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  1. A fold-down container/stage mounted on a trailer IPME (3 Sep 17) IPME is short for: INTERNATIONAL PORT MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE. This is Bill Hinchliff's website. I did not realize he had a business or a website. I just discovered his site today. He does beautiful container conversion work. Be sure and contact him for your container conversion needs. He was very kind to me in the past and even had ConGlobal paying me for advertising. Picture on the right is of their latest project: A fold-down "Container Stage" mounted on a trailer.

    ►The International Port Management Enterprise (IPME) is an industry leading shipping container and modular equipment retailer and fabricator. IPME's inventory is for rental and sale domestically across North America as well as the international marketplace. Using shipping containers and modular equipment as our building blocks for modular construction, IPME custom designs, engineers and fabricates permanent structures including malls, schools, restaurants, bars, office spaces and specialty structures as well as mobile marketing event structures. We create the ultimate pop up event spaces, and portable experiential exhibits as well as water filtration, dredges, fire and military training shipping containers. Our modular shipping containers are customized and branded providing a unique and innovative turnkey solution for any function or venue. This includes pop up retail, concession and hospitality structures. IPME's in-house project management, production and activation times are unbeatable and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product, meeting budgets ahead of schedule, all while providing a green product built to last at speeds 30% faster than a standard construction build.◄
  2. ConGlobalCONGLOBAL INDUSTRIES   Specializing in container care and sales. Imagine replacing those vertical accordian doors in the picture at the right with large sliding glass doors to make a nice little cabin.

    Walking Stuff ConGlobal Industries, Inc. is the company formed by the merger of Global Intermodal Systems and Container-Care International. ConGlobal Industries, Inc. (CGI) now has over 700 employees and operates 17 container repair and storage depots in 14 US cities, Costa Rica, and Mexico, catering to major shipping, leasing, and freight movement companies around the world. With a national storage capacity of over 600 acres, the ConGlobal network of maintenance depots currently handles over 6,500 containers per week and can easily accommodate 170,000 TEU's (20ft equivalent unit). The core business of ConGlobal is servicing the international trade sector by providing repair, maintenance, storage, and redistribution facilities for the intermodal industry. Today, however, we are a much different company expanding in different fields of service including:

    • Standard and modified marine equipment sales
    • Domestic container rentals for static storage
    • Local and over the road trucking and transportation services
    • Domestic freight forwarding services
    • Handling, storage, and transport of in-bond loads
    • On ramp and on dock mobile repair services
    • ISO and over the road tank services
    • Real-time information systems

  3. CONTAIN-IT PORTABLE STORAGE (30 Jul 17) This listing here is for the specific purpose of featuring the latest customization technique which involves installing roll-up doors on the side of these containers. With two partitions equally spaced you might end up with 3 units approximately 13ftx8ft in size in a 40ft long container. Contain-It Portable Storage based in Channahon, Illinois seems to do a lot of these modifications to their containers. I guess they rent them out as mini-storage. And they probably also pay wholesale price for their units making it profitable to rent these out

    ►Contain-It Portable Storage rents and sells steel storage containers for on-site and off-site storage in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and the entire United States. We pride ourselves on our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers by providing prompt, friendly, and reliable service. We offer economical rates on our clean, dry, and secure units for temporary or long term usage. Give us a call today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for interest in our company. What sets us apart from our competitors? no administrative fees. no extra hidden costs. prompt, friendly, reliable service. Largest units available for residential moving and storage. Strongest and most secure Seamless, fully welded steel construction. 100% weather and pest proof. We offer great rates and fast service for our residential and commercial customers. Delivery and Pick-up charges are additional and vary by location. 40ft containers are for on-site storage. 40ft units cannot be hauled once loaded. Rent does not apply to the purchase of unit. Largest, strongest containers available. More space for your money. 100% weatherproof. Impervious to pests◄
  4. Visit: STUCCO A SHIPPING CONTAINER (6 Jul 17) This might be a very useful item for some of you. However i think the video is missing about spraying a shipping container, but you might find something useful by clicking around the site, plus it is possible that the owners of Mortar Sprayer may know the whereabouts of a substitute video. Sorry, my computer was not loading the video: Go here:

