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  1. FALCON CONTAINERS   I apologize to Falcon Containers for my failure to include this listing much sooner. This container business does it all, sell, rent and modifications. Check out the video on the right which features an entire mobile (MOUT) village comprised of 96 shipping containers used for military training built by Falcon Containers. Their website has pictures and lots of information about the services they provide, which is quite extensive.

    ►There's a bit of irony to the fact we're in the container business. That's because we know the real thing we provide to our clients is uncontainable opportunity. Whether it's the ability to manage your inventory better or house employees in a secure, weather-proof environment, everything our clients use us for ultimately increases profit margins or decreases a line item on your budget. There are so many ways to repurpose shipping containers. As business people ourselves, we understand how important saving money can be to most organizations out there - from schools to military branches, mom-and-pop retailers, to major corporations. That's also why we understand that time is just as important of a factor as currency. Our employees exist to help you maximize your bang for your buck, as well as operate in a punctual, courteous manner. We know you need us to be where you need us, when you need us and with no margin for error. Started in 2002 by a duo of former "dot-commers", Falcon Containers quickly grew to a 15-person company. Everyone here is committed to employing the Rotary Four-Way Test in our interactions with each other, our suppliers, the community, and most importantly, you:

    • Is it the truth?
    • Is it fair to all concerned?
    • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
    • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    Today, we provide portable storage services from north of Waco to Austin to south of San Antonio. We've served customers as far east as Port Arthur and as far west as Del Rio. Falcon has even done business with people as far away as Florida and shipped some office containers overseas to Aruba. However, our growth has not affected our focus on providing friendly personal service to each and every customer. Our emphasis on integrity in all facets of our business ensures that Falcon Containers has a bright future as we continue to provide solutions to simplify your operations. Sincerely,   Brian Dieringer and Stephen Shang◄
  2. Boxman Studios Google Facility BOXMAN STUDIOS   This business was started real small and grew because they are very talented creative people, plus possess enthusiasm for their product. They are good at what they do, which is container modification par excellence. Sample picture on the right is of their Google facility located in uptown Charlotte, NC during the Democratic National Convention.

    ►It all started back in 2008 during America's real estate downturn, when our founder, David Campbell, had the notion to use shipping containers as a form of temporary and mobile real estate. A few months later, in a field in Charlotte, NC, we bought a decommissioned container with the dream of becoming the first company in the world to specialize in the design, manufacture and deployment of customized shipping containers for individual and commercial use. And do it totally turnkey. It was clear right away that the concept of creating cool and sustainable environments out of shipping containers was going to be big. Really big. Since then, we've modified shipping containers for use as everything from traveling immersion experiences to interactive villages. And yet, we feel as though we're only scratching the surface on the kinds of things we're capable of doing. Here at Boxman Studios we are fabricators, designers, planners, and logisticians. But the most important thing you need to know about us is that we're a group of passionate innovators who believe that anything is possible. At Boxman Studios we re-purpose decommissioned shipping containers by turning them into sustainable immersive environments. Since launching our first mobile hospitality venue in 2009, we've designed, developed and deployed custom solutions for a range of brands across North America. The common factor is that we modify shipping containers to do it. Whether you're a brand or agency looking for new ways to interact with an audience, an architectural firm designing sustainable environments, or a venue looking to bring more value to your visitors, you're at the right place. Here at Boxman Studios we specialize in designing, building and transporting customized shipping containers for highly intricate needs.◄
  3. mYPad Container Housing FOREST YMCA   I have linked to the London YMCA website which contains further links to videos and pictures which you may find useful. Here is another example of the usefulness of shipping containers used as small studio apartments. This is a recent project that has been featured in at least several London newspapers. I cannot tell if this project is using the services of the MyPad business listed right below this listing.

