations.
    6. Endurance: We know that the design process involves seeing a project through its tedious aspects and staying with a project to the very end, including all the follow-up necessary to enjoy the completion energy.
    7. Sustainable Design: Through careful design, attention to materials and consideration of energy systems, we make every project as green as possible. In this way, we make small contributions to essential planetary change.

  21. Container Cabin BRIGHT&LIGHT CONTAINER   This website might be a Thailand based business. There are some good pictures of a few containers and modifications. There are some English words here and there throughout the website. But 99% of the website is in the Thai language. I guess it's Thai. It appears they may do container modifications in Thailand as a part of their business.

    ►SEND US YOUR COMMENT: Do you have a question, comment, suggestion or news tip to pass along to our website? If you have a question or comment, please fill in the contact form.◄

  22. FabPreFabFABPREFAB CONTAINER BAY   This here is a pretty neat website displaying many forms of use. I do not think it has been updated for a long time (since 2006), but it is still a good resource for those of you looking for some building ideas. Also, look for the link which takes you to sources for containers (Container Bay).

    "There is growing interest in the use of shipping containers as the basis for habitable structures. These "icons of globalization" are relatively inexpensive, structurally sound and in abundant supply. Although, in raw form, containers are dark windowless boxes (which might place them at odds with some of the tenets of modernist design...) they can be highly customizable modular elements of a larger structure."
  23. Quik HouseQUIK HOUSE   I'll tell you what Vern, click on this link and ye shall be permanently blinded by the red light.

    ►The Quik House is a prefabricated kit house designed by Adam Kalkin from recycled shipping containers. It has three bedrooms and two and one-half baths in its 2,000 square foot plan. The shell assembles within one day at your site, you will have a fully enclosed building. From start to finish, it should take no longer than three months to complete your house. The Quik House can be delivered anywhere in the US ten weeks from the time of your order. During that time, we recommend that you obtain your building permits and build the foundation. From the time of your order to the day you move in should be less six months.◄
  24. On-Site StorageON-SITE STORAGE SOLUTIONS   This company i think specializes in renting and selling containers. They are based in Los Angeles, California.

    ►On-Site Storage Solutions sells and rents all sizes and quantities of new and used (ISO) cargo containers throughout North America. We specialize in providing secure steel portable storage containers when and where you need them at wholesale prices. All our containers go through a detailed inspection ensuring all units are wind/water tight. Units can be certified cargo worthy and CSC plated for international movement if required. We provide a variety of services, including surveying, custom container modifications and container delivery. On-Site Storage Solutions operates a complete transportation program, from trucking to the most competitive rail pricing packages available. We can provide containers to any site throughout North America with full door-to-door service. Our transportation group are experts in moving empty and loaded containers throughout North America.◄
  25. Container Cabin SHIPPING CONTAINER TRADER   Two things here to see. First, look at the picture on the right of this very efficient use of a 20ft container and a 40ft container. Makes a pretty nice low cost cabin i would think. And second, this link goes to a British Classified Ad Business which specializes in shipping containers only. There is not as much content as i would like to see, but maybe we can help them some.

    ►Our tagline says it all - our site is devoted to everything shipping container! We have a comprehensive range of services for the whole container industry - all on one site and just a click away. If you want to buy or sell a container, or need advice, support or information we've got it here! Be introduced to 1000's of other traders worldwide with countless opportunities for global trade. Our website page views are rocketing as more and more people join us. Classified Advertising - buy and sell containers or anything else - all adverts are currently free of charge! Free forums - get advice, read editorials and commentary and interact. A community of members - join us now for newsletters and support free of charge. News and information updates on the container world. A huge base of knowledge pages from one central menu. A marketing section for you to advertise your business at incredible rates.◄
  26. Kelly Box KELLY CONTAINER   This container company located on the East Coast offers sales and rental of containers plus customer specified modifications.

    Click Above
    ►Kelly Container is a privately owned storage container rental and storage container sales company. Kelly Container is a storage container facility centrally located in Suffield Connecticut and proudly serves Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. Kelly Container now has an 11 acre storage container site with a quality inventory yard for our clients, as well as the state of the art fabrication and storage refrigeration facility. We provide the most competitive rates on quality storage containers. We will endeavor to provide all of your storage box needs. We at Kelly Container pride ourselves in providing personal hands on service, quality storage containers, and prompt courteous storage delivery. Custom modifications for both dry and refrigerated storage containers. Kelly Boxes are custom sized storage containers offered by Kelly Container. Kelly Container is prepared to meet any expectation by providing custom storage containers available with whatever features you may require. Our large facility allows us to work on customizing storage containers with state of the art equipment in a short amount of time. The standard storage containers we carry are 20 or 40 feet but can be customized however you wish.◄
  27. Push Button House PUSH BUTTON HOUSE   I think this is a famous coffee place similar to Starbucks. This "Push Button House" is also quite famous. Go to "Art" then "Project" then "Push Button House". Picture on the right was borrowed from

    ►IT'S THE ULTIMATE "OPEN HOUSE": illy Push Button House. illy collaborated with artist/architect Adam Kalkin to create a dramatic work of living art - the illy Push Button House, a five-room home with a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room and library constructed within a standard industrial shipping container. The home, which transforms at the push of a button, is created from recycled and recyclable materials and is the physical representation of illy's dedication to sustainability, art and innovation. Guests to Push Button House had the opportunity to sample the world's finest coffee using illy's new iperEspresso system, participate in coffee classes, view dance and performance art and listen to caffè conversations. Push Button House debuted at the esteemed Venice Biennale in June 2007. In December 2007, Push Button House was exhibited in New York City where it welcomed holiday shoppers at the Time Warner Center. As part of the New York Wine & Food Festival, Push Button House again took center stage in the Meatpacking District in October 2008. Both pragmatic and environmentally friendly, illy Push Button House is created from recycled and recyclable materials and embodies illy's message of sustainability and its connection to beauty through art and design. From the tin to the taste buds, illy relentlessly strives to turn the coffee drinking experience into one that is also unique, innovative and artful—and the illy Push Button House demonstrates the creative efforts illy employs to reinforce this vision.◄
  28. Debbie Glassberg Home HOME CONTAINED   This project has taken place in Kansas City, Missouri as reported by a local television station.

    ►A home made of steel cargo containers has taken shape in the Brookside area of Kansas City. The house at 60th and Charlotte streets has 2,600 square feet. The 40-by-8 foot cargo containers are similar to the ones you would see on trains and tractor-trailers, except the ones for the house are taller (highcube). Homeowner Debbie Glassberg is using all kinds of green building materials. Rooftop gardens will produce vegetables while insulating. Steve Mann is part of a grass-roots organization trying to turn yards into a sustainable landscape of plants. Mann is working on Glassberg's front yard. "What we're going to do is put a cover crop on the soil to protect it, stop erosion, and stop weeds from growing," Mann said. Last winter, welders started piecing together the puzzle of steel and concrete made out of cargo containers from China. "It's so unique. You don't ever get to work on anything so crazy and different," architect Christina Assmann said. Glassberg said she is hoping the prototype will lead to a home that could one day help people without a roof over their heads. "I hope to be able to work with FEMA, HUD, and the Salvation Army," Glassberg said. Glassberg said she envisions smaller versions of the home that could be used for housing hurricane victims, homeless people and even college students in dormitories.◄
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