    ►A friend and artist Mikey Sklar took on the challenge of stuccoing a shipping container. Shipping containers are widely available and fairly affordable from a housing perspective around the world. But one major issue with shipping containers is that they heat up fast during a hot summer day and are not insulated from the cold in winter. A standard stucco application of 3/4in to 1in in depth will add a layer insulation, raise the R value significantly and create a comfortable temperature inside the container for a cozy, homey environment. Take a look at the video below and see how Mikey used his 4 Jet Wall Blaster to easily apply the stucco. Mikeys stucco mix was actually a papercrete mix he designed himself. To learn more about papercrete follow this link.◄
  5. Describe STEEL SPACE CONCEPTS (7 Jun 17) This is a business based in Montreal, Canada. It appears to be a full service business in that they deal with all aspects of the shipping container paradigm.

    ►Geared towards revolutionizing the marketing, event and retail industry, Steel Space Concepts offers recycled shipping containers and other unique units to convey an exclusive brand experience. Armed with vast expertise and many years of experience in event production, event activations and stunt marketing, Steel Space Concepts can provide a turnkey approach to any type of promotional or marketing event. Make your life easier: Steel Space Concepts provides transportation and logistics services, on-site installation and technical supervision as well as storage for your unit. 3-days event or 3-months tour? If needed, a technician will follow you everywhere you go to help you during your activation dates. Steel Space Concepts helps you bring your ideas to life with complete design and engineering services. From the smallest project to the most complex one, Steel Space Concepts will work with you every step of the way until your project is delivered and you are fully satisfied. Our team's creativity knows no boundaries when it comes to innovation and we will go above and beyond to meet your specific requests.◄
  6. Hanjin Container Ship HANJIN BREAKS STALEMATE   (Oct 28, 2016) That whole situation with Hanjin really shocked me. I guess it helps to confirm the idea that the world economy really is in big trouble.

    ►(VANCOUVER) A container vessel that spent months sitting off Canada's west coast due to the collapse of South Korea shipping company Hanjin docked in Vancouver on Thursday, according to union officials and ship tracking data. The Hanjin Scarlet arrived at DP World's Centerm terminal within the Port of Vancouver by early afternoon, according to Thomson Reuters ship tracking data. The ship, which has 24 crew members, will unload cargo on board, Lahay said. He added that crew members had less than 10 days worth of food and provisions left, and had run out of fresh food. The vessel, with nearly 800 containers on board, had been sitting some 45 km (28 miles) outside Prince Rupert for several months, said Peter Lahay, an inspector and coordinator with the International Transport Workers Federation.◄
  7. Sleepbox Hotel Chiangmai, Thailand SLEEPBOX HOTEL   For those of you wishing to travel to Thailand and visit the northern Chiangmai area, you might want to consider staying at this unique budget hotel made of shipping containers. They have a very nice website with lots of pictures and information about this hotel and you can book your stay there also. Picture on the right is of the hotel exterior.