    Amazon Coupons ►London's shortage of affordable accommodation has created a "revolving door" pattern of homelessness. Many young people leaving supported accommodation simply cannot afford to gather the huge deposit needed to secure a flat in the Capital. The result is that they often find themselves back at square one, returning to the supported accommodation service they have just left. To respond to this need, Forest YMCA are developing an innovative form of low-cost housing for young people who are leaving supported accommodation and starting full-time work. The accommodation will enable them to live independently, while at the same time saving funds for that all-important first deposit. mYPads are containerized units that are being converted into affordable homes for Forest YMCA residents to rent at a rate of 30% of minimum wage. They can be delivered to any empty site and be ready for use straight away. In June 2012, the first two prototype homes were delivered to our site in Forest Road. Staff and visitors have been testing them for temperature, noise levels and general comfort. The feedback will inform the design of the final working models. Please visit our mYPad FAQs page for further information. We need raise vital funds to sustain the mYPad project. To make a donation to support our work with young homeless people, please visit our donation site or text FYMC12 followed by the amount you wish to donate to70070. (Example: FYMCA12 £500).◄
  4. Shipping Container Cabin SEA CONTAINER CABIN   Wow, what a nice presentation here of this one mans container home project! Lots of great pictures of his progress which should be very useful to anyone desiring to duplicate this type of home. The project is dated November 27, 2010. So sorry Charley it has taken me so long to get this up here on my website.

    ►Converting a used sea container / shipping container to a home, cabin or emergency shelter. This is my first time at converting a sea container to a livable space, so join me on this endeavor. With Gods blessings,
    let the fun begin!! The plan is to build a cabin / shelter / house from a shipping / sea container that is suitable for a weekend or a very lengthy stay. One that is self sustainable in a time of disaster for up to a year or longer if need be, and to have all the comforts of home, and more. When finished it will have both grid and off grid capabilities. Water will be heated using solar energy with electric backup, or by wood stove if necessary. Lighting will be a combination of 110 volt, 12 volt or kerosene. Heating will be a wood stove and solar. Water will be provided by a well source using both electric and hand pump to feed the cabin. A large pantry that is mostly underground that will house at least a years supply of food. Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark!◄
  5. The Penthouse THE PENTHOUSE   For those of you who would like to duplicate this type of building project using a shipping container as the base, take a look at this. It looks to me like a 20ft long x 8ft wide shipping container. Notice also the staircase along the right side of the container. I think this is located in Curlew Washington somewhere. There isn't much description here, but at least the picture gives you some idea as to what can be done . . . If you want. However, if you happen to live in a high wind area, i think i would reconsider the idea of not using guy wires to stabilize the structure.

    ►However, it is much worse. I have a shipping container that weighs roughly 15k#, topped with a lightweight shed. We call it the "penthouse". The structure is ~18 FT high and only 8 FT wide . . . And the only thing holding it down is the mass of the container. Wind loads are pretty low, however . . . I have no guy wires, and it has been fine for at least two years now.◄
  6. Guest House for Deule Unusual HOUSE-UP   This is a business located in France and they specialize in converting shipping containers into livable homes and apartment buildings. They have an english language version of their website: Just click on the little British flag in the upper right hand corner. Picture on the right is of one of their projects: "Guest Room for Deule Unusual". Even though this is a French website there is still a lot of nice things to see here in video form and pictures for the english speaking person.

    ►Dear Sir or Madam. You are looking for a cheap house in France? The House-up company can help you in your project to find what you are looking for. Your property in France is possible with us. House-up is located in north of France and is specialized in building houses based on metal materials, recycled products and green materials. The company is able to build in many regions of France. We are located at the crossroads of Europe: Belgium is about 10 miles away from our head office. We can reach Bruxelles within one hour by car, London is around 1 hour and 30 from our office by Eurostar, and Paris is around 1 hour by TGV. Not only do we think we have to let the earth as clean as possible for the next generation, but we are also convinced that we can do a clean house with a good level of price. You have to know that we don't provide the field, but you can ask us since we know many business opportunities in some parts of France. All the staff intend to proceed the business relationship (not only with customers, but also with suppliers) as fair as possible. We speak always frankly. As a matter of fact, if we say "Yes we can", all our team will be involved and dedicated in your project. We only do what we know to do. There are many advantages for you to invest in France: * Buying a field and a property in France is really cheaper than in UK.
    * The purchasing power is better in France due to the currency level between Euro and Pound.
    * There are a lot opportunities as well to rent your property (in case you want) as an holiday home. The reason why people choose our houses is due to many reasons:
    1. A cheaper price: Selling price of the building is 20% less compared to the classical way to build an house.
    2. A quick delivery: After getting the agreement to build the house, it takes around 3 or 4 months to finish the building as per your requirement.
    3. A Green process: All our materials are either recycled either natural materials. All our houses got the BBC label (that means the energy consumption is one of the lowest you can find on the french market).
    4. A modular system: At any moment you can decide to add space in your house very quickly. You have to keep in mind that you are free as well to design your own project: By sending us a drawing or a pic with cube (like the pic bellow for example), so we can send you some proposals. All our process has been certified by independent quality checking companies.
    They checked the two major points:
    * Strength of materials
    * Insulation process
    House-up has been rewarded for being an innovative project of the year 2009 in north of France, and has been also rewarded by the LMI association (part of chamber of commerce in Lille). All this website has not been translated but you can have more ideas about our houses in the tab "nos maisons". Feel free to contact us at:◄
  7. The ArkHaus THE ARKHAUS   This is the private party development of a living situation using old shipping containers as a basis for housing. I think these people are very enthusiastic about their project.