    ►Sleepbox Chiangmai Hotel is a short 5-minute ride from Jang Sri Poom and Muang Chiangmai Stadium. Offering comfortable rooms, it has free WiFi, which is available throughout the residence and free parking with security. Kad Luang Market is a 10-minute drive from Sleepbox Chiangmai Hotel. Chiangmai International Airport is a 15-minute ride away. On-site parking is available for drivers. Decorated in warm colors, all rooms come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a fridge. En suite bathrooms are fitted with shower facilities. For meals, guests can enjoy local cuisine served at the restaurants located within a 5-minute ride away. If someone mentions a "sleeping box" to you, you may think that they're talking about a micro hotel which you might stay in for a single night. Maybe somewhere near a railway station or perhaps an airport in another country. But in Chiang Mai we have a new type of sleeping box. This came from the simple idea of beating an architectural challenge, in this case taking a collection of ordinary shipping containers with all their good and bad qualities and converting them into something beautiful and, at the same time, cozy and comfortable. The result is Sleep Box: 14 containers of different sizes occupying a triangular area of 800 square meters in central Chiang Mai which together have been transformed into a chic, 21-room, budget-& design-conscious hotel. Each room has its own unique style but by exploiting the fact that our shipping containers share some of the qualities of refrigerators and by using PU foam to fully insulate against the heat of Thailand, guests can also be assured that every room at Sleep Box not only stays at a stable, comfortable temperature but is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.◄
  8. Suspicious Looking Shipping Containers being loaded onto a ship. CLUB-K CONTAINER SYSTEM   Look what's happening to our beloved shipping container system. I think the attached video is from the year 2013. Who would have guessed that it could be used in this extreme application. Watch the 8 minute long YouTube video to see how it all turns out. I think these systems are already being made in the country of Russia today. Containers being used are the standard 40ft long model. When you go to buy your used or new shipping container be sure and open the doors and check to see what's inside: If you see a bunch of electronic looking panels and some long tubes that might contain missiles, then go back to the yard office and tell them the container you want to buy looks suspicious and request that they show you a different container - one that is empty hopefully.
  9. Freight Farms FREIGHT FARMS   I can't believe this business. It is so ingenious that i cannot believe anyone could come up with this idea. This involves the heavy use of shipping containers to grow vegetables inside on vertical racks with special lighting to help the leafy vegetables grow. I think they are doing pretty well with this unique farming method. They have a nice website with lots of information.
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    Their units consist of a fully-operational hydroponic farm built inside an up-cycled freight container. It is capable of producing yields at commercial-scale in any climate and any season. Before buying one or more of these units please run the numbers on profitability, etc.

    ►Here at Freight Farms, our mission is to create a more sustainable and connected food system by creating the infrastructure to allow local food supply to thrive. The company was founded in 2010 by Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara to facilitate the development of products and services that would allow urban agriculture to become a more competitive industry in food production, and from this shared vision Freight Farms and the very first "Leafy Green Machine" emerged. Over the years, we have grown into a team of motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds, unified by a collective desire to challenge the status quo while simultaneously inspiring positive change in the food system. Freight Farms systems are operating in cities across the United States and Canada, creating year-round access to local, fresh produce for restaurants, universities, corporate campuses, hotels, and small businesses.◄
  10. Container Pool AUSSIE CONTAINER POOLS   This business based in Australia has designed a very interesting product using shipping containers and fiberglass to make portable swimming pools that are very sturdy. Who would of thought of using a fiberglass liner inside a container to form the basis of a swimming pool? "Using extensive research and implementing innovative ways to conserve materials and energy and the up cycling of a shipping container into a swimming pool as a construction technology." They have at least 4 different finish options, plus stairs and modwood deck material. This looks to be really nice, pretty clever.

    ►It is a complete product, all in one, simple and easy. Deciding on an above ground container pool also means that you will save a lot of time as the pool will be delivered as a complete product, with nothing more to do apart from filling it up with water and connecting the pump to the mains. We bring all of these separate parts of a normal pool together to create ONE product that is easy to install and maintain. Our fiberglass work is confidently backed by a 25 year structural warranty so you can swim with a smile.◄
  11. Modular Container Roof Kits BIG TEXAS CONTAINERS & SHELTERS   Nice website here with lots of good pictures. They sell modular roof kits that span two containers spaced apart providing a car port type area. See picture on the right. They also offer all common and hard to find container builds including 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft and 53ft shipping containers. They also offer modular vault-style secure rooms which offer versatility that containers cannot.

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    ►Texas born business that buys and sells all common builds and specialty shipping containers, used and like-new (1-trip). Pick up in Dallas, Houston or El Paso if desired (FOB), and we also offer flatbed or tilt-bed delivery service to the entire State of Texas. Tilt-bed delivery service is offered STATEWIDE, and the truck driver will unload. Flatbed delivery requires buyer to offload and is often a more cost effective delivery option. We sell high quality used containers and like-new "1-trip" containers. Most of the used containers we sell are approximately 10-15 years old, typically are wind & watertight and often structurally sound. Big Texas Containers & Shelters is a Texas business that offers high quality used storage containers, like-new conex containers as well as hard-to-find specialty cargo containers that many Texas suppliers don't offer. Our prices are competitive and we offer bulk discounts; The more you buy, the bigger the discount. We are able to fulfill nearly any order size, no matter how small or large. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are also Dun and Bradstreet Verified. Big Texas Containers & Shelters was inspired by and built from old-fashioned business principles. We are a trusted and respected industry name, and maintaining our reputation is important to us. We strive to offer high quality used containers and will work hard to earn your business.◄
  12. Double Deck Container Home TEXAS CONTAINER HOMES   This is an interesting website in my opinion because it serves several different purposes: One, it's mission is to serve the homeless of a town in Texas, i think called "Tomball". There is a lot of good information on this website. "We are a group of volunteers working together to help Homeless people and Homeless Veterans have suitable housing. We welcome input from anyone interested in Container Homes. Please subscribe, follow and leave a comment. CONSULTATION AVAILABLE ON A COST PLUS BASIS."

    ►In this era of scouring the earth for the magic bullet in home building, few ideas can compete with the weird, pragmatic beauty of the used shipping container. Cheap, strong and easily transportable by boat, truck or train, these big steel structures now litter the ports of America as mementos of our Asian-trade imbalance. (Many more full containers arrive on our shores than depart, so ports either ship them back empty ▬ to the tune of about $900 per ▬ or sell them.) Hurricane proof, flood proof, fire proof, these metal Lego blocks are tough enough to be stacked 12-high empty ▬ and thus can be used in smaller multistory buildings.
    Used containers (which can be picked up for $1,500 to $2,000) often have teak floors and sometimes are insulated. The bright orange, blue and rust corrugated boxes may not appeal to everyone. But contemporary hipsters find them not just the ultimate in postmodern appropriation but aesthetically pleasing as well. And even though containers have little of the crunchy nostalgia of the hay-bale house or the yurt, they trump most other forms of green building because, in the current economy, they are virtually a waste product. Making a building (which can last and last) out of what is essentially a huge piece of industrial detritus takes recycling to a new level. The concept of using shipping containers as buildings is hardly new ▬ institutions like the military have been using the structures as temporary offices, bunk houses and showers for some time. Examples of designers incorporating shipping containers into residential designs date back to 1982. But in the past couple of years, a field known as container architecture has evolved, offering the hope that what was once only a post-industrial pipe dream can emerge as a practical new building form. A handful of architectural firms around the world ▬ from New York to New Zealand ▬ have built prototypes or plans for shipping-container homes. Most of these designers develop each house or project as a one-off, but one prefab factory has begun pumping out little container homes that are not meant for the military encampment or the disaster relief camp. Rather, they are meant for the discerning homeowner avid for something new.◄
  13. Ugly Duckling Container Home UGLY DUCKLING SHIPPING CONTAINER   Here is another private residence created from shipping containers with the exterior left intact and the interior remodeled to a very nice living quarters. This listing consists mostly of pictures plus a whole lot of viewer comments.

    ►This shipping container home might be the ugly duckling on the outside, but the inside screams beautiful swan. Design meets function meets artistic style. It may not look spectacular on the outside, but what it lacks in appeal on the exterior, it more than makes up for inside. It's not really ugly on the outside, and in fact it's actually rather quaint, and slightly appealing in a recycled kind of way. The "Wow Factor" factor strikes you when you view the interior. It just goes to show you that you should never judge a book by it's cover. In this case don't let the outside fool you. This is a home worth a second look.◄
  14. 20ft Standard Container SHINE PYUNG CORPORATION   This business is located in Seoul Korea and it appears to be a very large company specializing in container sales and rentals. They sell both used (secondhand) and new containers. They also sell laminated oak flooring for use in container floors, in association with USA Rockland Flooring.
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    They sell parts for containers like door parts, steel panels, plywood, rim, wheels. They have over 15 container yards throughout the world including the US & Canada.