    ►What is the arkhaus initiative? A minimalist approach integrating old world craftsmanship with renewable 21st century technology. Concentrating on sustainable low maintenance housing that provides clean energy and safe, secure shelter to its inhabitants. Utilizing the icon of 20th Century Globalization as the core design element: The corrugated steel shipping container. Clicking on the picture at the right will take you to a recent article about these folks in the "Bangor Daily News".

    Why shipping containers? Thanks to a growing trade deficit here in the United States they have been piling up in seaports for years creating a rusting eye sore for the communities that live around these freight terminals. Most companies have little choice but to stockpile them as it has not been cost effective to ship them back empty to major exporting countries. As many as 700,000 containers sit unused in the United States today. They're relatively cheap, abundant, incredibly strong, versatile, weather proof, and the infrastructure needed to transport them to and from a project site already exists on a global scale by land, sea, or air. There is simply no other modular housing concept that can match all these qualities. It seems fitting that these rudimentary "dry-vans" - which were instrumental in expanding the rampant unsustainable consumerism that marked the last half century - will find new life at the center of a transitional movement away from that very same consumption driven, debt based lifestyle.◄
  8. Willbox Company Logo WILLBOX   This nice family business in the United Kingdom has a good website with lots of product information. They do container modifications, plus buy and sell new & used cargo containers. Their website allows you to "Build Your Own" personalized ISO container where you can choose the size, type: Used or new, & color of exterior paint. They have depots spread around the UK, their main container depots are Pembroke South Wales, Southampton, and Liverpool. Willbox offers secure self-storage nationwide. ►Willbox Ltd is part of Williams Shipping Holdings Ltd, a company that was founded in 1894 by George Williams and is still family run to this day. The company has well established Marine and Transport services, as well as extensive warehousing and open storage. Willbox Ltd is a re-branding of successful Williams Cabins & Containers, which had over 15 years of experience in the storage market. The company specializes in the hire and sale of cabins and containers, and also provides extensive self storage services. Willbox Ltd has been established to build on an already successful company, and with such vast experience and outstanding service the company expects to succeed in such a competitive market. If you would like to find out more about Williams, please visit the group website: Willbox container hire has been operating for over 25 years, and with that much experience you can ensure that your containers will be provided at the highest standard. 20ft containers and 40ft containers are the standard sizes that we provide, however there are also 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 30ft shipping and storage containers, and it is possible for us to meet a precise size by doing a container cut down.◄
  9. Model CH23 Prefabricated House ALLWIN MOBILE HOUSING COMPANY   This company based in the country of China, has some really nice designs shown on their website from small houses or cabins to large hotels, most built using Shipping Containers. Picture on the right is of their Model No. CH23 Prefabricated House, built using one 20ft Shipping Container as the base even though you can hardly tell.