    » Since the establishment of Shine Pyung Corporation in 1998, SPC has been steadily striving to provide the customer with a quality product and quality service at a very competitive price so that we can meet various requirements from the container industry. We lease various types and sizes of brand new ISO containers as well as used containers. As a Korean agent of Bridgehead Container Services Ltd, we have made lease contracts with a number of global shipping lines. We distribute secondhand containers to worldwide customers and are eligible to source all types of containers in ports of North/South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and even African nations. Highly qualified and experienced staffs and network system with branch offices in Busan, US, and Europe are our key factors to excel in a competitive market. «
  15. Shipping Container Homestead CONTAINER HOME READYING FOR DETROIT   Here is an interesting project using shipping containers for low cost housing in Detroit. I think it is an attempt to help rebuild the economy in Detroit. Let's wait and see how this plays out.

    ►An unusual home taking shape inside General Motors' sprawling Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant is intended to be part of a movement to rebuild the city's economy and deteriorating, disappearing housing stock.
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    Skilled-trades workers, taking breaks from their tasks at the factory that produces the electric Chevrolet Volt and other vehicles, dart in and out to do door, window and wall installation and framing, as well as electrical and plumbing work. Meanwhile, a nonprofit urban farming group is preparing property a few miles away that will welcome the project, what's believed to be the city's first occupied shipping container homestead. Come spring, the house-in-progress will be delivered to Detroit's North End neighborhood and secured on a foundation where a blighted home once stood. After finishing touches and final inspections, the 40-foot-long former container will feature 320 square feet of living space with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen, and will serve as home base for a university-student caretakers of a neighborhood farm and agricultural research activities.◄
  16. Urban Bath House SOAK   Soak is the name of a urban bath house business venture located in San Francisco. It appears by the look of their website to be a wholesome operation. Anyway, they have made very nice looking use of shipping containers for this project. In my opinion just the set-up of the containers is justification for including this on Conex Connection.

    ►SOAK is an ecological urban bathhouse. We turned to shipping containers and their beautiful corrugated architecture for a new take on the ritual practice of communal baths. Inside you'll find hot pools, a sauna, solarium, and garden patio. We've created a place for healthy hedonists to gather, soak, and unplug. At SOAK, there are no silence gongs. Sustainability, sociability, and healthy hedonism are SOAK's guiding principles. At SOAK, much of our water is captured rainwater that's been filtered before using, all our electrical needs are met with solar energy, and our hot pools drain into a special filter for graywater which is then transferred to a garden meadow on the back deck. If you take the urban bathhouse concept to its extreme, you get SOAK: A pop-up spa inside of shipping containers. Mobile, autonomous, and sleek. One step further and you get an experiential hub where healthy hedonists hang. SOAK selected the San Francisco based Rebar Design Group, and principal Blaine Merker to design the bathhouse because of their creative thinking, and award winning reputation. «
  17. Spanning Shelter CONTAINER MOUNTED DOMESHELTER   A number of people use this set-up for expanded work or storage space where you have two parallel rows of containers with a usually metal canopy spanning the empty space as shown in the picture to the right. This listing here is linked to an Australian company specializing in the sales & manufacturing of these shelter systems which work well with shipping containers. I think they also sell their products to other countries besides Australia.

    ►AWP Group is an established family owned and operated company dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing innovative Shade & Shelter solutions, through our well recognized brands DomeShelter™, Westarp and A-Shade. Since its inception, AWP Group's persistent commitment to provide tough, functional products and our dedication to customer service has achieved wide spread recognition throughout Australia and offshore. The Container Mounted DomeShelter™ is a relocatable shelter system engineered to withstand wind and other tough Australian conditions. These DomeShelters™ have a robust steel frame that can be either bolted, welded or Twistlocked to the top of standard Sea Containers. Container Mounted DomeShelter™ (CMDS) structures come in a large range of sizes and are made to suit various shipping container configurations. DomeShelter™ models are engineered to withstand and profiles are available to suit Australian A, B, C and D Wind Regions. All steel used in construction is in accordance with AS1163 and designed in accordance with AS1170.2.◄
  18. Business In A Box BUSINESS IN A BOX   Al Jazeera ran this little piece on television and again it demonstrates the versatility and usefulness of the shipping container. These units appear to be the 20ft long variety mostly. This project organized by Kevin Lee in Toronto, Canada who i think rents them out to people for use as shops. These 20ft boxes are suitable for small businesses like a barber shop, bicycle repair shop, offices & people selling street food.
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    These containers allow a person to start a little business quickly and at low cost. Click on the picture at the right to visit a YouTube video about this "Business In A Box".

    ►Business rents are high in the eastern Canadian city of Toronto, but one community organizer has found a way to solve the problem by reusing old shipping containers. On a business trip to Ghana, Kevin Lee saw battered, rusty containers used as barber shops and other businesses and decided to bring the idea back to Canada in the form of a program called "Business In A Box". Lee's program connects entrepreneurs with subsidized space, advice on loans and other services and a prime street-level location to sell their products. The program already has 19 stalls and between 30 and 40 people on a waiting list. Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Toronto.◄
  19. Storage Depot Containers STORAGE DEPOT   On their website they have some nice pictures of their shipping containers available for sale or rent (hire). This is a New Zealand based business. On their contact page they have Google maps showing the locations of their self storage & container sales sites. Click on the picture at the right to see a recent auction on Trade Me for one of their containers.

    » For all your on and off site container storage solutions we offer shipping container hire (rental) in Auckland. Also, buy or hire (rent) shipping containers in Tauranga & Mt Maunganui. At Storage Depot we rent and sell new and used shipping containers. All of our storage containers are secure, wind and water-proof, rodent-free, fire-resistant, with hardwood floors, and come with lock boxes installed. Container hire services and uses include: 10ft, 20ft and 40ft dry containers. Competitive container hire rates. Short or long term leases. Quality service and reliability. Prompt delivery of shipping containers, and pick-up. By bringing the storage to the customer, Storage Depot has eliminated some of the most stressful aspects of moving and storage. We invite you to call us with any questions you have about our products and services. Whether you're renting, buying, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with your Containers.

    Shipping container rental fees are paid monthly in advance.
    Delivery & return must be paid prior to dispatch.
    Containers may not be relocated without reference to Storage Depot Ltd.
    Containers must be returned clean, tidy and undamaged.

    Once we have worked out the best container for you, we will have it delivered to your site using a hi-ab or swing lift truck. «
  20. MyPad Model MYPAD   This is a business located in Dublin, Ireland and marketed by "Morrison Estates". I cannot tell if this business supplied the unit used by the YMCA located in London, England. They both use the name "MyPad" but, put different emphasis on the letters of the name.

    ►MyPad is an exciting concept of taking used shipping containers (usually abandoned by shipping companies) and transforming them into architect designed, luxury homes for use as beach, holiday or guest houses. The MyPad is flexible. It is transportable anywhere, and offers flexible, short or long term solutions that enables you to use your land or garden without the cost of investing in a permanent property commitment. It could be ideal if you have or considered a leased land situation. The MyPad is suited to any environment no matter how remote, and can be purchased entirely fitted to live on or off the grid, by having alternative power options if there is no regular power source to the location. It is ideal living space for any environ and quickly adapts to unfold a living space which has minimal impact on the site, it is secure and easy to secure or relocate. As a shipping container it can live in extreme weather conditions and wont get easily blown away like a regular camping solution.◄
  21. The MV MOL Comfort Container Ship GCAPTAIN   For those of you who might be interested in following what is happening worldwide in regards to Cargo Container shipping and related items, then this site may be to your liking. It seems to be a very popular site and has lots of visitors. Picture on the right is of a recent incident where a container ship broke in two pieces, but has not sunk yet. It remains afloat to everyones amazement. Click on the picture at the right to visit the page featuring this story.

    About gCaptain: "As the world leading maritime and offshore news website gCaptain is dedicated to building an interactive community of maritime professionals. Through the use of social media tools gCaptain promotes user interaction, discussion and the sharing of both ideas and information. By bridging the communication gap between print and the end reader gCaptain fosters ideas that improve safety and increase efficiency aboard ships globally. Cigarettes My Man Over the past few years, has grown quickly to become the leading online destination of maritime and offshore professionals. The site currently welcomes over 300,000 unique visitors a month viewing over one million pages. Despite this rapid pace of growth gCaptain remains focused in its commitment to the overall advancement of the commercial marine and offshore energy industries."