    ►Allwin, a team of development, design, manufacture and service for prefabricated building, which has professional experience in the field of architecture, decoration, steel structure, real estate and mobile housing. Allwin, which established in 1997, has deemed it's duty to ecological construction and high quality life style achievement. Allwin is combined with Allwin Beauty Mobile Construction, Allwin Steel Structure (Jiangmen), Allwin Steel Construction (Xinhui), Allwin Construction in HK, Guangdong and Guangxi. Allwin offers safe, practical, beautiful and efficient products. Meanwhile it emphasizes value, environmental protection and the needs of the people. The products are prefabricated in the factory and individualized design. It can withstand earthquake, hurricane or other disasters. Allwin Beauty Mobile Building is involved in prefab hotels, prefab accommodation, prefabricated schools, mobile villa Parks, portable summer homes and after care houses. The strength of the structure, the short set up time and the endless variety of the building system and you will conclude: Allwin is your perfect choice. Alwin Steel Structure hammers at the industry construction "prefabricated workshop and warehouse". We use the advance roofing system - AV-475 model roofing system which can unreel 360 degree and double whipstitch. We have serviced for American FW, Walk-mart, P&G, BUTLER, Italy Emak, YB. Allwin is proud that more than 60% projects are recommended by clients and friends. Allwin expects your new project and cooperation, offering you the concrete support. Allwin is a key in improving the quality of life.◄
  10. 2 Story Container Home OZTURK CONTAINER   This listing takes you to a company in the country of Turkey and they appear to be a very large operation. They sell used containers, do container repair & modification. They can set up entire camps using shipping containers. They operate a number of websites. The picture on the right is of one of their creations, and one which i like a lot.

    ►Ozturk Container Company Industry and Trade Ltd is one of the most experienced and well-developed companies in the production of containers Army Accommodation Demountable containers and Standards, Office containers, ISO containers Hauling, Shelters, Prefabricated buildings, containers generator, water treatment containers, Steel Construction Buildings, GSM Security containers. The total industrial area for our products is 40,500 m2 in Istanbul. Ozturk container has the capacity to produce 500 units per month. We have been taking part in the initiation of many important projects like mass housing, energy projects such as dam projects, oil and natural gas, sky scrapers, infrastructure, roads, social facilities in the security key and more than 30 countries for over 20 years. With container production Flatpack create fields, construction sites, office buildings and prestige for these projects. Our company provides its products and services to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Far East and South America. Ozturk Container containers and supplies its production of prefabricated building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan, Russia, Georgia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Libya, Egypt, Morrocco, Ethiopia Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Djiboutu, Tanzania, Chad, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova and many other countries. As well as manufacturing, ozturk also has several container depots in Turkey which provides used containers for its customers export purposes. Ozturk container provides rent for construction companies in Turkey. Any types of containers can be rented with also furniture. Ozturk container provides any types of GSM Cabins both erected any demountable. Ozturk container manufactures any types of special purpose containers. Bicon containers can be used for any purposes including storage, load & for emergency purposes. We manufacture any types of army containers. Demountable- flatpack containers are designed for international projects especially. We have a wide range of security container types.◄
  11. BJM Services Sign BJM SERVICES AND CONTAINER SALES   This here business is located in Houston, Texas. They seem to have a large inventory of used containers. They offer container delivery. They are right off the 10 Freeway near Dell Dale Street.

    ►Looking for used shipping containers for sale that can be used as a secure metal storage container? BJM Containers has what you need and in stock. BJM Services, Inc. has been serving Houston and Surrounding Areas since 1984 and we are ready to provide you with new or used shipping containers. Shipping containers can be easily dropped off at your property, house, or job site. They are available in 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, & 40ft sizes, as well as 40ft & 45ft High Cube sizes. Also known as conex boxes, storage containers are great for secure storage, a storm shelter, equipment storage, or even a mobile office. We have new (1-Tripper Containers) and used shipping containers available in most sizes. Our most popular storage containers are the used 20ft shipping container and BJM Services stock most sizes including 40ft shipping containers and even have specialty containers like our 8ft & 10ft storage containers which are great for secure storage, a storm shelter, equipment storage, or even a mobile office. Come visit our yard! We are located at exit 782 on I-10 East traveling east or west. We have the best shipping container yards in Texas. We specialize in sales of top quality new and used Maritime containers for storage and shipping.◄

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