    ►(18 June 2013) Container Ship "MOL Comfort" Suffers Broken Back, Sinks Off Yemen Remains Adrift Off Yemen. 26 crew members of an MOL container ship were forced to abandon ship Monday off Yemen after the ship suffered from catastrophic hull failure and reportedly sank broke in two. The MV MOL Comfort, an 8,000 TEU-type container ship cracked in half about 200 miles from the Yemeni coast at about 12'30"N 60'E while en route from Singapore to Jeddah with a load of 7,041 TEUs. All 26 crew – made up 11 Russians, 1 Ukrainian and 14 Filipinos - escaped the sinking ship on two life rafts and a lifeboat. According to a report by IANS News, the Indian Coast Guard in Mumbai diverted three vessels in the area to assist. The MV Yantian Express was first to arrive on scene and rescued the survivors. The 2008-built MOL Comfort sank a short time later, the report said. Weather at the time was strong winds and seas up to six meters. The ship's operator, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, says that an Emergency Control Headquarters has been established for the incident and MOL is taking company-wide measures to settle the matter. The MOL statement said that damage was "extensive" and that details of the incident were still being confirmed.◄
  22. Stack of Shipping Containers LONG VANS   This business is mostly located in the upper mid-west of the United States. Hey, they are located close to where i think all that "Fracking" for oil is taking place. Lots of pictures on their nice website. They sell office units, containerized housing, restroom trailers, & climate controlled units. These folks seem to be able to do large projects for the construction industry - see the things they have completed on their website.

    ►LongVANS designs, manufactures, and leases innovative portable office trailers, containerized housing units, and portable storage containers. We focus on being a trusted partner for our customers. We offer products and service no other company offers. Since our founding in 1993, we have established a reputation as a quality provider of portable space products. Our customers rely on us because we follow smart principles that ensure their success. We continually train our Customer Care Staff to handle every detail so customers get their projects done right. We train our Service Staff on current safety principles to ensure we operate safely and efficiently on customer job sites. Together, these principles make LongVANS the market leader in the areas we serve. As our company grows, we pledge to carry forward our traditions. Portable storage containers from LongVANS are available in a variety of sizes. Commonly referred to as Conex Boxes or Shipping Containers, these units offer convenient ground level access and make your work site safe and secure. Tunnel containers (doors on both ends) are available when access is desired from either end. LongVANS also has 40ft open top shipping containers for equipment that requires a crane. High security locking systems are available on all our portable storage containers. Pallet Jack and Fork-lift Ramps Available.◄
  23. Inside a standard shipping container CONTAINERCARE   Billed as the "The Container Conversion Specialists" this appears to be a rather large full service facility located in Liverpool, England. Services offered include: Container conversions, Containers for sale, Containers for rent/hire, Container self-storage, & Depot services.

    ►Founded in 1972 Containercare has a well-earned reputation as an innovative designer and manufacturer of specialized container solutions with container conversions completed for high profile companies such as, Network Rail, MOD, HM Prisons and most recently a container conversions for Snap-on Tools. From portable office space, canteens, portable bathrooms, changing rooms, or whatever your specific requirements, we can design and build a cost-efficient solution for you, delivered on time and on budget. Container project gallery. Alternatively, our standard steel storage container sales or container hire offer an affordable, secure, and hassle-free solution to your many storage needs. Whether storing tools, supplies and equipment on site or documents and equipment at your office, our heavy-duty 20ft and 40ft steel containers will protect your goods. All our containers for sale and for hire are wind and water tight, and all units are fitted with extra locking systems for improved security. Containercare's new 6 acre container services depot in Liverpool serves many of the world's leading container leasing companies, resellers, and shipping lines with the capacity to store over 4000 containers, we provide a comprehensive container depot service which includes repairs and reporting utilizing the latest technology. We also offer short or long term secure self storage Liverpool space available for hire for just £18 per week, ideal if your moving home or need to store stock for your business. We provide 24/7 CCTV and access to your container which you can drive directly up to, no one handles your goods except you. To find out more information about our containers for sale or any of our services, just click on Inquiries above.◄
  24. Container Project KAT5 HOMES   I'm not sure what they do here . . . Maybe showcase container projects around the world and/or build all kinds of commercial and residential structures for people anywhere, i guess. There is a comment on their website saying they are a "new site on Container Housing Solutions". But, anyway this is a shipping container related website linked here and they are doing all kind of nice things, so give them a visit - it's free.

    ►KAT5 is a green technology informational resource website created by Bill Hinchliff that is dedicated to providing resources and educational information to those interested in developing building projects using shipping containers. The goal of KAT5 is to create awareness, and to showcase projects and ideas on the variety of uses that re-purposed, recycled industrial shipping containers can be used for as the basic building components for residential and commercial use. Remarkably versatile, durable and cost-effective, container structures can be quickly arranged into a variety of innovative configurations and architectural designs. If you are a Architect, Contractor, Builder who would like to arrange an interview, share media, and have your container building project shared through our website, please feel free to Contact KAT5 Container Housing Resources at (310) 678-4352. Much of the content contained in this website is for the purpose of both inspiring and educating the general public, as well as construction entities who are interested in learning, developing, and sharing information on best practices in the use of shipping containers for sustainable building projects. As a Regional Sales Manager in Los Angeles, Bill saw an ever increasing interest among both the general public and general contractors in the use of shipping containers to build sustainable housing and commercial building projects. With very little information available, Bill decided to find a medium in which he could connect with others who are just as passionate about sustainability and the use of shipping containers for building purposes. The KAT5 informational website and industry blog is an environmental innovation and a humanitarian vocation. The drive behind KAT5 for Bill is both personal and professional, and ultimately dedicated to influencing positive change, and the hope to be a part of sustainable projects that involve creativity and worldwide opportunities. His dream is to put a house over every child's head by providing information and creating awareness of green and affordable housing solutions worldwide.◄
  25. Container Ship Bad Hair Day COUNTRYMAN & MCDANIEL   This is a law firm specializing in services to the transportation industry. I include it here because they feature pictures and information about a side of shipping containers most places do not talk about and that is container loss and damage. They have a fair amount of interesting pictures showing container and ship accidents at sea and near or at ports. They mention also that there are at least 10,000 containers lost at sea every year. Contents can range from Dell computers to Barbie Dolls. Plus any other goods imaginable. Be sure and look at their "Daily Vessel Casualty, Piracy & News Report". It tells you a lot of bad things are happening all the time like accidents, bad storms at sea, etc.

    ►The historic dangers of carriage by sea continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker. It's dangerous out there. Buy the cargo insurance, before the loss! Many container vessel incidents go unreported until some complaint by cargo interests. Please report events and send photos to us in confidence. Our reporters remain anonymous upon request.◄
  26. Max Hardberger VESSEL EXTRACTIONS, LLC   I realize that there are probably not a lot of people who own cargo ships that visit this website, but as a service to the full spectrum of viewers of this website i present to you another shipping or cargo container related service. Believe it or not there is a real problem with the stealing and pirating of cargo ships around the world. This link or listing here goes to a legitimate business that specializes in the recovery of stolen cargo ships. A "Repo" service for the shipping industry. Visit this very interesting website even if you do not own a cargo ship. You will be amazed - i think.

    ►Established in 2002, VessEx provides ship and aircraft recovery and anti-piracy services to mortgagees, owners, charterers and insurers. We've worked in some of the world's toughest environments, from crime-infested ports to war zones, to protect the interests of our clients. Not only does VessEx offer complete asset recovery and protection services—from strategy development to physical deployments—but our diverse methods are designed to avoid costly mistakes while maximizing client returns. VessEx understands the need to protect not just the valuable assets which are entrusted to our care, but all of our clients' interests. That's why all VessEx operations feature: A highly experienced team of professionals; prudent and farsighted situation assessment; careful and thoughtful planning; comprehensive client reporting and consultation; and well-executed operations.◄
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